Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…the Gift…Part 14…

1559 Nuremberg, Germany

Returned in the night from an impossible
Journey through a dream, that was much
More than a dream, Jon seemed to fall into
Bed as though he fell through a void. But
He rested still fast, comforted quickly by
A guided hand and the strong presence
Of the mysterious stranger. He simply
Closed his eyes as they were filled with
Hazy images of the past, present and
Future…A collision of impressions
Engulfing his senses by a slip in time.

The mystery man remained close to
Watch him carefully to make sure he
Adjusted alright. ‘Rest Jon.’ He told
Him kindly as he slept. ‘Just take it in
Let it go. You did great. That’s all you
Need to know right now.’

The man stood there a moment watching
Him sleep with a smile. Then he looked
Slowly around his room, at the furniture…
The architecture…How simple everything
Was, so simple…yet such a harsh world.
The idea and the chances of words to
Say were ridiculous to measure. But then
He blinked and smiled once more and
Looked at Jon and said, ‘Jon…I’m going
To tell you something. It won’t make any
Sense to you I know…but…for a word
Somewhere in time it will.

In the universe there is creation and logic…
There will always be a contest between
The two…creativity is a variable that
Creates…And logic is the understanding.
There will always be two…If the universe
Was ever to send a message…It would be,
If you push control of creation, there will
Always be something new…It doesn’t
Happen very often, maybe every 4 or 500
Years, but it does happen…Sleep peacefully
Jon.’ And then the stranger vanished.

When morning came Jon awoke surprisingly
Well rested, even invigorated for some
Reason. He remembered the dream and
Strange words very clearly—even too
Clearly, as though they were more real
Than being awake. He got dressed and went
To breakfast cheerfully, his mood even
Brightened up everyone in the house…
Even the sun shined brighter that day,
And the sky was clear shade of blue. It
Was almost as if the weather mirrored
His feelings. But maybe it was too crazy
To think that way. The entire day continued
This way, and things didn’t seem so bad
At all.

A week went by very calmly, just
Chores and daily boring routines
For Jon. But that strange dream haunted
Jon in a good way…He could not get
That Jeff out of his mind, he almost
Looked like he could have been an
Older brother of his somehow. But he
Had never seen him before ever. He
Had only met him once so briefly,
But it seemed as though he had always
Known him…there was just no
Explanation or sense about it.

And then, almost exactly to the day…
One week later as he was eating
Breakfast with his family, there
Was another knock on the front door…

Knock Knock…

And before the door even opened,
Jon just knew that was Mr. Kingsman
Back for another visit. His family
Greeted the man very kindly…then
He asked to speak to Jon outside
Alone, away from everyone of course.

Mr. Kingsman was very polite
And smiled as they walked away from
The house, a safe distance for a
Private conversation. ‘How are
You Jon? I just had to come see you
Again, I could not stop thinking
About you.’

Jon held himself surprisingly well,
Very calm…that dream experience
Had given him fuel. ‘I’m alright,
Sir. How are you?’

‘Oh, I’m good, I’m good.’ Mr.
Kingsman said carefully looking
Around eyeing the property. ‘I
Just wanted to see what you
Thought about my offer.’

Jon stood quietly a moment looking
Down at his feet, the ground, the
Grass. His mind just needed to
Keep it simple, as simple as
Possible. ‘Oh, I don’t think so, Sir.
I appreciate your offer, I really do.
But I’m just me, just quiet boring

Mr. Kingsman laughed kindly as
He eyed the farm again sizing it up.
‘Yes well, you know I do not make
This offer to anyone. People usually
Beg me for a job…You would not
Believe how people beg, the things
That they will do…’ Then he looked
At Jon and smiled carefully. ‘You
Know you could really go places…
Everyone wants to go places Jon.
The things they will do…I have a
Good eye for things, you could go
Places…I know people…They would
Really like you…’

Jon smiled politely back and looked
Around at the farm. ‘Maybe…but
I like this life. I always wanted a
Farm of my own…some place safe
And quiet. I just see the world getting
Crazier and crazier…. Everyone wants
So much all the time. I love the animals,
I swear some times I think animals
Are better than most people.’

Mr. Kingsman laughed. ‘They are
Amazing…Of all living things in
All their diversity…Such simple
Creatures bring such peace, and
Contentment. And yet in their
Design nothing is more efficient
With little demand…Like the birds.’

‘I love birds.’ Jon smiled as he
Watched some wild doves fly by
Overhead just at that moment. ‘They
Just spread their wings and fly, and
Soar….And so many kinds, some
Sing…some dance.’

‘And they are the most efficient
Hunters as well.’ Mr. Kingsman
Added as they watched the skies
For birds together. ‘A bird of prey
Can spot its target from towering
Heights and dive strike so fast…
And an owl by night with its silent
Wings…you will never hear it
Coming…Great hunters birds are,
Such GREAT hunters.’

‘And the patterns of the feathers.’
Jon added. ‘The detail, the artistry…
Reflect all sorts of things in nature.’

‘There’s a lot to see in so many
Ways.’ Mr. Kingsman said with
Respect. ‘A lot of clues there…
You have a good eye for things,

Jon half smiled recalling a
Strange memory, ‘Did you know
That hummingbirds appear in
The summer…and they sometimes
Fly right up to my face and just
Hover, staring at me. It’s like
They’re seeing something…
Something that…’ He caught his
Breath and shied away from saying
More. ‘I don’t know, maybe it’s
Nothing. My family always says
That I think too much.’

‘Some people do.’ Mr. Kingsman
Nodded with a gentle laugh.
‘Some people think too much, and
Don’t notice anything. It’s all in
How they speak…No, I think
You are just fine, Jon.’

‘So, what is it then with the
Hummingbirds?’ Jon asked. ‘Is
It magic or something?’

Mr. Kingsman just grinned slyly.
‘No, animals notice things…. And
Magic?’ He let out a loud laugh
At that word. ‘Let me tell you
Something about magic, Jon…A
Little secret that most people will
Never know…’

Jon’s interest peaked as he thought
About the gypsies and what they
Told him.

‘There’s all kinds of magic in the
World, Jon…. all kinds.’ Mr.
Kingsman said very seriously, and
In a way that spoke from experience
And not ego. ‘Now the thing about
Magic is…IF magic was available
Freely…everyone out there in the
World would want it, Jon…
EVERYONE. You would see all
Sorts of little peddlers and shops
Of all kinds selling potions and
Spells and little totems, making all
Sorts of claims EVERYWHERE…
Do you have any idea of how
Dangerous or crazy the world would
Be if just anyone could just go out
And randomly buy magic? No, No…
Real magic is rare, and found in a
Precious few…You can not buy it,
No matter what anyone tries to tell

‘But the gypsies come every year,
And they do incredible things.’
Jon said.

‘That’s different.’ Mr. Kingsman
Said. ‘It’s in some of them, yes.
But they don’t sell it, they share it.
You are not supposed to sell magic
Ever…. Now you can share a gift
In part for a price, but you aren’t
Selling the gift to people. No, no…
With true talents and skills you have
To train, to hone them…and learn
From a master…as an apprentice. And
That takes YEARS. And even then, the
Master MUST BE careful and diligent
With whom he chooses to teach
And share his skills with…’

Jon nodded, he could see his point
Very well. It did make perfect
Sense…For that’s what he learned
From Raya and her family not so
Long ago.

Then Mr. Kingsman laughed. ‘Not
Unless some great fantastic light
Came down from the sky and put
Itself in your head.’

Jon’s eyes widened and he kept
Perfectly still and mouth tightly

‘So, you see, the thing about magic
Is…Masters know how badly people
Want magic, so that is why they
Made sure that none of the true
Secrets ever got out…or would get
Out to just anyone. There’s a lot
Of responsibility there. A lot of
Responsibility. Because IF everyone
Was out there buying magic…then
Everyone’s wishes would be
Coming true…right?’

‘True.’ Jon agreed.

Then Mr. Kingsman lifted his
Head to stare up far at the sky,
An expression on his face pondering
All sorts of things. ‘Sometimes I
Think the Masters saw far ahead…
Far ahead…Putting bits and pieces
Out there for people to chase…
For the right ones to find, and for
The rest…to waste their time…
Perhaps a test…or a distraction.’

‘A distraction?’ Jon asked as
He listened intensely.

‘Distractions play a key role
In important times. They reveal
A lot.’ Mr. Kingsman said, his
Words almost seemed strategic.

‘I always thought inspiration was
A good thing.’ Jon tried to say
Carefully. ‘I like to draw…I wanted
To paint angels one day…I did
Try once…but very few wanted
Them…Or it was like they wanted
More than what was in the picture.’

Mr. Kingsman stared far off,
His mind measuring his experience
With the words to use…The man
Had seen A LOT. He wasn’t a bad
Man, just shaped by circumstance,
Continuing roles. ‘People do not
Want anything that makes them
Feel bad about themselves, Jon.
Who does?’ He laughed again.
‘You shouldn’t paint angels, Jon.
You should paint garbage. That’s
What people really want.’

‘What?’ Jon nearly spat the word.

‘Oh, I am not saying literal garbage,
Jon.’ Mr. Kingsman sighed. ‘No, I’m
Saying work that doesn’t make you
Think…You shouldn’t waste your
Time on such things. You’re young,
There are plenty of things to do…
Places to go. You should develop
Your skills in other ways. Because
I am telling you…People will
Chase the garbage more than they
Will noble work…Believe me.’

‘Not everyone is like that.’ Jon
Tried to tell him, or hope.

‘I bet it happens.’ Mr. Kingsman
Had to laugh. ‘I bet if you pursue
Quality work, people will chase
The garbage instead…. That’s
How the world works.’ He looked
Down and then started to turn. ‘I
Should go now. I have to check on
Some property.’ Then he looked
Once more at Jon with a keen
Interest. ‘There is something about
You, Jon…I like you…. Think about
My offer, please?’

Jon nodded quietly. Then Mr.
Kingsman smiled and walked to
His horse and rode off…And
Jon just stood there watching him,
Watching the sky…the trees, the
Land…as another flock of doves
Flew overhead…. His mind just
Raced as he stood there in the
Stillness. How could the world be
Growing so big when he had barely
Done anything at all?

For hours Jon worked and did
His chores lost in thoughts,
Thinking of everything Mr. Kingsman
Had said and all that had happened.
He would never be able to put
It all down in words to explain to
Anyone…There was too much
Senses could not convey ever, it
Was just impossible. There was an
Aspect of simple continuity in
How things worked…and simple
Work maintained this, but for a
Few others secrets opened
Limitless ideas and possibilities…
And discoveries, and realities.

But as evening came Jon felt a
Growing queasiness in his gut,
A sick feeling that would grow
And grew until it became a slow
Rolling pain. By the time he climbed
Into bed to sleep the pain in his
Stomach was unavoidable, and all
That he could do was huddle and
Squeeze himself tight like a ball
To cope…Something was very
Wrong. Then he began to succumb
To tremors and a cold sweat…and
Then waves of heat, then back to
Cold again…. This went on all
Through the night, until he finally
Passed out.

When morning came, he felt terribly
Sick, and could barely move. Even
His family noticed and became
Nervous…Such a strange illness to
Come on all of a sudden…out of
Nowhere. He was forced to stay in
Bed, much to the dismay of everyone
As he was needed to do a lot of
The chores…

Weeks went by this way with
Jon suffering from this strange
Illness. No one knew what to do.
And all that Jon could do was
Sleep and try and get as much
Rest as possible to cope…He
Could barely eat, and what he
Could eat he could not keep
Down…He fell into a dark place,
Trapped in bed and dreams and
Visions of things he could not
Understand…of a world made of
Steel and stone, with a lot of
Angry people ranting and yelling
Things that made no sense.

By the time early spring came Jon
Was forced to cope with his condition.
He had farm work that needed to
Be done, there was no choice…so he
Learned to swallow the pain and keep
It silent…Life became miserable.

When the first blooms appeared
Word spread among the villagers
That the gypsies had come again.
So, Jon took a chance and sought
Them out in the meadow that he
Knew in the hopes of finding some
Familiar faces…And fortunately
He did.

The gypsy caravan was set up
Exactly as he remembered it, in
Almost the same spot, just a
Little different…with Raya’s
Family leading it. But when he
Went into their wagon circle to
See her family, he found that Raya
Was also sick…ailments from her
Age and their travels were getting
To her. While her family did their
Work about the camp, he saw Raya
Sitting with her daughter Mira doing
Needlework off to the side and went
To them.

When Raya saw Jon her eyes
Bulged, she could immediately
See that something was terribly
Wrong. He was pale and thin, with
Dark circles under his eyes…She
Waved for him to come close
And stood to give him a hug as
Her family came to surround them
And greet him all the same way.

‘What has happened to you?’
Raya asked almost in tears as
She studied Jon fearfully.

Jon held himself as strong as
He could as he sat with them
Then…He struggled to find the
Words to say as inside he
Wondered to himself how he
Kept going. Something inside of
Him just wouldn’t let him stop…
‘I don’t know, I don’t know.’
He could only tell her. ‘I just
Got so sick…So much happened
Since I saw you last time…’
Then he told her everything, about
His dreams, the strange visitors,
And the angel and the light…And
Then about his latest visitor Mr.

It was so much to take in…Raya
And her family just listened with
Strained faces as their mouths
Hung open. They had never heard
Such tales before. People have
Some stories, but not so many
Altogether like this…Raya thought
Fast as her daughter held her
Mother’s hand nervously. Then
Raya took Jon’s hand to connect
With him…Only one who had
Seen and then sensed it up close
Would understand, no one else
Ever could. And outsider could
Only make fragmented guesses,
And those were usually more
Harmful than good. Then she asked
The family to let her speak to
Jon alone, insisting that only
Her Mira stay close; for unknown
Reasons. She needed to think
And speak very carefully, she
Did not want to frighten Jon
More than he already was. ‘You
Became sick…after this last

‘Yes.’ Jon told her. ‘I even
Coughed up this strange…
Black oil once…it was awful.’
Raya’s eyes shook. ‘Jon, I
Think you were poisoned…
Somehow. They…knew
Something special happened…
They sought it out, tried to
Control it…They destroy what
They cannot control…’

‘What?’ Jon said with horror.
But he had to admit, he had
Suspected something similar.
‘But why? I didn’t do anything.’

‘That doesn’t matter.’ Raya said.
‘All you have to do is be there…
For them to sense it, and attack
You. You don’t have to do
Anything. If you have something
They want, they will do what
Ever means to get it or silence it.’

‘But I never ate or drank
Anything.’ Jon said. ‘None of
My family got sick.’

‘Are you so sure?’ Raya asked.
‘Maybe it was something else…
Or…you are reacting to
Something that you came in
Contact with.’

‘But how? Why?’ Jon asked.
‘Why would I? I haven’t told
Anyone else but you.’

‘You don’t have to.’ Raya
Explained. ‘Opposites attract
Jon…it is in their nature. If
You have something Good…
Then you are going to attract
Something of the opposite,
Something Dark…That’s how
Things work. And often times
They are vicious and they
Destroy anything and everything
To get to what they want. That’s
Why things are so hard. That’s
Why so many struggle…Especially
With dark things…Dark things
Always attack this way. There
Have always been stories about
This…Fairy Tales, legends…’

‘Really?’ Jon wondered aloud.
Then he felt a strange new strength
In knowing this…sometimes the
Best medicine is found in the
Company of a true friend that
Understands. ‘If there is ONE
Thing that I understand now…
Its if the universe wants something
To happen, it happens. Logic
And reason don’t apply. It doesn’t
Care what the dark wants…If it
Wants to make something happen,
It will…I just wonder how many
Are ready for that.’

‘When the time comes,’ Raya
Said softly, ‘I agree, I don’t think
It matters.’ Then she hugged him
Again, kindly assuring him. ‘Why
Don’t you stay with us for a while
Now…We’ll talk some more,
Share some stories…and try to
See this through.’




    • I just asked for removing this, owing to some misgiving. We know how much we have been fed with HASH mixed with both truth and false info, even by some ones who are set to attract attention. That’s why we have to be so CAUTIOUS from being led to the TRAPS which not only consume our attention, energy of the COLLECTIVE, but lead to cast the timelines that the malevolent ones want. Pls think about it.

      So, as there are some elements which are worthy knowing, I anyhow still have to address this firmly for the TRUTH that I’m not really OK with all of. This is not the 1st time that I was led to the similar circumstances. I hence cannot but have hesitation, and now would rather to make this statement.

      No intention to offend anyone, however, I have to take responsibility of what I share and at least express my standpoint.

      Besides, here, I’m asking for your blessing for something wrong with me that causes the very disability. As your blessings have been bringing the miracles, after some hesitation, I decide to ask again.

      Here, I would like to share again somethings nice for health.

      For detoxifying, the mung bean soup (dessert) [Ladies should prevent from it during the period].

      Pls soak the mug beans over night, and then boil them with the changed water.

      However, pls watch out if the canned coco nut milk is mixed with any chemical thickener.

      Then, it’s BASIL SEEDS (Ocimum basilicum L.)

      While I feel uncomfortable, particularly with the nausea, I take it along with lemon juice and honey. It’s tasty, however, pls watch out as well the potential side effects. Personally, I’m quite OK with this stuff.

      Pls take care, every lovely one in the Tribe !!!

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