Dear Leslee,

I hope I didn’t catch the wrong day for this precious day of your Birthday. Being so affected, even hit by these waves of the up-coming solar eclipse, I’m somehow faint and absent-minded. Trying looking for a decent cake for this PARTY, THE BIG ONE, however, I finally could only be CAUGHT by this one, for you are that ALICE who just dare to try, not only own that talent, connection, imagination, but can also reveal, represent thoses wonderlands with your magical hands into various kinds of forms of ART !!!

source :https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/394627986088572220/

though this looks rather a SUMMER one……


5 comments on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR LESLEE !!!

  1. Thank you SOooooo much Feilla! The cake and tea party are just prefect! That’s me, lost down another rabbit hole ;D Love you guys, dunno where I’d be without you. Thank you all for bringing such richness into my life, and for hanging in there while I was away. Blessings, love, and abundant light to us all!

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