Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…The Gift… (Part 2) …

Nuremberg, Germany…1539…

Signs would always be delivered, often
If not always in the most unlikely
Of places…By the Stars, in faith and
Hope, and in dreams. Fortune Finds the
Brave this way…when they’re not looking,
But need to.

The visit with Anna, the shy small
Village girl would be brief with
The gypsy woman, Raya. But not without
Imparting a powerful message for them
Both. Raya knew this immediately, but
For Anna it was only a silly visit with
A mystic and a glimmer of hope for the
Baby that she wanted.

Anna left to find Marta, still crying
By the woods, she was desperate for a fortune.
Raya went to appease the girl and did
Offer some words to chase. It was enough
To appease Marta, then both girls quietly
Returned home…to leave Raya
Staring at the same spot between
The trees where she had met the
Mysterious stranger the night before.
She gazed up at the moon to
Admire it, it wasn’t red tonight
Though…but the stars twinkled brightly
Around it. Her mind was crazed with

After as while, her husband Baja
And daughter Mira came to find her
Standing and staring at the night sky.
“Did you find husbands for the village
Girls?” Her daughter asked with half

“Did they give you coins?” Her husband
Asked. “I need a new pipe, Corsa’s
Son broke it earlier, the little – “

“They gave no coin.” Raya said fast. “I
Did not want their money.” She just
Kept staring at the sky.

“What?” Her husband snapped. “Why
Not? They came for free? You
Entertained them for nothing.”

“I have my reasons.” Raya said.

“Foolish ones.” Baja growled. “We need to
Live too. Do we own a palace I can’t see?”

“Mother, did you really?” Mira rolled her
Eyes in disbelief.” They have eyes, can they
Not see…”

“Look!” Raya nodded once to the sky…a
Star was slowly moving near the moon.
Then all three of them were staring.

“The moon is offering coins tonight?” Baja
Said sarcastically.

“There is more meaning here. So much has
Happened in such small things.” Raya said
In almost a trance.

“Tell me no riddles here,” Baja laughed
“I see only a star sliding a bit.”

“But why does it move?” Mira asked
With interest, but no ideas. “What is

Raya nodded. “A visitor.” She told them
Nothing but managed to keep them silent
And spellbound with her gaze. Life had
Grown so much bigger, so fast. That tall
Pale stranger…his words, that girl…
A baby. Confirmation before it ALL
Came!! Lots more to come, lots more.

And in her dreams that night, set in
Motion by gazing into her own crystals
And what her senses had seen and
Experienced in person; incomparable and
Priceless…She saw visions, broken
Glances into what would be…
Premonitions…She saw the sky full of flying
Shapes…spheres, cylinders and
Triangles…and black crescents on a
Blinding sun. Flying objects filling the
Sky, enormous? That had to be
Symbolic…there was nothing that she
Knew of that could fly in the sky
So high like that. Ships? That
Was impossible. No, it had to mean
Something else. But then that stranger
Appeared in her dream…pointing to
That morning star…Suddenly the sky
Seemed so heavy and overwhelming. There
Was A LOT out there.

She awoke in the morning anxious
Again. Nervous…that Feeling.
Then she saw 3 doves by the wagon…
3 of the men walked by…3 dogs
Barking. Things come in 3’s.
Birds in the sky…17…18…19.
A shiver to her skin as Mira rushed
Up to her.

“Mother,” her daughter said fast, “Something
Feels strange this morning.”

Raya nodded once with a wide stare.
“Yes, I know.”

Her husband eyed her fiercely from the
Fire pit where their families circled
Preparing the morning meal. Baja need not
Say a word, his eyes said it. He felt it too.

Slowly, the distant sound grew. Horses…
Then moments later they appeared, 7
Men in black robes, on well groomed
And prizely dressed steeds. They were
All tall and pale skinned, distinguished
Like princes but not of royal
Blood…Her senses told that they were an
Ensemble of men of different lands from
Some secret order, with armored chest
Plates that bore the symbol of a rose.

Baja led the men to confront the riders
As they brought their steeds to a comfortable
Halt outside of their circled wagons.
“May we help you noblemen?” Her
Husband politely said to the men.

The tallest in the center, on the white
Horse, a blond man with a beard and
Strict expression nodded; clearly the
Leader. “Where is the seer among

Mira turned to her mother nervously.
“King’s men?”

“These are no King’s men.” Raya whispered.
“They are something else.”

The tall blond man stepped down from his
Mount with no effort and walked immediately
Towards Raya. He knew instantly!

Mira touched her mother’s arm. “How did he
Know so fast?” She whispered.

“You are the seer Madam” The man asked.
He was so polite, yet strong. It was
A bit nerve-wracking, for most.

“Yes.” She nodded once humbly, then
Met his eyes equally. “Mind reader.”

The man grinned. The woman’s senses
Were fast. “You had a visitor to this
Camp, a stranger?”

“We had visitors…local villagers.” Raya
Smiled politely.

“Local villagers?” The man smiled, polite
Polite…everything was so polite. “That is

“Yes.” She answered. “Who else could
There be? We are but simple people, we
Travel, we entertain. What else would
Anyone want?”

Her husband and his cousin Simji
Came up quickly beside her for support.
“There is nothing strange here, Sir.”
Baja assured. “As my wife said, we
Are simple people.”

But the man held his determined stance
And stared deep into them. “There was
No…man different among them?”

“No.” Baja scowled. “No man came…
Just young people from the village
That came for fortunes…that is all.”

Th man’s eyes raised, his brow was
Sharp however. “There was no man at all
Among them?” He said with doubt to

She did not blink or hesitate. “No.
There was no man among them.”

“Really?” The man pushed.

Baja did not like his tone. “Are you
Calling us liars?”

The man pinched his lips with a
Smile at her husband. “No.”

“Then what do you ask?” Baja said.

The man focused heavily at Raya, as
If his stance and robes could be more
Imposing. “And what did these young
People that you SAW ask of you?”

Raya grinned so politely it hurt. “Fortunes,
Sir…That is what I offer. Such
A small simple thing that is all I
Can do.”

“Fortunes?” The man blinked once. “Now
That is a gift Madam…You should
Be careful with your words.”

“With respect, yes, I must.” She told him.
“A gift one is born with…not like
Those of a mind reader which are learned
And have limits.”

The man paused briefly but clearly
Sensed her meaning and tone; she
Knew what he could do and not.
“It was only a stranger we were
Looking for…that is all.” He said to
Save his secret intentions; not so
Secret…he could have done that at a
Distance, he needed to get closer to
Sense more; a very hopeful intent.
“But if there was nothing odd here…”

As if she would tell. “No…there was
Nothing ODD.” She smiled. Still,
The fact that he and his company
Appeared said so much…even more
For what had happened. Confirmation.
For the eyes that see it…only guesses for
Others; Knock Knock.

“Well then,’ The tall noble looking man
Said kindly, “If there was no stranger…
Then we were mistaken…and there is
Nothing more for us here.”

“No, there is nothing more for you
Here.” Raya nodded to him, never
Losing strength to meet his eyes.

“Thank you, Madam.” The man said
With a smile. He turned to walk to
His horse then paused to turn back.
“The people of the land here…are
Not always fond of seers…if you do
Not tell them what they want to hear.”

“Yes, I have learned to be careful with
The way I says words. I know.” She said.
“Thank you.”

“But we,” The man said referring to
Himself and his companions, “Do not
Intend disrespect. It is a rare gift that
You have few possess…may you find peace
With it…And if I may offer some
Advice, do not stay with people long here.”

“Wise words. Thank you.” She said.

He smiled, then returned to his horse
And the men rode off together quietly.
Not a word was said until the riders
Were comfortably gone.

“What was that?!” Baja snarled.
“Threatening us!”

“They were not threatening us.” Raya
Told her husband. “They were only
Seeking answers their minds could
Not find silently. No matter what,
There are things you will never know
Unless you ask…or try to.”

“But there was no strange man last
Night!” Baja grumbled as more of their
Family gathered around. “Just young
People from the village.”

“No there was no strange man last night…”
Raya said, quietly remembering it was in
Fact the night before. The men got the
Time wrong.

“Then why ask? Why come here?”
Baja said confused.

She knew it was better not to tell her
Husband. Too much explanation and
Too many standing around…too many
Minds involved wasn’t necessary. “He
Must have confused things.” She smiled.

“They are paranoid here.” Baja grumbled
Again, as he led the others away
Back to the firepit to resume morning
Meal. “Now I am irritated and

Her daughter stared off in the direction
Of the riders. “Evil men!” Mira
Hissed. “No woman would behave that way.”

“Oh no?” Raya laughed as she stroked
Her daughter’s arm to calm her. “Do all
Men not have mothers? Did they never
Know women as boys? Women made men…
Men make women…It is a cycle…Do not
Say they are evil men, Mira…We are
All connected, and separated. And there are
Balances to help each find their
Own way.”

“But those men,” Mira said shaking
Her head, “The way they came…

“You are looking at it wrong.” Raya
Said, taking her arm as she led
Her to join the others. “They came,
The men asked a question. So what?
There was nothing for them, I told
Them nothing.” She laughed, more for
Herself-she was good with words! “And
He was polite, respectful. And he even
Helped me a little.”

“Helped you? How?” Mira winced and

“He warned us not to stay too long here,”
She said, “That it would bring trouble here.”

“That was helpful?” Mira sneered.
“It seemed more a threat.”

“You must always be aware, always.”
Raya told her daughter. “These are
Trying times of struggle and
Stress…It is not as though everything
Is convenient. Who would blindly keep
A door open, unless they were inviting
In trouble…Besides, we have nothing to take.”

“Someone terribly alone or lazy.” Mira
Laughed. “Maybe they lived with
Corsa and hoped someone would carry
Him off in his sleep.”

They laughed together. “You see…now
That is better. Laugh at it. But stay
Aware. Know how to recognize good
Advice…It’s not as if he was shouting or
Cursing at us. Those men were noble
Men…Just n an ambitious path, a
Strict path. They will find what they
Need to…when it’s time, if the
Intentions are true and it is meant
For them.”

“But a strange man?” Mira asked,
Shaking her head, turning to her
Mother. “There was no strange man,
Not that I saw…was there?”

“Not that you saw.” Her mother
Let slip.

“Wait,” Mira saw the clue then, “What?”

Raya gestured for her daughter to be
Silent. “If it was meant for all it
Would happen for all…if it was meant
Just for me then I will discuss it
At the right time.”

“But those men knew something.” Mira said.

“Not everything.” Her mother said. “No one
Knows it all. Everyone has pieces…Well
Some, while others just look. These secret
Groups, societies, orders…whatever
You call them, have been around
For ages all over…hundreds of years,
Some thousands. They all have a
Knowledge…Or some big plan or
Sight…But I believe there are those
Out there,” She said looking up at
The sky, “Who know more…and can
See farther…Ahead, before…everywhere…
And that is something we struggle
To comprehend. You really can not
Just say that you woke up one
Morning and figured it all out…that
Would take a higher hand.”

Mira struggled to take in her Mothers
Words. “You are making my head hurt.”

“Hundreds of years, thousands!” Raya
Said to her daughter. “You are so young.”

But as they joined the group chattering
And eating the morning meal, Raya could
Not help but pause to linger with thoughts
Of the men. Yes, she knew of secret
Societies, but not all. This one was new
To her. And she knew like the wisest
They all have mystic practices and must
All consult and have their own seers.
But each seer is unique, with their own
Sight and window to look out at things…
There had to be one constant; that
Although different, all of these societies
Could see things coming…
Possibly far in advance, but how far?
Did they prepare this way…It was a
Lot to consider and mad her uneasy.

She knew the ways of fortune telling,
And there was one distinct fact most
Did not appreciate.
There are predictions, which are most
Like instinctive guesses…And then
There are premonitions. The big
Difference was, a premonition is NOT
Something you want to see…it’s
Something you can not control, and
Most often do NOT want to see…and
It comes true.
And it is often a VERY difficult thing to
Cope with.

“So, when are you going to see our
Wealth, my wife?” Baja teased her
With a loud laugh…something he
Constantly asked.

And she replied, “Whoever said a
Fortune is a good fortune? Or a premonition,
A reward? Maybe when I find the right
Company or place to be…Isn’t that why
We wander…husband?”

And the third day would pass slower,
That feeling did disappear. That
Strangeness was over, for now.
But that night, as they slept quietly,
Overhead, the stars were alive with
The unseen streaks of light of shooting stars
And strange triangular shapes among
Them. The night sky was becoming
More active now, it seemed. A silent beginning…
Apparently, maybe, the stars had seers too.

Apart, then hidden in an unlikely
Place…overlooked in the rural setting
Of the country. Another life was also
Moving forward, as a young shy village
Girl married a new young man that
Came to town, that the girls were flirting
With. A simple, unassuming young couple
That settled down near her family…
To begin a life quickly, with their
Own small farm and their 1st child
Conceived that May.

A charming first year would pass for
The young newlyweds. The months would
Roll by kindly because it was so hopeful
And new for them together. There was
Nothing strange to notice or be
Bothered by…there never is in a state
Of bliss.

But for other eyes in a world constantly
Challenging and full of struggle, there are
Always things to see…The seasons seemed
More stretched, off somehow…the animals
Were anxious near and far, as if they
Sensed something…out of touch, sight
And sound; secret. When the universe
Wants it kept a secret, not a hand
Or mind can move it otherwise.

That Fall, the leaves and colors
Were bright and intense beneath skies
Painting the same…For a Winter that
Came cold and fast…And heavy
Snow came with thick ice on trees
And homes and barns and fences
And things wood. Cold and wind…
The intensity of the season came hard
And stayed long…For a February baby
To be born to the young couple. Then
Things would start to change.

There was a lot coming.





  1. Magnificent indeed Leslee! 🙂 I am reminded of this short story… Namaste 😀

    A horse suddenly came galloping quickly down the road. It seemed as though the man had somewhere important to go.

    Another man, who was standing alongside the road, shouted, “Where are you going?” and the man on the horse replied,

    “I don’t know! Ask the horse!”

  2. Ok so I am clearly confused. I’m looking through the comments in my email and the dashboard, and am trying to understand what’s been deleted and edited. DW, can you please help? Feel free to PM me if you prefer. thanks, Leslee

    Just to add – I’m not embarrassed if there’s a little drama over this. One good thing about a world with incendiary folks in office and whatever celestial alignments are going on, and the other BS floating around right now, is things getting brought to the surface, however painful, ridiculous, or triumphant.

    If Valiant is one real person creating the paintings and the words, then I’m a fan. If it’s more than one person, then I’m still a fan, though less in awe. That being said, “Valiant” has always been opaque to me, which is one reason I have not been very involved in commenting. I limit the time I spend on folks when I know they’re hiding, no matter how enticing…

    If it’s all BS then I’m a little disappointed because I was gonna give Bill a call anyway to talk about an idea I have for a project… So time will tell.

    I admire best, folks who do not live in fear. It’s hard to do here and now, but sure makes some things easier, if we just lay it out there.

    I constantly make a fool of myself by taking things at face value – which makes a lot more sense now that I know I’m autistic. I’ve spent so many years with egg on my face, and I really don’t give a shi*t any more. The jerks in the world are not worth the energy we give them when we care what they do. I’ve been preaching this to my son for years, and now I get to walk the talk 🙂

    Wishing y’all a happy – if chilly and windy – Monday!

    • Leslee, feel free to contact me or Bill. Troy has our emails.
      you can call us too…

      I do understand your misgivings…this is what the fake Valiant intended all along.
      I will swear on a stack of bibles…or before any court in the world…there is only ONE Valiant. His paintings are the real deal….and they are all over the world. Not to mention all the walls in my house. Many will testify to their genuine-ness!
      All originals. All free hand!

      Bill appreciates your support tho…as he does everyone’s on this blog!
      So do I.

  3. I am so impressed by your bravery, Bill. And your intense, brilliant – and intensely personal – creativity. I fully respect what you’re sharing with us, and am honored that you’re entrusting us as you are. I hope you’ll continue to have a presence here in whatever form you wish. Would love to count you as a friend. And thank you too, Lida, for being here!

  4. I hate to tell you all…but this is not Bill…he has never commented on his own posts here.

    This is probably the strange woman who wants to take him down. She has been stalking him for 2 months now, that we know of.
    Her name is Michelle Simpson. Probably from Perth, Australia!!
    She is devious. And claims to be a lightworker who listens to the channelings of ArchAngel Michael.
    Please be careful! She may be dangerous due to unresolved emotional & mental issues.
    She has already threatened to destroy Bill at all costs.

    And yes…Bill STILL at Rumor Mill News. Not as often anymore, as time is short…for this system!

    Valiant’s Mom
    my apologies for her thoughtless and hurtful deceptions. Especially to Barb! Who I have spoken with personally…not fair to her at all!

  5. Posting for a friend… thanks Nils!

    Fascinating video that spells out some of the mental blocks that currently exist in our society. I hope it helps… onwards and upwards…

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