STC, all grown up!

It’s my birthday today, and we’re celebrating by going add-free on Spirit Train Chronicles!

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, and the pop-ups on my phone this morning pulled the trigger.

I will probably add a “donate” button soon, and if I can find the time to sort thru how to run affiliate ads, I may go for that as well. I think the cost of maintaining STC is now about $64/year, which ain’t bad, but if anyone cares to pitch in a dollar or two, it’ll be greatly appreciated and totally unexpected. 😀

We’ll deal with those details later. For now, enjoy cleaner browsing!

With lots of love and wishes for a super 2019 going out to all,



  1. Happy New Year and Happy much belated Birthday to you Leslee! Let’s just say that I’ve been living in a cave, for the past few years, lol. Slowly connecting back to social media. Hello to everyone on STC,may 2019 bring a fresh new energy. All da Best!

  2. Ya know Ben, I am totally sorry, and apologize. But, I could never find what it is so fascinating, or great about, or even find any use for Poetry, or Rhyming words in a small sentence, which I can do. Again, this old Ogre apologizes, Ben.

  3. Thank you. And here’s a birthday poem for you. It’s second-hand but no less sincere. ❤


    This morning I reflected
    That today I am the same age as you were
    When I was as much younger than you
    As you are now older than me

    This just goes to show
    The kind of thing that happens
    When you start calibrating
    What you should be celebrating

    So what’s to celebrate
    What of worth then
    Gathered from the years?

    That it’s not what you see
    It’s the way that you view it
    It’s not what you do
    It’s the why that you do it
    It’s not what you’ve lived
    But the way you lived through it
    And that’s what really counts

    That you should neither judge nor aggravate
    The turmoil that surrounds you
    And everything is already perfect
    Whether you like it or not

    Why rush around in pursuit of pleasure
    When you could simply enjoy
    The suffering you already have?

    That there’s more to the I
    Than meets death
    And even if you’re dead important
    You’re not important dead

    Of course I forget most of this stuff
    For pretty much of the time
    But I wanted to make my birthday
    A day to remember

    *Or her, s the case may be. 😉

  4. Yes, dear Leslee, have you ever tried to recall how much you have already achieved??? You not only established this, but also found the ones. Not only so, you have been helping the lonely, lost, even confused ones who have been so desperately looking for more pieces of life puzzles to make out who we are and what’s the life purpose is, even what’s going on in both the individual but also collective levels. No exageration to say you even saved lots of lives who might have not only once wanted to give up all for just getting out of these very pains in this reality. You help the habitually self-doubting even loathing one(s) to turn to make more sense of this reality and to awake more to connect with the higher realms, for downloading even materializing the divine paradigm in this reality. You help the lost ones to find the spiritual family, TRIBE, to know more about the oneselves, to share the experiences and knowledge to cast the culture, comforting, beautiful and spiritual culture !!! May we all be more and more healed and FLOURISH !!!

    • Feilla, the intention behind this is very sweet, and I really appreciate the lengths you go to express gratitude… The dilemma for me is, I cannot see how I can possibly take credit for what you describe! I do hope my (our?) ramblings help other understand that there’s no harm in expressing ourselves and/or having perceptions that are “out of the norm”… Otherwise we’re all making really grand fools of ourselves! However, I post and share for as many selfish reasons as otherwise. It’s sort of a survival tactic for me. I know this is a tough place for many of us to hang out (on earth among humans), and I figure we do better if we find one another and have a safe place to hang out 😀
      Love you dear sister!

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