Happy birthday to Ray, our lovely Ben Naga

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This day is not forgotten, and how much we want to bring you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! What the amazing day this is, even in the sense of numerology !!! I’m sorry for this writing might look awkward owing to my long silence, being so affected by the waves and the circumstances. Searching for the pictures, I feel like I could finally take a rest to take an wonderful excursion !!!


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I’ve been asking myself how the past days, months, year felt like??? At least, watching the young vlogers’ sharing, I realize how much I’m much older than. Though I’m still so curious about the known and unknown, that curiosity is already so different from that in my own youth and the ones in youth right now.  Watching them and their sharing, I can finally become more  and more optimistic about their capability to make this world better in an incredible sufficiency, for there are already so many resources, such knowledge, skills, crafts being left on purpose by the good ones. Though I don’t deny that I’m still mad for the reality that there are still so many resources being monopolized by.


When I read or watch the materials accessible for me, it feels so distinct that how powerful the knowledge and the language which carries it can be!!! We all see which language is that dominant one. The more ones use it, it can be applied and developed in the more subtle way. It can become a more and more developed vehicle and carry more and more people to the realms where they could hardly imagine they can reach one day. On the contrary, when there are where there are things forbidden to talk,  publish, even to reach for years, even centuries, you can imagine how that writing culture can become and what there is to left to the next generations. So the young ones who can be so amazing for they know how to get what interest them and can help enrich their knowledge and skills via the treasures that were left by. I guess the role of schools will change a lot in the future, for there are more and more resources which are available for the interested ones to get to have self-learning. Something which is seen and foreseen, that how easy the digital can be held up, even destroyed even over night. So for the sake of the future generations, we have better to leave those on papers.


Recently, the images of various kinds of bird just keep popping up, particularly the parrots and Toucans which seems urging me to speak. However, that blockage in me is so hard to break on my own. So, thanks for this precious birthday of Ben Naga !!! Honestly, I once typed the key-word Naga birthday cake, you guess what were brought up to me??? The White Dragon of the HBO show, Game of Throne. Now….for healing my own wounds in all senses, I would rather to charge this sweet donkey to bring that awkward, but sweet greetings & blessings !!!

source : https://aroompics.site/la-poesie-des-humbles-acrylique-sur-toile-de-l/


Besides, may the persistence of the adorable girls cheer you up, just like they made me !!! While watching it, I asked myself, if it happened to me, I would behave like the younger or older one???  Guess what’s the outcome it turned out to be???











  1. Wow, nice party, isn’t it? So….so worth taking such efforts & time looking for the cake, as it’s really not an easy mission to get a beautiful, symbolic and inviting cake!!!

    I cannot imagine that you could make a long & profound, even pithy poem like this so soon. What a beautiful gift this is !!! Honestly, there are lots of time, or rather most of time, I could not leave comments, owing to my limit of this writing skill in this beautiful language. It generally takes me quite efforts and time to finish one. Honestly, not only in this non-mother-tongue, even in my mother tongue, I don’t think I’m used to be able to put all those abstract thoughts or feeling into words in a precise or accurate way. Expression, particularly putting all those complicated and subtle things into words in order need some special gift and lots of reading and exercises of writing. Pity that it’s a very long time that I’ve never read any beautiful or impressive poem in my mother tongue. I myself can no longer write it for even more than a half of my life.

    I’m really HAPPY to be able to take all the steps, getting progressed in reading, listening and writing in this language via you all here, even including lots of ones who are in fact non native speakers. It’s so hard to forget any step or course that I’ve ever had while trying painstakingly get the words to express what I knew and felt. The patience and thoughtfulness of you the ones who have helping me get the very key word, even phrases, or even so thoughtfully in very gentile way with so lovely poems, stories, songs, videos are the best gifts that I can own in my life !!! There are also the precious elders who have shared, even made tirelessly the poems, with super powerfully inspirational pictures to enlighten, to inspire, to remind, to comfort, to heal, though I might have missed some of your beautiful works, I cannot appreciate more for your thoughtful, wise even magical giving and healing.

    Besides of the reason as above, there are times when I feel my throat chakra is so blocked, or just too depressed to get strength to write. Nevertheless, while getting new post or comment here, I’m used to feel so comforted, lifted, even excited, despite of my silence. So, here, I would like to thanks the precious ones who have tried hard to nourish, company all of us here !!!

    So, dear Ray, what the great works you have made and left. Pls anyhow try publish them, getting them printed on papers, and publish them for there are more ones who can benefit in the future. This is what you have been able to leave to the generations in the future!!!

    With regards to that dream, I’ve never given it up, neither stopping praying……

  2. Thank you, Feilla, for your kind words. Sending you much love across the too many miles.I am so sorry to learn that your earthside life continues to be less than comfortable and worry free.Yet space and distance are after all but a dream. Relax a moment and I swear you will feel me giving you a big hug (or two!) in return. ❤

  3. Happy Birthday Ray!

    LOL Feilla those girls are too cute. I thought about encouraging my younger son to volunteer at an animal shelter because he’s so good with animals… but then I considered that we’d probably end up adopting ALL THE PUPPIES…

    • Thank you, dear one. Here’s my birthday poem. 🙂


      This morning I reflected
      That today I am the same age as you were
      When I was as much younger than you
      As you are now older than me

      This just goes to show
      The kind of thing that happens
      When you start calibrating
      What you should be celebrating

      So what’s to celebrate
      What of worth then
      Gathered from the years?

      That it’s not what you see
      It’s the way that you view it
      It’s not what you do
      It’s the why that you do it
      It’s not what you’ve lived
      But the way you lived through it
      And that’s what really counts

      That you should neither judge nor aggravate
      The turmoil that surrounds you
      And everything is already perfect
      Whether you like it or not

      Why rush around in pursuit of pleasure
      When you could simply enjoy
      The suffering you already have?

      That there’s more to the I
      Than meets death
      And even if you’re dead important
      You’re not important dead

      Of course I forget most of this stuff
      For pretty much of the time
      But I wanted to make my birthday
      A day to remember

    • You know…you are just helping me again getting precisely the word, SHELTER, for while reading it in prior, the sense I had made was something quite obscure. Honestly, the more I use the dictionary, the more the ones who made it/them just disappointed me. So, the best way to learn language is just like this !!!

      That video to me is such a GREAT WORK. Without the great shot made by that awesome mom who even asked the best questions to the girls, the amazing caption and background music, this video would feel somehow different. I just cannot stop watching it again and again and again, for the conversation are so classical that I can even see myself in both the girls who have quite different personalities. That older sister is so impressed for her incredibly composed manner at such young age !!!

      So, how GREAT the parents are, just like YOU for making the babies’ (including the puppies’) life much more rich and warm.


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