Dreamflights: My Current Thinking

Over the past couple weeks I’ve returned to blogging and STC’s dreamflights after a long hiatus, so I thought I’d share some current impressions…

What is a dreamflight? How can we tell, when we wake, whether we’ve been on a ship, or just had a “normal” dream? Or if we even dreamed at all?

I don’t know.

What I do know is, we don’t need to worry about it.

We’re all working in ways that some of us cannot perceive. We all bring gifts to this community, to the world, and to dream-time and other planes, that we don’t need to be able to describe and explain.

This is where intuition and guidance come in.

I’ll give you an example.

Early this evening, I created the watercolor sketch above to accompany this post. My thought had been, “I’d like something with soaring wings, something encouraging, to go with this post. And I bet I can create a quick watercolor faster than I can find an image or make something in Photoshop…”

I hadn’t painted in several months, and sat down with the paper and brushes, nagged by a mild dread that I’d just make a muddy mess and still have to go online and hunt for wings.

Then I found the pearlescent watercolors I’d never used. My attitude shifted. Next came the cheap block of watercolor paper. “It doesn’t have to be precious, Leslee. Just sit down and paint.” So I filled the water bucket, grabbed the nastiest brush – the one that sheds everywhere – and started doodling.

As I painted, I thought of the Dreamflights, and my intention to paint wings. A fairy-like figure appeared on the paper, soaring above a circle. The circle turned into a planet. And then my thoughts shifted to a Valiant post I’d read in The Bell Tolls. I thought of Vala, casting spells to cleanse the Earth. And the sketch started to represent that work.

That was pretty cool. I finished the sketch, and took a snapshot of it. Then I remembered I was to talk with my friend Victoria in less than an hour. I hurried a bit to get the snapshot ready to insert in the post, and when I was almost finished, Victoria called. We chatted, and talked about many things, but eventually got onto the subject of my health. I mentioned my brain cysts. The conversation moved along to other subjects, and then we talked about her Merkaba ship videos. And she told me she was hearing from the Nordics so frequently, and that ships will start landing soon. When she mentioned the Nordics, thinking of Valiant’s associates, I told her about the watercolor sketch, and emailed it to her.

When she saw the sketch, she added that she thinks it’s also about my brain, and healing… and she pointed out the pale profile of the angel swooping down , on the right. I had not noticed it before. And I realized the circle – the “planet” – also looks like my pineal cyst.

So… can you see how even when we think we’re doing something simple and straightforward… going to sleep at night, or making a sketch of some wings… there’s no telling what else we’re also accomplishing?

We call it a night on Saturdays, and wake up remembering a little, or nothing, or something we’d rather forget. There’s no telling what we really experienced and accomplished…

Amazing things, the stuff we don’t need to know.

Wishing you all blissful journeys, peaceful sleep, and the trust to keep moving into what’s important.

Love you guys! ❀




  1. GOD…….This just came up to me!!! Dear Leslee, you must not miss it. This is definately for you, particularly at this threshold timing and the ones who can be attracted here thanks to you who established the garden. Dear Lisa, there seems as well some messages here for you in this video, which reminds me of you when I started watching it.

    For some precious ones….Mark at 19:29

    The ones who are of the other star signs may try to listen to those of yours signs. I would like to share it here for I’m sure there would be more messages which can be very helpful for you, too.

  2. I wish i had a Cliff Notes Version of what’s been going on with Valiant’s posts. But i’ve kept every single one in my email just in case!! I left off some time after the mother bear stories… idk. Life has engulfed me and i just don’t have time to read them any more.
    I still ask to join DreamFlights & had 2 ‘alien/light ship’ dreams. πŸ’™
    Great job Leslee & Hope you get better! πŸ’™πŸ»

    • Hi David! Life does that, doesn’t it! Did you know you can buy The Bell Tolls on Amazon? That’s what I’ve been reading since I missed so many. Nice to see you again!

      • Oh i think i finished The Bells Tolls… i think …lol. Good idea though!! Nice to see you again too!! 😊
        I might be posting on my WP the story of my Light Ship dreams very soon!! I’ve been wanting to add to it since it’s been years now… time flies!! 4am here!! #NightOwlClub

        • Dear David, so nice to be able to see you again. I cannot wait to read your dreamflight log. If you will, it’s also our honor to have your sharing about it here, besides your WP. This is indeed a NICE NEW YEAR with much more positive potentials!!!

          • Wonderful Feilla, So lovely to see you again as well. Yeah… apparently i’m still figuring out this WP system lol but i will make it a priority as soon as i can. I remember a little bit but what i do remember is …interesting.
            Very true- i hope the New Year brings great things for all of us.
            You ladies bring out the best in me, i must confess.
            Thank you for your words and the hope you shine. πŸ˜‡πŸ’™πŸ»

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