Understanding the Dreamtime by Judith Kaylara

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This article is about the inspiration that an Indigenous lady imparted to me. A few months ago I wished to have friend that had integrity, someone that I could learn from, someone whom understood the ‘Dreamtime’, ‘Dreaming’. Firstly, in the lore of the Original People of Australia there is no such thing as time. So we are speaking here about a timeless state, so we call it ‘Dreaming’ (with no time). I realised that I dreamed her into my life. This is what she taught me.

She mentioned to me that you can have bad ‘Dreaming’. I had never considered bad ‘Dreaming’ before because I’d had an experience of the ‘Dreaming’ which I felt was from the Divine World where all creation arose. In that Divine space I experienced things that were in a state of frequency only. Everything was there from the microcosm to the macrocosm but all as One. Each thing was connected to each other and had a certain frequency and light that made it what it was e.g. A plant, person, animal, planet etc. Each thing knew the meaning of the other and its purpose and none was greater than the other. I realised that this was part of the sublime ‘Dreaming’.

After our conversation I began to reflect on ‘Dreaming’. I realised that our thoughts create our future. The ‘Dreaming’ is not a state to attain by any means as we’ve already created it. It’s a state of waking and walking in the world we created when we are ‘Dreaming’ (thinking and emotions). ‘Dreaming’ consists of our emotional and thought substance. Everybody has thoughts and that is the state of ‘Dreaming’. In our everyday life our thoughts are shaping our life. Negative thoughts create chaotic circumstances, illness, disease, accidents, arguments and disharmony in our life as we the ‘Dreamer’ are ‘Dreaming’ it. On the contrary beautiful thoughts created by the ‘Dreamer’ have another effect. The ‘Dreamer’ is no different to the Creator whose qualities imbue harmony, beauty and the exquisite intelligence that permeates our inner universe and our outer universe. When our thoughts and being are aligned to the Creators we experience synchronicity, our dreams are fulfilled in our life joyfully, our circumstances unfold magically, smoothly and simply, enhanced in a way that we could never have imagined initially.

There are many variations to ‘Dreaming’, there is conscious waking dreaming in our physical body which is all the above and sleeping dreaming when we go to bed at night. We can programme our dreams at night and go astral travelling, fulfilling another part of our non physical body.

As we refine ourselves and learn to take responsibility for our thoughts and life we are given an opportunity to look deeper within the underlying principals of our universe. There is a natural intelligence to the universe, things grow, die and then there’s a rebirth cycle. Our thoughts are like seeds, the same as the Creators.

We have within our physical and subtle bodies all the ingredients to create. We have all five senses which are related to the elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. These elements do become more refined in us. Earth is akin to the sense of smell, for example the sweet scent of earth or soil, at its most refined a person would have the sweetest of scents known as the Odour of the Saints. Water is akin to taste, the more refined a person is, they are said to have good taste. Fire is akin to light and sight, at its finest fire in a refined person would reveal a visionary. Air is akin to hearing, the refined person would be able to hear and listen to the Music of the Spheres. With refinement comes purity and innocence, a childlike quality that exudes joy and the wonder of dis-covary, uncovering what’s beyond the physical senses and elevating us beyond our belief system and conditioning to unlimited possibilities.

We can use the element of Water for instance to call the rain. We can influence matter in a positive or negative way. It is clear that a person of refinement can perform miracles, when a miracle is performed it transforms some unenlightened part and there’s perfection in the outcome, all in accordance to the Divine Blueprint or ‘Dream’.

There is a childlike state yet mature state that allows things to flow, to be, to know anything is possible, knowing no boundaries, or better expressed, to use our imagination, image-in-ation (image in action). It’s about seeing under the surface of things, the lay lines, portals, orbs and the faces in the clouds or in the wooden floors. To imagine what it is like to be inside a flower, how sweet its scent would be, how soft its petals would feel against our skin, to hear the sound of insects footsteps or to see the vivid colours of the etheric and astral worlds. To reach our potential, we need to be diligent in watching our thoughts and emotions, trusting our intuition and Ourselves. After all we are planting seeds as ‘Dreamers’, ‘Dreaming’ our world into creation as the Creator does.

We are interweaving our ‘Dreaming’ with other people. We have all noticed how Primary School and Secondary School friends usually fall away when we have grown. We’ve out grown them. Our frequency has changed, thereby those friends are not in our life or ‘Dreaming’ any more.

I’ve spoken to an Indigenous man about my past life with my husband. I mentioned how we were prominent scientists who worked together on a significant project. My husband looks very similar to who he was in the past, he has all the attributes and knowledge from that time. For myself, I carry the scientific knowledge and the grief from the same time. My husband and I were born when these men were still alive. The unusual thing is that our past lives overlap our life now. The Indigenous man said to me, “Those men ‘Dreamed’ you into existence because they wished they were somebody else.” Well, that’s something to consider and as I was reflecting on it I remembered that several years ago I recalled a past life. I saw myself as a woman in another life, as I watch her, she turned and looked me right in the eye. I gasped! I saw myself in my past life while my past life was seeing myself in the future life. Maybe she ‘Dreamed’ me into existence, it appears that those lives are running concurrently along with the multiples of myself that I have seen on different dimensions and time lines.

The words from a lovely song play in my ears wishing you ‘Sweet Dreams Till Sunbeams Find You’.

Sending Love,