Indeed, dear dreamwalker444… you said it so beautifully… Every event [and here i call  event even short video that I watched for brief time, or a single thought came to my mind …] is for benefit of the Creation…
Creation is not only good and perfect cookie… yet Creation is as well burned or too sweet cookie… Creation is the way we see this cookie melting in our mouth… Creation is the after taste that this burned cookie leave in our mouth…

And, what you do when you consume burned and bitter tasted cookie?… do you blame self for centuries?… or you live in guilt for millennia’s that this never suppose to happen?… or You do not stop asking Why?… ‘Why God?…’ I have to live with this after taste in my mouth?….

So, how do you get rid of burned aftertaste in your mouth?… maybe, by washing it with water or beer?… or taking another cookie hopping it will taste different?… or you completely change habit, and declare you will never eat cookies again?… or you simply accept this one was burned and you thank to one who made it, not blame her for giving you burned cookie?…

You can always consider that she did not put this cookie in your mouth… You did!…  as she simply put this at the table in front of you?… So who to blame for your after taste?… Her who cooked them?… You for eating it?… or even Can you blame Cookie itself, for the aftereffect?….

Same Creation process I see with these News Media, Info manipulations, TV programming of our minds, Financial trickery, Governmental rules and regulations… These are all part of Creation, yet some of these leave quite aftertaste in our minds… Isn’t it?…

This same Creation of intentionally ‘burned’ sensation is there to be experienced and to be eventually recognized as ‘burned cookie’… and it can be simply discerned that we do not have to consume ‘burned’ and ‘overcooked’ news and ‘truths’ any longer…

When this realization strike You where these news do not have to be consumed in such a vast amounts… simply because it really sucks walking with grip in your stomac,  or bitter taste in your mouth, or total ‘paranoia’ in your mind that ‘end is here’…

When You realize that even these news are part of Creation, no matter how they taste… Yet, the only thing comes from this experience is your choice: Would you like to continue feeding self with ‘overdone’ and ‘tasteless’ information’s?… Are you ready to accept that you have a choice not to consume in such amounts of ‘spiritual fast-food garbage’?…

Spirituality is Creation as well…. Religion is Creation as well… Mind Control is Creation too… TV and Media is Creation too…

Realizing this, you can always choose [this is key word: CHOOSE…] to have burned aftertaste or have smile on your face when spit out this burned cookie out of your mouth…  It is all Creation process of New Human who is willing to choose… Who is totally open to experiences, simply by knowing: All is part of Creation… ALL OF IT!… Bad cookies, good cookies, or even ignorant cookies, or simple cookies, or even spiritual cookies… All are One Part of ONE Creation…

When you see queen as ‘burned cookie’ next time, please consider that you can simply spit out this one, wash it with fresh water and decide not to go in the same jar again… Maybe try to make your own cookies this time?…

Love You and Love Cookies in any form they come… I AM THAT I AM, not so burned cookie after all, yet Part of Creation, Predrag Saint Germain…


Amazing video.

I can’t describe how excited I was watching this. The energy I felt when the video was over was incredible. It did something great to me. Please find the time to watch it.
And enjoy the magnificent mullet! I did!

Konstantinos: Iltheos-‘Good Morning’

  You find yourselves in a dream world. You think that you are awake, but essentially, you are asleep. When you say that you have dreams, it is THAT period of your life, where you are awake. It is THAT time that you return to your true selves and have a taste of  the realities and dimensions you left behind.

  Many of you now, have grown your capabilities, regarding your communication with beings and places of  higher vibration on the Astral Plane. And the number of the awakened persons grows even more. You start to remember that part of yours, which resembles, in a lot of ways, the Galactic Beings who serve the Light.

  But even if this doesn’t happen to all,  you/all of you are ALWAYS  that part, that infinite God piece of yours, which you accepted to forget for some ‘time’ and for a specific amount of  lives, by being incarnated here or to other worlds of Duality.

  As the days pass, you begin to show more the Wisdom and the Teacher, that characterize you, through your thoughts and actions. And when you see that you need more improvements, you realize that it is not SO difficult, as it was on the previous decades, to make big leaps of progress in a short amount of time.

  And that is so, because in the previous years, it had to be in stages, the knowing and reminding, to you, of the tools that were offered with great Love by enlightened entities of Teachers and Galactics. For some time now, you are more open to accept all these, mentally and energetically.

  As much as it is possible for you, try also to plant seeds of  remembrance to the people around you who are asleep, but they think that they are awake. How realistic is this dream that you experience.But the time comes closer, for the cosmic clock to ring louder than ever and as it is expected, there will be some upheavals, while you realize the dawn of a new day….and to be exact, the dawn of a New Era.

  And then, you will find us all in front of you again, ready to say ‘good morning’ to you and willing to hear from you whatever you wish to share from that dream of centuries you had. Your personal experiences is a real treasure of Wisdom that will be useful for the growth of other worlds.

  And with this, I end this message by wishing you all a great GOOD MORNING!…An as possible smooth and sweet awakening…and a peaceful and happy return to your true selves.

All my Love and Respect to you dear ones.

Iltheos from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here are the links:

Konstantinos-My experiences from the first trip

Hello dear friends. I returned from the island of Samothraki yesterday. I’ll be away again on July 30th till August 6th.

I read and watched all the posts and it’s really amazing how things  are evolving. Amazing times we live in. I also got a taste of that while I was on Samothraki with a good friend of mine, Theodore.

Here, you can see our common UFO sightings we had, on specific days and time:

Just enlarge the image in order for the details to be seen clearly.

My friend Theodore will be on STC and will share his personal growth experiences that  he had with me there.

He allowed me to tell you briefly about these experiences.

We generally travelled to a planet of Pleiades and later to Catharia and Telos of Inner Earth and it was amazing. Theodore also created his own GLS ship, Etha. He has also made a personification of her (putting a part of her in an ET look female body) who will greet the visitors and lead them in the ship. I got in there and it was beautiful. He will post images of it when he will be able to post here.

On the first days of this week, we were sitting outside and the word ‘mener’ started to come many times in my head. I didn’t know what to think about it and I didn’t tell anything to my friend. Some hour later, he shared with me that he had communicated with an abandoned planet, Ionno (‘I’ is pronounced as ‘e’ for ‘ear’). Ionno came to Etha and appeared in a white Light body of human structure. He had a round head without ears, nose and eyes, but only a smile without the lips!

Ionno showed him pictures of the planet (himself) and told him that the name of the race that was living there, is ‘Mener’. That was the word I was hearing in my head some hour ago! Theodore will post his experiences with pictures of it. He drew them by himself.

Also, I participated on the Saturday dreamflight with the mission on the reptilian world. I learned about it on Friday July 21st, in my friend’s birthplace Alexandroupoli, where he has his computer. The next day we arrived to Samothraki and we had no computer. When I woke up on Sunday, I didn’t remember a lot, but I got the message that the mission was successful. I got ensured about that, by reading a related post today.

I also got a message from Iltheos, while I was there. I’ll post it today.

Much Love to all of you my great family of Light.