Telepathy Exercise – 13 July 2012

(I apologize to the artist for my not being able to find the credits for this beautiful drawing, which represents Archangel Nathaniel, the Archangel of Fire…)

So, Let’s try the Second Telepathy exercise that Predrag & Leslee did… This one comes from Predrag, and we’ll share the first one soon (the first one came from Adrial)…

It seems Tauno has volunteered to start us off!

She will please visualize a gift that she is sending to all of us… The act of giving is a key element here.

I suggest it be something we all know… I think you’re being too specific (this refers to the selection of the Triskelion rune)!

Choose an image that has meaning for everyone trying to connect (we will all now be learning the meaning of Triskelion, wonderful!)… So try something more generic, an image that YOU actually create from your heart…

Tauno, would you please try again with starting it?

Then for the rest of us, give her some time to “send” it to us… And Predrag suggests gift-wrapping… It’s great fun when you can see the wrapping first…
So, to re-enact what he and I did, he told me that the gift was wrapped in gold & violet paper, and then I had to find the rest…

Then, when we talked the next evening, I told him what I saw when I opened the wrapping paper…

An important note: this is not a guessing or intuition game… There is a subtle difference between those and what we are attempting.

We are attempting, essentially, a waking dream. It will appear to you just as if you are seeing it in a dream…

Tauno, once you send the gift to everyone, let’s please wait a day before anyone guesses or answers… It may also take a few attempts to get anything at all…

Please remember, above all, there is no right, no wrong, no success or failure, and NO giving up! ūüėČ

I’ll share with you what Predrag sent me, so that you can see the relationships, differences, similarities. In the end, the affirmation comes from the heart. VERY important – only from the heart – not from thinking, not from mind… And the connection may not be direct…

For instance, the object was the Triskelion, and what came to me immediately was “lightning bolt/vajra”… I have a feeling that a little digging might reveal a connection there… But I also knew that I sent the answer to soon, and that it wouldn’t be what Tauno had in mind…

So for the person who sends the gift (because we will all take turns), it is not for them the judge or even offer an opinion as to whether what the others receive is “correct”… You’ll see… You’ll know in your hearts!

It is almost just like our dream connecting… We have ALL already mastered this, we are just remembering how to do it!

Okay, here goes:

1. Predrag told me that he sent me a gift wrapped in gold and violet wrapping paper, and that the next night I would tell him what I found.

2. I sat in meditation, and visualized the wrapping paper. At first, I was creating the image from my imagination, based on what Predrag told me. Then it very quickly took on a life of it’s own…

3. The wrapper dissolved into golden-violet crumbs, and fell away. The first thing that came to my mind’s eye was a large crystal, like a Herkimer Diamond, and I heard the word “diamond”. That very quickly transformed into a large piece of crystal, probably gypsum., then all at once, the crystals disappeared and a deep red-magenta heart, like a tattoo heart but with form, appeared. It took me a minute to settle with the heart. I “thought” it had appeared to quickly, so I discounted it (sound familiar?)… But it persisted, and once I noticed I was fighting it, it remained a heart.

4. I just sat, beholding that image gently and lightly, as if examining a delicate crystal… At some point, on top of the heart there appeared a wreath of very tiny white flowers! Then suddenly, appeared a handful of orange-golden flames, rising out of the top of the heart, inside the wreath… The flames were about as tall as the heart. Then, as I continued to just lightly watch, I noticed what looked like a bundle of tubes of rainbows coming out of the flames, rising up so high that I couldn’t see the top!

5. At some point the image stopped shifting, so I felt it had revealed itself well enough at that time.

6. So, when we talked the next evening, I described this to Predrag, and here is what he said he sent to me:

7. He sent a box, wrapped in the violet- gold paper. Inside the box is a violet heart… If I remember correctly, he didn’t mention the flowers and flames… Then, coming out of the top of the heart is a roll, like rolled up drawings. But these “drawings” are not paper, they are more like holograms.

8. Predrag asked if I had looked inside the tube, opened the roll of drawings… I had not, so the next night I went back to the heart and tube, and looked. It did unroll like drawings, but was holograms… Layers upon layers, intertwined and stacked and shifting and moving… And I realized it is the “script” or “plan” for the unfoldment of this play of “reality”.

9. When I shared this with Predrag the next day, he confirmed…

10. So, even though there are some slight differences in the imagery, it’s clear (to us, at least) that we’re connected.

11. Here are some powerful synchronicities that we’ve noticed, related to this exchange: the night after I first met Predrag, I had a very brief dream that he and I were meeting with a Star-Family member, who is an archivist or librarian. (Kosta, we will discover this being’s name!) The meeting was taking place in an open parking garage, and the three of us had unrolled a set of blueprints, and were discussing. Predrag says he’s been dreaming of looking over documents with two people for years… Also, the appearance of the material that the Tube seems to be made of, is almost identical to the material I saw sheathing Abi-Qor, in the dream I had a week or two ago… And this week, Mark Kimmel has asked me for more drawings of Abi-Qor…

So I hope this sharing offers some inspiration about ways we may connect with each other…

This exercise may be done while still holding one’s anonymity, because it is very focused and the object of exploration is chosen by the participants.

The first exercise, which I’ll also share, is one where we must open ourselves up more, and be willing to face an intimacy with ourselves and others, to which we may not be accustomed…


Returning to Full Consciousness, Who Are You, Mind, GFL, Media, YouTube

Note: In many cases, our answers, or the answers given by Seven will match the frequency of the question being asked…and correspond to the energy signature of the person asking the question.

Someone asked us, ‚ÄúHow do I return to full consciousness? Any meditations or practice of some kind? How can I remember who I am?‚ÄĚ

Full consciousness from our perspective is the awareness of yourself as the highest version of yourself. Full consciousness is attained once you’ve transcended polarity and embraced oneness, knowing that you are everything, you are All That Is. Full consciousness is the awareness of yourself as a multidimensional being. One attains full consciousness by Ascending, or by reaching the ascended state of being within physicality. That you are doing. Through 3rd Density experience one is given numerous opportunities to raise their frequency. The higher the frequency, the higher the vibration. The higher the vibration, the higher the awareness. The higher the awareness, the higher the consciousness. The higher the consciousness, the higher the Light quotient. DNA is Light. You DNA is within you and outside of you. Therefore by going within, you discover all that is outside. Then by looking outside, you will see all that is within. Full consciousness comes with the activation and the conscious awareness of your DNA. One who attains this awareness will begin to transmute their cells into Light, making them capable of carrying within them the awareness of themselves as being fully conscious. One who is aware of the bi-located higher self aspects of himself and have those consciousness’s merged with his own within physicality will be able to experience limited consciousness and full consciousness simultaneously. We cannot tell you how to attain full consciousness. That would be counterproductive to your overall growth and ascension. Full consciousness will simply come naturally as you quicken your frequency. Higher awareness is exactly what it is; however, comes with the raising of your vibration to either transmute the limited consciousness portion of you, or to merge the fully conscious portions of you into your conscious awareness.

If meant to remember, the trigger for that within your DNA would have been set by you for when you are to awaken within this incarnation. Meditation will aid you greatly in your quest. However, what kind of meditation depends on you. When you can overcome the distractions of your restless mind, and the enslavement of your consciousness within it then you will began to know who you are. Your mind creates the illusions that you experience. Therefore leave the mind, which is indeed separate from the brain. Pay attention to how you feel. Pay attention to your Heart. The knowing of who you are is within your Heart. At your level of consciousness you are not meant to remember who you are in the way that you are trying to remember. And the fact that you cannot remember is the result of you trying. We guide that you merge with your Heart, for it has a mind of its own. Bring it into harmonic flow with your life experience. Follow your excitement with the knowing that all is well. A meditation that will greatly assist you is the meditation of being alert. Observe your thought processes, for many of those processes serve as invisible prison bars, keeping you away from who you are. I introduce to you also the meditation of the Heart. Pay attention to how your feel. Feelings that are unfavorable to your evolutionary progress means that you are out of alignment with who you truly are. Let those feelings and their associated circumstances go. Then embrace what feels right for you. Then you will find out who you are. However, in the meantime, observe yourself. That is the best meditations we could recommend.

‚ÄúHow can the Galactic Federation of Light stand by and allow the media to give us false information? Why don‚Äôt they just use YouTube?‚ÄĚ

The dark worker alliance factions can still use positive events to create mass fear amongst the majority. They are being dealt with at this very moment. Until then you are to see the power and the knowing within your own self. You are to learn discernment. It is not us or they who allow false media reports. It is you. However, one who is aware will know the Truths regardless of widespread false information. In the not too distant future you won’t have this to worry about, for this is being dealt with by you already. The ball is in your court. Pick it up and put it to good use. Take charge of your own society. YouTube is a tool for you. Therefore it is your job to put desired information on YouTube, which you are doing. When the time is right, there will be true information being reported at all sources. Until then, use your own discernment.

I am Seven, merged with the Collective Consciousness of Seven

If anyone have any questions they would like answered in a future post, then please ask either through commenting or through the contact form on my website.

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Iltheos- A Hug exercise

Greetings to the Humanity of Earth. I would like to transfer a message which would suggest you to make into practice the followings:

Initially go somewhere, where you know you can have some peace and quiet. You can stand against a wall by standing up or sitting down, in a lotus position or just sitting on a chair or on a couch or lying down on a bed.

Then close your eyes. Yes, you’ll have to use visualization here.

Hug yourself gently. Imagine that this hug comes from a Loved one of yours. A friend. A Lover. A Member(or members) of your Earth Family. Someone or a team of souls who you Love but who are no longer between you. You can also imagine that this Hug comes from Us.

By ‘Us’ I mean a collective consciousness. You can choose that to be an¬†infinite or¬†of a specific amount group of benevolent¬†entities from other worlds or from the Highest Dimensions, such as the beings you call Angels or Ascended Masters. You can also imagine only one aspect of them, like Archangel Michael or Sananda or whoever you would like, to give you this gently and so needed as it seems Hug.

While you are doing this, use your imagination and visualize a White Light Energy to embrace all your body. Try to see with your Third Eye the forming of the energy that surrounds you. It is up to you, to your choice and to your personal filter as well, while you are doing this , to build the characteristics of the form. For example, if someone chooses to receive this Hug from Sananda, visualize the forming energy to take the appearance of what you would consider as an accepted picture version of Him.

You can also visualize that you accept this Hug from a group which will be consisted by the entities of your choice or a group of all the Entities of Light. Or the Source Itself, which of course includes You and yes, your ‘enemies’ and general¬†‘opposites’. We are all One after all.

Through this Hug, you will feel the energy of Love that in so many times seems to be replaced by its opposite. Feel this energy transmission. Watch for your body reactions, like chills, tears, laughter.

When you will feel satisfied with the outcome,  put your hands down calmly. Take three deep breaths. Then embrace yourself again.

You will have to do the same thing again, but this time visualize that this Hug is given to you by only someone who you would consider or had considered¬†as an ‘enemy’ or ‘enemies’. Try to¬†face and treat¬†your boss, the neighbour, the ‘bully’,¬†the thief, the murderer¬†and any kind of a ‘bad guy’¬†as a Loved relative, friend, Galactic, Angel, Teacher, God. Love him/her the same way you already Love someone else.

If you feel that you need more time for this, then simply stop this exercise and continue your day as before. When/If you will feel ready and eager later for this, just follow the steps from the beginning, till you get to the point to face your ‘enemy’. See them as the souls¬†whose current actions of Low Energy is just a scream for help. See them as the friends and your/our/Source’s Essence that you/we/I already are/am on the other side of the veil.

Embrace these scared children of God. Give them a big, gently, full of pure, unconditional Love Hug and heal them. Try to feel their relief, while they touch you and got healed by your Love and Light. Try to feel their Gratitude and Appreciation given to you by them.

Then, see this dear one or this group of souls, as a soul who has your physical characteristics. Embrace yourself. Laugh to/with yourself. Praise yourself for accepting to be the Brave One, who volunteered to be incarnated to a world of Illusion and Duality, to a realistic Cosmic Hologram. 

After that, try to feel the Unity….with ALL…with EVERYTHING….

And if it will seem that you don’t get pictures anymore, but only feelings, then let it be….

Whenever you wish, you can end the process.

The¬†purpose of this ¬†‘exercise’ is to help you experience the Truth of One and All. And to encourage you to not forget to see the Light to you and everything/one that exists. To¬†make a progress to continue to¬†treat the others as you would like to be treated. With kindness, Love, Honesty. To act with the eyes and perception of your Divine Part, of your Higher Self.

We are One and Iam.                                                                                                              

Iam One and We Are.



Our Hug and Love to you. Try to not get dissapointed, because anything that you experience comes from you, to you, by you and for your Highest Good. This goes for all and each one of you dear ones.

My personal Love and Hug to you.

Iltheos from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link:

An Open Letter to Humanity, from Umbro

This is Umbro. I am Captain of the Galactic Light Ship Tulya.

As disclosure increases throughout the year, you will become increasingly aware of our presence. If you wish to contact us, the first thing you can do is look within, for it is there that we will contact you. You may look for us in your skies, but our ships are cloaked. Those who cannot handle our presence at this time are protected from the shock that would result from such a contact. Those who can handle this information are sometimes given a sighting, and these will increase as the year progresses. Fearing us simply creates barriers to first contact, we are in fact just like you in many ways. You as a society have for the most part overcome your racial differences, and this is a critical step to encountering an “alien” race of beings.

The next step is understanding that we pose no threat to your well-being, and we respect your life path. We are the lamb, and you are the lion. You may see this message as an attempt to “lower your guard”, and this too is part of a process you can go through. All things in this universe can be seen as positive or negative, or not, this is up to you.

At this time we encourage you to look beyond the information constantly fed to you in your media. We are your family, as you are ours, and we are excited by the possibility of meeting you face to face. It is time now to make this meeting a reality. It is time now for you to meet people from another galaxy. Please do not be frustrated if we do not appear instantaneously, it is up to you as a society, as a whole, to join us when you are ready.

We love you, and we look forward to your return.

The Fire Has Been Lit.

from Ladca (Leslee Hare)

Hi, Dear dear ones,

This has been a remarkable week. I am well beyond fine, and I miss you all too… it seems this has been a huge week of transformation for me, so it’s as if I’ve been in a cocoon, and am almost ready to emerge. I think there will be a different voice arising…
It started last Thursday as I was answering one of the recruitment emails, as “usual”, with Predrag Bracanovich (he’s been posting on 2012II, and has writings in many places)… I was about to hit “send”, but Adrial stopped me and began to give us an assignment. The assignment was for us to start the first of the telepathy exercises/practices… I thought it would be just a simple back and forth: “Okay, I just sent you an image, tell me what you received…” kind of thing.
It was more like, BAM! Okay, you two have been together here and here and here, and you were this and this and this, and now you’re supposed to be doing this and this and this…
And on top of that, the “gifts” we have sent each other (the telepathic visualizations) – that experience has been amazing! Far beyond what I could have hoped for, to the point of having to ask, “No wait! You *really* saw that? REALLY?”, over and over again… it’s sort to like the dreaming we on STC have all been doing together, except not as passive. One of us chooses what to send, and the other “sees” it, while waking.
And as soon as I’ve thought, Okay, I need to get online and write about this, another layer appears.
So, things like polls and lists and updates and even energy rays coming out of mountains, have kind of gotten pushed to the back burner… But I can see it all fitting together…
I know that soon, we’ll be sharing this, and describing how others can do it as well… The caution I will put before it is that, in these exercises, once you start, nothing is hidden any longer. So it’s not for everyone, and those holding onto some form of anonymity are not ready for it, because it requires total fearlessness…
Anyway, I’ve learned that I can’t say when or what I’ll be posting next, but it will arrive eventually…
Y’all please feel free to post this on STC if you like – we have Predrag’s permission as well, and he sends his love to all of you. We really are ALL one, just bits of the same ONE, fulfilling different roles…
Oh, and Chimera is ready to fly in a new form, and we can add the ship Phoenix (Predrag’s) to our list…
After I go to some meetings this morning, I will be done with that old 3D job from a previous life… I think I’ll spend the afternoon recording voice of new version (the Friday the 13th Version!) of All About Enlightenment, and will try to answer emails and get back online… But who knows, I may just go hike…
And my love goes to Gunner… Gunner, you’re getting tossed into the fire, man, there is no turning back!
My deepest love and respect and gratitude to all of you!

SaLuSa 13-July-2012

There are delays as you see it, but much more is taking place all over the world. Our overall view and knowledge indicates that the end times are well under way. The immense resources about to be used will ensure success as planned, and with reports from several reliable sources you will soon be aware when the arrests become widespread. It will be the first big step towards clearing the way for everything else to take place. The main point is that it has commenced and will suddenly burst into large scale action. It will be of such an impact that by no means can it be kept quiet by those who hold back the real news.

What is encouraging and timely is that day by day many more people are beginning to question the actions of those in charge. They are seeing through the lies and cover ups and beginning to question what has happened in the past. That pleases us as it is loosening the controls the cabal have placed upon you, and the power they have exercised over you. People power is what they fear and it is gathering momentum as groups are being formed that really do have some impact. A most useful method of making your wishes known by way of petitions is now spreading. Let your voices be heard and it becomes more and more difficult for those you are targeting to avoid the issues. In just a few years your position has changed and the scales of justice are swinging your way.

W Whatever peaceful means you use to get your leaders attention is acceptable, but please avoid hotheads taking over, and beware of infiltrators who are out to cause trouble within your ranks. For various reasons there are people who are against the changes, and in some cases it is a fear of our arrival. In time we will hope to have shown everyone that our intentions reasons there are people who are against the changes, and in some cases it are pure, and that it is your interests we have at heart. Either way, provisions will be made for all souls and they will eventually find themselves progressing to the correct level. Bear in mind that your present Earth is also ascending, and only the souls that are ready can go with her. For all others their future is also assured and not one soul will be neglected, as all have their place in the Universe.

You are now in the last few months before the big day, and understandably some are questioning whether they should plan for the future beyond it. They ask about matters like investments or property ownership, and generally about lack and in many cases poverty. We ask you to now take matters on a day to day basis, as very soon many problems that beset you now will have been solved by the planned changes. Abundance and prosperity will soon answer your various needs, and eventually you shall want for absolutely nothing at all. Much is to follow after Ascension, but equally your desperate needs will be seen to as soon as possible We are fully aware of what we need to do to make you happy and able to rest in peace, by knowing that we are authorized to do so. You will do your share working with us as we want you to be involved with us in a joint effort.

All planned is very near to commencing in a way that you will see what is happening, and be kept well informed. We know that so many of you are keen to get involved now, and depending on what skills you have you will certainly be drawn to other people who will be involved, if not directly contacted. By and large we need little help as the advanced computers we use can handle the most difficult tasks. However it would be nice to work together as we will be doing so for quite some time, even after Ascension. As our relationship progresses you will of course have advanced yourselves, and eventually be equal to the tasks ahead. As you must know by now in reality you are great Beings in your right, and it will not take long before you are back to levels that you used to enjoy.

In some ways you have led simple lives whilst on Earth, but the challenges you faced have furthered your evolution so fast. It may have been tough at times, but when you volunteered you knew that you could get through it. At all times help has never been far away and given you in your hours of need. Your Angelic Guides have held your hands when facing danger, and often intervened to save you from death. You may well discover that they have done much more for you than you know, and yet they ask for nothing in return but nevertheless are grateful to receive your thanks. The purpose of your guides is to protect you when threatened unless of course it is part of your karmic experiences. They will also do their best to keep you on track so that you fulfil your life plan. So presently they know more about you than you do yourselves.

Ahead of you are many reunions to link again with friends who have not been in your current life, but have been in previous ones. Consider how many souls you have met and become good friends with over hundreds of live, some much more lasting and closer than others. Even some who incarnate with you in the same families. It makes for loving experiences and links that are never broken. After Ascension, you will have moved into the higher dimensions of harmony, where all Beings relate to each other in loving energies and it remains that way. There is no cause or reason to be otherwise, and life is one of complete happiness.

The Earth is a most beautiful world, yet you have not seen it in her most glorious outfit and splendor. That is to come after Mother Earth has completed her cleansing and is able to return to a pristine condition. When you last experienced it was eons of time ago with civilizations that have long gone. So as you often say, the best is still to come and you will have a big hand in it. We feel that you are beginning to appreciate exactly what a momentous time it is to be on Earth. Indeed, a time to enjoy your release from all of the darkness you have encountered.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and can tell you that the Galactic Federation of Light applauds your approach to the end times, and knows that you now have the strength and resolve to see it through and claim the victory that is yours. Our Love and admiration goes with you forevermore.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light