Iltheos- A Hug exercise

Greetings to the Humanity of Earth. I would like to transfer a message which would suggest you to make into practice the followings:

Initially go somewhere, where you know you can have some peace and quiet. You can stand against a wall by standing up or sitting down, in a lotus position or just sitting on a chair or on a couch or lying down on a bed.

Then close your eyes. Yes, you’ll have to use visualization here.

Hug yourself gently. Imagine that this hug comes from a Loved one of yours. A friend. A Lover. A Member(or members) of your Earth Family. Someone or a team of souls who you Love but who are no longer between you. You can also imagine that this Hug comes from Us.

By ‘Us’ I mean a collective consciousness. You can choose that to be an infinite or of a specific amount group of benevolent entities from other worlds or from the Highest Dimensions, such as the beings you call Angels or Ascended Masters. You can also imagine only one aspect of them, like Archangel Michael or Sananda or whoever you would like, to give you this gently and so needed as it seems Hug.

While you are doing this, use your imagination and visualize a White Light Energy to embrace all your body. Try to see with your Third Eye the forming of the energy that surrounds you. It is up to you, to your choice and to your personal filter as well, while you are doing this , to build the characteristics of the form. For example, if someone chooses to receive this Hug from Sananda, visualize the forming energy to take the appearance of what you would consider as an accepted picture version of Him.

You can also visualize that you accept this Hug from a group which will be consisted by the entities of your choice or a group of all the Entities of Light. Or the Source Itself, which of course includes You and yes, your ‘enemies’ and general ‘opposites’. We are all One after all.

Through this Hug, you will feel the energy of Love that in so many times seems to be replaced by its opposite. Feel this energy transmission. Watch for your body reactions, like chills, tears, laughter.

When you will feel satisfied with the outcome,  put your hands down calmly. Take three deep breaths. Then embrace yourself again.

You will have to do the same thing again, but this time visualize that this Hug is given to you by only someone who you would consider or had considered as an ‘enemy’ or ‘enemies’. Try to face and treat your boss, the neighbour, the ‘bully’, the thief, the murderer and any kind of a ‘bad guy’ as a Loved relative, friend, Galactic, Angel, Teacher, God. Love him/her the same way you already Love someone else.

If you feel that you need more time for this, then simply stop this exercise and continue your day as before. When/If you will feel ready and eager later for this, just follow the steps from the beginning, till you get to the point to face your ‘enemy’. See them as the souls whose current actions of Low Energy is just a scream for help. See them as the friends and your/our/Source’s Essence that you/we/I already are/am on the other side of the veil.

Embrace these scared children of God. Give them a big, gently, full of pure, unconditional Love Hug and heal them. Try to feel their relief, while they touch you and got healed by your Love and Light. Try to feel their Gratitude and Appreciation given to you by them.

Then, see this dear one or this group of souls, as a soul who has your physical characteristics. Embrace yourself. Laugh to/with yourself. Praise yourself for accepting to be the Brave One, who volunteered to be incarnated to a world of Illusion and Duality, to a realistic Cosmic Hologram. 

After that, try to feel the Unity….with ALL…with EVERYTHING….

And if it will seem that you don’t get pictures anymore, but only feelings, then let it be….

Whenever you wish, you can end the process.

The purpose of this  ‘exercise’ is to help you experience the Truth of One and All. And to encourage you to not forget to see the Light to you and everything/one that exists. To make a progress to continue to treat the others as you would like to be treated. With kindness, Love, Honesty. To act with the eyes and perception of your Divine Part, of your Higher Self.

We are One and Iam.                                                                                                              

Iam One and We Are.



Our Hug and Love to you. Try to not get dissapointed, because anything that you experience comes from you, to you, by you and for your Highest Good. This goes for all and each one of you dear ones.

My personal Love and Hug to you.

Iltheos from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link:

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  1. ~TY, Konstantinos & Iltheos!…Pretty Amazing & Easy to do High Vibrational Exercise…Pretty Kool!… 😀 ~

    …and iI am also Grateful to Ya for Linking me to Zorra’s Technique of Raising Vibrations…It was from Ur Drawing of Zorra that led me to His Page…I do Zorra’s Raising Vibrations exercise quite often…TY~

  2. Cool dear Babajij (-_-) ! I am very glad for you. I’m happy that it resonated with you. Thank you for your kind words.
    Much Love dear friend.

  3. Oh, Kosta & Iltheos, thank you so much for this! It fits in perfectly with what has been coming to me lately, and reverberates, resonates, so very deeply as being exactly what we need at this point in time. Sending you my own tremendous hug! We will catch up soon – you probably know that we have LOTS to talk about! Much love and light to you, dear…
    (BTW, did you post the link to this in the SaLuSa comments? It’s very powerful and I hope plenty of people are finding it… 🙂 Namaste…

  4. Thank you for your kind words and hug dear Lelsee. I’m sure that we have to talk about lots of things. As for this message, it is on the post list for everyone who wish to have a look at it and also, anyone can find it on ‘Konstantinos’s’ category, on ‘Konstantinos’s Channeled Messages’.

    Much Love to you and everyone.

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