Telepathy Exercise – 13 July 2012

(I apologize to the artist for my not being able to find the credits for this beautiful drawing, which represents Archangel Nathaniel, the Archangel of Fire…)

So, Let’s try the Second Telepathy exercise that Predrag & Leslee did… This one comes from Predrag, and we’ll share the first one soon (the first one came from Adrial)…

It seems Tauno has volunteered to start us off!

She will please visualize a gift that she is sending to all of us… The act of giving is a key element here.

I suggest it be something we all know… I think you’re being too specific (this refers to the selection of the Triskelion rune)!

Choose an image that has meaning for everyone trying to connect (we will all now be learning the meaning of Triskelion, wonderful!)… So try something more generic, an image that YOU actually create from your heart…

Tauno, would you please try again with starting it?

Then for the rest of us, give her some time to “send” it to us… And Predrag suggests gift-wrapping… It’s great fun when you can see the wrapping first…
So, to re-enact what he and I did, he told me that the gift was wrapped in gold & violet paper, and then I had to find the rest…

Then, when we talked the next evening, I told him what I saw when I opened the wrapping paper…

An important note: this is not a guessing or intuition game… There is a subtle difference between those and what we are attempting.

We are attempting, essentially, a waking dream. It will appear to you just as if you are seeing it in a dream…

Tauno, once you send the gift to everyone, let’s please wait a day before anyone guesses or answers… It may also take a few attempts to get anything at all…

Please remember, above all, there is no right, no wrong, no success or failure, and NO giving up! πŸ˜‰

I’ll share with you what Predrag sent me, so that you can see the relationships, differences, similarities. In the end, the affirmation comes from the heart. VERY important – only from the heart – not from thinking, not from mind… And the connection may not be direct…

For instance, the object was the Triskelion, and what came to me immediately was “lightning bolt/vajra”… I have a feeling that a little digging might reveal a connection there… But I also knew that I sent the answer to soon, and that it wouldn’t be what Tauno had in mind…

So for the person who sends the gift (because we will all take turns), it is not for them the judge or even offer an opinion as to whether what the others receive is “correct”… You’ll see… You’ll know in your hearts!

It is almost just like our dream connecting… We have ALL already mastered this, we are just remembering how to do it!

Okay, here goes:

1. Predrag told me that he sent me a gift wrapped in gold and violet wrapping paper, and that the next night I would tell him what I found.

2. I sat in meditation, and visualized the wrapping paper. At first, I was creating the image from my imagination, based on what Predrag told me. Then it very quickly took on a life of it’s own…

3. The wrapper dissolved into golden-violet crumbs, and fell away. The first thing that came to my mind’s eye was a large crystal, like a Herkimer Diamond, and I heard the word “diamond”. That very quickly transformed into a large piece of crystal, probably gypsum., then all at once, the crystals disappeared and a deep red-magenta heart, like a tattoo heart but with form, appeared. It took me a minute to settle with the heart. I “thought” it had appeared to quickly, so I discounted it (sound familiar?)… But it persisted, and once I noticed I was fighting it, it remained a heart.

4. I just sat, beholding that image gently and lightly, as if examining a delicate crystal… At some point, on top of the heart there appeared a wreath of very tiny white flowers! Then suddenly, appeared a handful of orange-golden flames, rising out of the top of the heart, inside the wreath… The flames were about as tall as the heart. Then, as I continued to just lightly watch, I noticed what looked like a bundle of tubes of rainbows coming out of the flames, rising up so high that I couldn’t see the top!

5. At some point the image stopped shifting, so I felt it had revealed itself well enough at that time.

6. So, when we talked the next evening, I described this to Predrag, and here is what he said he sent to me:

7. He sent a box, wrapped in the violet- gold paper. Inside the box is a violet heart… If I remember correctly, he didn’t mention the flowers and flames… Then, coming out of the top of the heart is a roll, like rolled up drawings. But these “drawings” are not paper, they are more like holograms.

8. Predrag asked if I had looked inside the tube, opened the roll of drawings… I had not, so the next night I went back to the heart and tube, and looked. It did unroll like drawings, but was holograms… Layers upon layers, intertwined and stacked and shifting and moving… And I realized it is the “script” or “plan” for the unfoldment of this play of “reality”.

9. When I shared this with Predrag the next day, he confirmed…

10. So, even though there are some slight differences in the imagery, it’s clear (to us, at least) that we’re connected.

11. Here are some powerful synchronicities that we’ve noticed, related to this exchange: the night after I first met Predrag, I had a very brief dream that he and I were meeting with a Star-Family member, who is an archivist or librarian. (Kosta, we will discover this being’s name!) The meeting was taking place in an open parking garage, and the three of us had unrolled a set of blueprints, and were discussing. Predrag says he’s been dreaming of looking over documents with two people for years… Also, the appearance of the material that the Tube seems to be made of, is almost identical to the material I saw sheathing Abi-Qor, in the dream I had a week or two ago… And this week, Mark Kimmel has asked me for more drawings of Abi-Qor…

So I hope this sharing offers some inspiration about ways we may connect with each other…

This exercise may be done while still holding one’s anonymity, because it is very focused and the object of exploration is chosen by the participants.

The first exercise, which I’ll also share, is one where we must open ourselves up more, and be willing to face an intimacy with ourselves and others, to which we may not be accustomed…


183 comments on “Telepathy Exercise – 13 July 2012

  1. Tauno, Lisa, and Vee,
    So Beautiful, so very beautiful to you all. I am so excited to tell you what it is that it will be hard to wait. I love the song lyrics I will have to find the song! You are all such stunning eternal souls. Love and Light

  2. Hi Melissa, you may think this is funny but when I opened up the cloud-present I saw a kite/windsock painted to resemble a goldfish. It looked just like this:

    It has a very serpentine quality to it. πŸ™‚

  3. Troy,
    I must be honest and tell you that before I knew for sure what I wanted my gift to be….I was thinking of sending that exact picture then changed my mind. So you got a pre-gift and yet it still relates to the gift I sent. LOL I love the windsock.

    • I notice the same thing happened when I sent the octahedron, first I visualized the upper pyramid and everyone imagined a pyramid, some imagined obelisk, then I deliberately focused my thought and I formed quite clear geometrical figure
      When sending the phoenix /before the idea of the phoenix I thought of an Angel and Konstantinos said Angel, but it was my pre-vision/
      Babajij can feel the emotions that I experience when sending the gifts πŸ™‚

      • Hi Tauno, Troy and melissa,
        The same happened to me, I was first thinking about the artwork of Stephanie and then I envisioned a big big tall tree with the portal to other dimensions. Then I was thinking of my artwork that I was making , standing in a big forest with big tall trees, where some trees have a portal to other dimensions and above the trees there are clouds floating by with whole city’s on top of it. So it seems that are thoughts wonder off sometimes when we envisioning our gifts. I thinks that is what Vee saw with her silver city in the clouds. Amazing what we can pick up, not only the main gift but also all that connects to it, as feelings and emotions.

        Love Lisa

        • Hi, Lisa, This is a proof that we Know how to do it , we have already done this and now we are just remembering!
          Love You!

  4. Melissa I got a pair of doves but they were a Luminescence of our white love was so profound between them.
    much love suzanne.

  5. Tauno- this seems to suggest to me an extremely high degree of accuracy… I assumed the sender could think “ball” and the receiver would think “ball”, but there is much more going on here. The variations in what the receivers get is directly connected to the sender. I’m not saying there is fault here, I’m saying that the demonstration shows (as we all know!) that there is a huge variation of beautiful thought going on in the sender’s noggin!

    As Leslee mentioned this experiment requires quite a bit of honesty, which I really appreciate. Nice work everyone! ♥

    I wonder, if the sender “zeros out” her thoughts before the gift is created, would everyone then get the same thing?

    • Hm, it is something we can try, dear Troy, indeed this is a work of concentration but not only this, when I send my gifts I add my emotion /I identify myself with the gift and give it energy or leave my energetic signature on it / to the clear image and I open a mental channel/intent towards the receivers, I imagine how my gift is received and try to connect with your thoughts via concentration on this particular process
      Love and Light

      • Tauno, Troy, and Lisa
        I am amazed and agree with all your observations. To me, this is the first time of doing something like this so, in its “newness” we are learning a lot from each other. Troy- would you be willing to send the next gift so we can experiment with what you are suggesting about “zeros out” ones thoughts? I am willing to try out all avenues. I just feel so blessed to be able to work, learn , and grow with you all. Love and Light!!!!

          • Good Morning all,
            It’s 8:00 am here on Monday and am very excited to tell you that the gift I sent you all….to bare witness to an infinite aspect of yourselves. There were no wrong answers as this is your Truth to who you are through infinite wisdom. Thank you everyone who shared what they saw, it was an honor to send this gift. I look forward to more experiences!!! Love and Light

      • Okay that is very interesting Tauno, how is the kite decorated?

        I noticed that I also visualized a kite in the last one, perhaps the kite string is a visualization of our ASTRAL connection to the object.

        We may be onto something here my dear! πŸ™‚

        • Troy, I will post the images on the page so that you can edit them and post in my comment because I am not judging myself but cannot remember how to post pictures myself ( blush) , oh, yet I like myself πŸ™‚
          And yes, Astral travels, when I was on Aeterna I saw a woman, smiling and talking and selling tickets and at the same time she was a kind of ship rudder
          Funny but True

          • I would love to know why there is a woman selling tickets on the Aeterna, I also saw her in one of my dreams (yes that is the Aeterna). I think this is Maureen but I recall brown/red frizzy hair so maybe this is another woman… She seems to enjoy her job but I don’t recall any money being involved. We already have the ticket. πŸ™‚

            I had no idea she was a rudder, but I guess that makes sense! In a car the place where you put the key (the ticket), and the bit that you steer (the rudder), are typically part of the same mechanism…

            As an aside, why do movie theaters and airports always use the same kind of carpet? Apparently the Aeterna uses it too… :mrgreen:

            • Troy, this woman in my dream had dark hair, not long, perhaps dark red or black and a white face and looked a bit like middle aged Snow White and was very happy πŸ™‚
              yes, I did not see any money in the dream too

  6. Hi Troy I just opened your gift and what I saw was a spiraling red/yellow sun, the rays of the sun was swirling around, like this image but then imagine it red/yellow and the middle of the sun bright white.

    Love Lisa

  7. Troy,
    I opened your present and got an orb. It floated up out of the box and lingered in front of my 3rd eye. The inside had colors swirling and dancing around.
    Has anyone else noticed that since we have been doing this, it seems like to me, I am picking up on the people around me more too? Especially my husband.

    • This is a nice story, dear Troy! Prometeus/Odin are other legendary ones that gave Humans the opportunities of Knowledge and Development
      All legends come from the Spirit and teach the same
      Love and Light, my Brother, thank You!
      WOW, it happened again, I am dealing with Labradorite art work at the moment –
      Labradorite is also known as the Black Moonstone ! And it is connected with Water element!

      • Hi Tauno,
        Funny you mentioning Odin, I was watching yesterday a movie from 2011 called Thor. πŸ˜€ But i saw it only half yet because my little girls wanted to see their cartoons. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

        Love Lisa

        • So, it happened again, dear Lisa,we are all connected in a wonderful way, Thor – Odin`s son has taught people how to work with metal and how to take the metal from the stone

    • Troy,
      Thanks for the gift and the added story, it was wonderful. Were you thinking about the story when you decided on the moon? I just find it interesting that Vee picked up on the peace pipe.

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  9. Melissa / Vee – you are very welcome. I appreciate having the opportunity to share something close to my heart.

    Melissa, I was not thinking about the story when I created the moon gift. In fact it was the film that Babajij posted on the moon photos that gave me the idea, and prior to the creation of the gift, I cleared my thoughts until I could “feel” that things were quiet up there. I may have used the visualization of a blank piece of paper as a helper, and then I removed the paper, so there was nothing. I held that for a few seconds, and then created the gift, and visualized wrapping the moon in red and white paper.

    But the next day I did start thinking about the story attached to the sun, the moon, and the stars. There is also ship navigation mentioned there, and frogs come out at night. Tauno also got it, there’s a circle in the kite she posted (and the star-shape). Melissa, you and Lisa were closest. I would say you two improved on my original design! πŸ™‚

    How strange, I feel like I’ve already posted this – maybe my post ended up somewhere else?

    I wonder how much of this is “busy thinking” versus the idea of one thought being attached to another thought? Maybe these “astral attachments” are an integral part of the process?

    I can confirm that this is similar to what I experienced with Umbro on the Tulya. I would get an entire “package” of thought. It’s kind of hard to describe…

    • Troy,
      Thanks for explaining how you “zero out” your thoughts I was curious about that. Now I can use that the next time so my thoughts are sending out a couple of different gifts. It is very interesting though isn’t it?

      • I just recently started using your technique in clearing out my thoughts during meditation. I truly appreciate you sharing your process in more detail that I plan to use. : )

        love and light

        • I’m honored that you would find it useful, guys. I’ve been using the paper trick since I was 8, I learned it from my “white belt” karate lessons! πŸ™‚

          Since then I’ve learned that a white piece of paper can be a VERY handy thing to visualize, because you can also do things with it, like fold origami, write stuff on it, etc..

    • Dear Lisa, I see a sign, from a center point are coming out three lines resembling Mercedes sign without the circle around them, this thing can rotate and again is a kind of rudder
      Love and Light

    • Thank you for the pie! That’s what I got from the white/gray wrapping paper… A triangle piece of pie, on small white plate, yellowy filling, maybe dulce de leche or banana pecan, with brown sugar crumbles on top. Can you tell I’m hungry? πŸ˜‰

  10. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, some of the things I was thinking about people mentioned before I thought about them. This is a part of this process, I’ve had dreams of future events, but they’re relatively useless dreams other than to know that this is part of consciousness.

  11. Lisa’s gift –

    First time, all I was left with was some scrunched up wrapping paper.
    Second time, I saw an oval basket woven with reeds or grass, a beige colour. The basket has a handle. The basket is lined with blue fabric, with yellow flowers printed on the fabric in a repeating pattern. And there’s a little black dog in the basket (TOTO!). I think that last bit might be my imagination.

    I started off visualizing a triangle, then I visualized a thin white string (kind of like a spider web) connecting me to the object. I followed that string until it led me to the basket.

  12. Lisa,
    I had a hard time with this one. There was/is a lot of work drama and I had a hard time focusing. I first put you gift on my lap and it kept leaving, it didn’t want to be a box. Then I realized I was imposing my will on it, how it should look. So then I allowed it to be whatever shape it wanted, turned out to be egg shape in gray and white paper, fine with me. I open it and took out a snow globe but as I tried to see what the “scene” was, it was blank, then I started to think about work again (uugghhh) so I set it aside and took some deep breaths and put the egg back in my lap and just held it there until I was clam. Wrapping paper off I decided to crack the shell and peek inside. It was everything and nothing at the same time. I laughed and thought, it’s the cosmic egg. I am very interested to see what it is. This showed me how difficult it is to connect when are thoughts are not so positive. Good lesson. Love and Light

  13. Hi everyone,
    sorry to leave you on a cliffhanger like that, yesterday it went very busy and this morning was also very very busy at work. But I will reveal what I got in mind. I started first to visualize the Aquarius poster but I thought, that is to much details, so I ended up with picturing the wolf and then winter/snow and crow and then I had to think about my dream I had last

    was standing in front of a podium and there was a North American Indian chief who was looking for 12 people who could take up the role of Wolf Keeper and showed the book. I was first and he takes a cloth and makes a face painting (something similar as Jesus Christ face on a cloth) of my face. After that, when I looked at the book, something amazing happened. I made a connecting, and I could feel the energy of the Wolf going right through me, lifting me up and levitating. I was so happy, and I still can feel that happiness when I remember that part of the dream. But then someone deliberated pushed me and the moment was gone. The chief couldn’t do a reading because of it, because it was blank. He said we will try later again. You know I kind of felt sad when it left.

    added note: I remember an old face and a lot of wisdom in his eyes. Don’t remember the colors of the headdress, but he was holding above his head a very ancient old book, the cover was made of red wood, cause I could see the groves of the tree, the groves were going horizontal and on the cover was an outline burned of a WOLF. And as I was looking at it, a energy so lovingly enter my body and lifted me up. I felt like I was on top of the world.

    Rememberd again :When I was looking at some dream-catchers I remembered I was wearing a special ornament chain around my neck in that North American Indian dream: see representation below.

    I consist of a Jasper (Atlantis) stone, spiral and dream catcher.

    Below picture of what I visualized

    Love Lisa

    • Dear Lisa
      I found it a bit difficult at the beginning to see your gift, yes the first seconds I thought that I cannot see anything, I even hardly noticed your comment with the gift
      and then from this empty space from a central point I saw these three lines coming out πŸ™‚ as when the streams take three paths after the water had been poured out …Aquarius πŸ™‚ Thank You, my Sister

  14. Lisa, that was an amazing dream, thank you!

    It looks like I got it but in very funny ways! Toto = wolf = there’s no place like home! And I am surprised you mentioned nothing because that’s what I saw too, at first. But nothing is not all bad, it is in fact the moment before divine creation. When you are given nothing, that is a good sign, because that means you are ready to create something. And the funny thing is, many people would stomp off in a huff, because they were given nothing!

    • ~Arianna, I opened my Heart & Third Eye to recieve Ur Magical Bubble with gift inside…I popped it and heard the word “Dog” and I saw a Gold Small Statue of what appeared to be a Lion…TY~!

    • Hi Arianna, thanks for the bubbly gift,

      I see some kind of spaceship shooting too the stars , or a kind of firework arrow that is shooting into the stars.

      Love Lisa

  15. This may be a silly question but how does one open a bubble? πŸ˜€

    Myhands go into the bubble but it’s like they are covered with soap, and the bubble remains intact…

    • Thank You so much for the gift, dear friend!
      The golden egg – seen as an orange daisy by me πŸ™‚
      The goose – seen as Life, living plants by me πŸ™‚
      So, we did it again πŸ˜€
      Love and Light

  16. Thank you for your gift Vee I pulled the bow and the box opened and nestled inside was a crystal tree with the most beautiful Blue and yellow Butterflies.:)

  17. Wow, dear sisters the gift was butterflies, dragonflies and fairies! I saw them coming out of the box with golden fairy dust following them. The butterflies, dragonflies and fairies were pastel colors. Crystaline you were on target! Tauno, Lisa, and Les you definitely got the colors and also flight. Initially I thought of the sun with a smiley face. I’m so excited! Love you all

    • Dear Vee πŸ™‚ to go out of somewhere you have to use a key so that to open the box, room, cage πŸ˜‰ maybe I saw the intent- going out, Les saw the movement/Les, I saw the most amazing thing today as I was outside – two flying doves above me, one white and one black, then the company became of three because a black/white/grey dove joined them/, Lisa, you saw the golden dust after the flying ones, so, all of us participated and saw parts of the whole picture that Vee gave us πŸ™‚ It is just wonderful, it is a magical chain that we are making through our thoughts
      ( ( SUN ) )
      I love you all

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