SaLuSa 13-July-2012

There are delays as you see it, but much more is taking place all over the world. Our overall view and knowledge indicates that the end times are well under way. The immense resources about to be used will ensure success as planned, and with reports from several reliable sources you will soon be aware when the arrests become widespread. It will be the first big step towards clearing the way for everything else to take place. The main point is that it has commenced and will suddenly burst into large scale action. It will be of such an impact that by no means can it be kept quiet by those who hold back the real news.

What is encouraging and timely is that day by day many more people are beginning to question the actions of those in charge. They are seeing through the lies and cover ups and beginning to question what has happened in the past. That pleases us as it is loosening the controls the cabal have placed upon you, and the power they have exercised over you. People power is what they fear and it is gathering momentum as groups are being formed that really do have some impact. A most useful method of making your wishes known by way of petitions is now spreading. Let your voices be heard and it becomes more and more difficult for those you are targeting to avoid the issues. In just a few years your position has changed and the scales of justice are swinging your way.

W Whatever peaceful means you use to get your leaders attention is acceptable, but please avoid hotheads taking over, and beware of infiltrators who are out to cause trouble within your ranks. For various reasons there are people who are against the changes, and in some cases it is a fear of our arrival. In time we will hope to have shown everyone that our intentions reasons there are people who are against the changes, and in some cases it are pure, and that it is your interests we have at heart. Either way, provisions will be made for all souls and they will eventually find themselves progressing to the correct level. Bear in mind that your present Earth is also ascending, and only the souls that are ready can go with her. For all others their future is also assured and not one soul will be neglected, as all have their place in the Universe.

You are now in the last few months before the big day, and understandably some are questioning whether they should plan for the future beyond it. They ask about matters like investments or property ownership, and generally about lack and in many cases poverty. We ask you to now take matters on a day to day basis, as very soon many problems that beset you now will have been solved by the planned changes. Abundance and prosperity will soon answer your various needs, and eventually you shall want for absolutely nothing at all. Much is to follow after Ascension, but equally your desperate needs will be seen to as soon as possible We are fully aware of what we need to do to make you happy and able to rest in peace, by knowing that we are authorized to do so. You will do your share working with us as we want you to be involved with us in a joint effort.

All planned is very near to commencing in a way that you will see what is happening, and be kept well informed. We know that so many of you are keen to get involved now, and depending on what skills you have you will certainly be drawn to other people who will be involved, if not directly contacted. By and large we need little help as the advanced computers we use can handle the most difficult tasks. However it would be nice to work together as we will be doing so for quite some time, even after Ascension. As our relationship progresses you will of course have advanced yourselves, and eventually be equal to the tasks ahead. As you must know by now in reality you are great Beings in your right, and it will not take long before you are back to levels that you used to enjoy.

In some ways you have led simple lives whilst on Earth, but the challenges you faced have furthered your evolution so fast. It may have been tough at times, but when you volunteered you knew that you could get through it. At all times help has never been far away and given you in your hours of need. Your Angelic Guides have held your hands when facing danger, and often intervened to save you from death. You may well discover that they have done much more for you than you know, and yet they ask for nothing in return but nevertheless are grateful to receive your thanks. The purpose of your guides is to protect you when threatened unless of course it is part of your karmic experiences. They will also do their best to keep you on track so that you fulfil your life plan. So presently they know more about you than you do yourselves.

Ahead of you are many reunions to link again with friends who have not been in your current life, but have been in previous ones. Consider how many souls you have met and become good friends with over hundreds of live, some much more lasting and closer than others. Even some who incarnate with you in the same families. It makes for loving experiences and links that are never broken. After Ascension, you will have moved into the higher dimensions of harmony, where all Beings relate to each other in loving energies and it remains that way. There is no cause or reason to be otherwise, and life is one of complete happiness.

The Earth is a most beautiful world, yet you have not seen it in her most glorious outfit and splendor. That is to come after Mother Earth has completed her cleansing and is able to return to a pristine condition. When you last experienced it was eons of time ago with civilizations that have long gone. So as you often say, the best is still to come and you will have a big hand in it. We feel that you are beginning to appreciate exactly what a momentous time it is to be on Earth. Indeed, a time to enjoy your release from all of the darkness you have encountered.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and can tell you that the Galactic Federation of Light applauds your approach to the end times, and knows that you now have the strength and resolve to see it through and claim the victory that is yours. Our Love and admiration goes with you forevermore.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light



  1. Love the new look guys but it’s seriously messing up the ipad! 😦 everything is all stretchy and wonky! This may not be that great for phones either… But I enjoy creative experimentation, follow your ♥ 🙂

  2. ( ( ( Love has no enemies, and therefore nor do you…) ) )
    07/15/2012 by John Smallman

    All is rolling along beautifully in preparation for the grand awakening, which will be neither delayed nor halted — because you have collectively made the decision to awaken, and that decision is completely in accord with the divine Will. You are all set for this momentous event, and although the vast majority of humankind is still deeply asleep, this situation is shortly to change. You, the Light-holders and Light-workers, have been doing great work releasing your remaining attitudes that are incompatible with the divine field of Love enveloping the planet, and as a result you have opened yourselves to God’s embrace. As you do that your individual energy fields lighten, brighten, and extend, to all with whom you interact, God’s indiscriminate and unconditional Love. He wills that all on the planet become aware of His Love so that they no longer fear to awaken.

    Judgment has been endemic on Earth for a very long time, and to such an extent that no one is untouched by the sense of guilt and unworthiness that go hand in hand with it. God’s Love for you is boundless; you are all His divine progeny, perfect reflections of Him, and consequently, judgment of you is completely unnecessary and inappropriate. God has never judged, and never will.

    Judgment is a fear-based concept that was introduced into humanity’s various races and cultures as the sense of separation that the illusion encourages intensified, and people felt the need to protect themselves from each other’s attacks. Separation has divided you and set you against one another, and judgment enables you to project your feelings of unworthiness on to others, thus partially assuaging your collective guilt which came into being as a result of your choice to hide from your Father within the illusion.

    Within the illusion, judgment seems essential because the world is seen as filled with “others” who would harm you, and therefore a means to call those immoral or evil ones to account for their actions was deemed necessary. From the earliest times, tribal leaders set themselves up with the help of their supporters as authority figures who could sit in judgment and condemn those who did not conform to what was considered to be normal tribal behavior. And that concept has broadened and complexified with the passage of time. You are all aware of the incredible inconsistencies this causes as different cultures, races, and religions each produce their own codes of acceptable conduct while condemning those who hold different beliefs.

    God is Love, and therefore, so are all of God’s children, who are eternally one with Him. Love has no enemies, and therefore nor do you. But the illusion shows you a world of separation and acute disharmony, and it is from that illusory state that you are to awaken. It has consistently caused you intense pain and suffering, and despite your best efforts to change the world— at various supposedly evolutionary peaks of civilization — into one where all were fairly and compassionately treated, success has always eluded you.

    And, as long as you believe in separation and individuality, it will continue to do so. The only remedy available to you is to awaken, and finally the moment for that to happen is drawing close. The Love that envelops the planet, longing to embrace all of life, is at last making enormous progress, as ever more of you realize the insanity of the many conflicting beliefs that you hold and which drive you into opposing factions and camps so that you can declare war on . . . something! Think of an issue, a belief, a situation, and someone somewhere wants to declare war on it — for “the good of humanity”!

    The Love flooding the planet, and dissolving the hardness that has infected so many hearts, has created an overwhelming desire among you to change your hostile attitudes, not only to one another, but to cultures and beliefs that are different and even an enigma to you. It is instead prompting you to work on understanding and respecting all races, creeds, and cultures. And it is this intent that is nudging you all steadily and inevitably towards your awakening.

    Focus your attention on Love, and on all the aspects of It that are becoming visible all across the world, as the realization takes hold, intensifies, and strengthens, that Its power to help you is infinite, divine, and all-encompassing. All that you have to do is surrender to It and release all judgment. You are all divine beings who are about to awaken from a wild and most confusing nightmare into the brilliance of your real existence — which is a state of sublime harmony eternally at one with all of creation.

    With so very much love, Saul.

  3. Yeah… new day, new look. Seems like someone’s been remodeling 😉
    Big Up To ALL Spirit Train Riders!!!… Happy July 15 2012!

  4. WOW! STC looks different for sure. But different in a very interesting way. Like the variety and creativity (-_-). Much Love.

  5. Open Letter to the cabal from the Company of Heaven

    Truly, I not like to call you “the cabal”, though probably it’s the only term by which all can comprehend to whom I’m talking to.

    I guess some quite different feelings arise while reading this very word… “cabal”… and you’re also referred to as “the dark ones”.

    Don’t like that either. Thus, you made yourself known on the Planet by playing such roles… and that’s why you’re seen this way. I cannot. Even if I know many among my fellows still disagree…

    Do not think I see you as light and awakened beings, not yet, no. The way I see you is simply as so deeply separated beings that you’re not able to reach any satisfaction, reason why you keep looking at money and it’s (perceived) power to find some satisfaction.

    But you can’t, can you? No. And I know why you can’t. Because it gives you Nothing. Would it give you any Joy, you’d stop at some point and enJoy what you have. Would money be truly your goal, you’d stopped some time ago, as you’ve so much money it would last for 10 generation! So money… is not your goal.

    Power… mmm… you want to rule the Planet… Truly so? Did you not do that so far? You had all the power you could think of, thus it’s never been enough.

    You want to de-populate the Planet… that’s funny isn’t it? You want to rule over the Planet thus you want just a bunch of being here… isn’t that too easy? I mean, that’s not POWER, that’s a child game. So it’s not even this what you’re truly after.

    And you can’t be after living in a desert island in the Caribbean sea as you could easily buy one and live there (well, actually you already did).

    In fact, you’re not able to live without keeping everything under “control” can you? You’re constantly afraid something gets out of your supervision. That means you need to be in touch with all that’s going on all the time or you feel you’re loosing something… That means you can’t even relax. And if you’re not able to relax now you won’t be able to do it even if the Planet population would decrease.
    Because you’re afraid.
    Afraid someone, somewhere, somehow could break free, and maybe even tell others how to do it.
    That’s your biggest fear.
    So not the money.
    Not the power.
    Not the wonderful island.
    Not the control.

    …what’s left? Well, sit down cause I’m gonna tell ya:
    It’s fear.
    You’re afraid.
    In fact, you live in constant fear, 24/7 you’re drowning into fear.

    You’re afraid of loosing “control”.
    You’re afraid of losing money.
    You’re afraid of loosing influence.
    You’re afraid of loosing credibility.
    You’re afraid of being betrayed.
    All the time…

    [you’re afraid of loosing your illusion but I guess that’s too much information so far]

    This… well this is the outside… this is your perceived fears.
    And as there’s no holiday for fears (control, money, power), you live in constant fear.

    And nope, don’t tell me it’s not that way. I See you. I always Saw you. I Was born here able to See you. And I learned a lot more during my incarnation.
    I don’t actually care about how many lies you’re able to tell yourself, and how deep your Truth lies hidden inside of you.

    I SEE. And I See this is not You. It’s you mask!
    Like it or not you’re not that mean being you believe you are.

    And I See both the masks, (yep you’ve got a whole lot of them hiding your True Self, get them all off would truly be a surprise for you I guess) AND… the Light BEing starving at the bottom of your most hidden place… your Heart.

    I guess talking about your Heart is not pleasant right now is it? It’s a topic you usually don’t like to talk about. Censored I would say. It gives you this weird feeling inside of wanting to run, but that makes you feel you’re not in control and so you truly don’t like it.
    Well, I have news for you. The very thing you’re actually hiding so well is the only thing you’re actually looking for!

    Because you see, once you incarnated here in the density that was, the feeling of separation was truly deep. And the loss of memory so intense you truly believed you were that small little being and nothing else. And that to be anything at all you needed to be in control, and rich, and powerful!
    In fact, we could say you fell into your own lies. Because one thing is knowing all the esoteric rules to use energy for your personal agenda, one thing is Re-Membering Who You Are.

    You were taught how to use Energy, but you were not shown how to Re-Member. And got stuck into your own mind-control and illusion.
    In fact you’re a product of your own lies.
    You know this don’t you? Or did you never see it this way? Well, it’s been like shooting to yourself into the mirror. Your image broke but your true Self is still alive.

    And you hate US, don’t you? Yep, I know.
    Though I’m not sure if anybody realizes why you hate US so much… It’s not only because We’re bringing in The Light and Truth of All that Is, not only because we’re waking up many other beings every day simply by Being the Love we Are and not because you loose lot of money because of US.

    The true reason (no you don’t need to accept it for it to Be True don’t worry) is that we’re at Peace.
    We Know Joy.
    We Live Free.
    We don’t need to worry each and every day about tomorrow’s plan as we already Know it.
    We Live it Now.
    You hate the smile of Joy on our face.
    You hate the fact that we know no fear.
    And most of all… you hate the fact that we still Love You. That We’re able to See behind the horrible masks you show US more than you’re able to do, and that truly is unacceptable for you.

    I’ll tell you a secret right Now, I’ll tell you why.
    Because we’re One with God, and God is Love, and Love only Sees Love. In front of Love all masks disappear and the Truth comes out. Our true power is not in being smarter than you, it’s in Loving who You Truly Are, and that enables your True Self to kick your ass even stronger, which gives you this awful sensation you so much hate.
    Cause it makes your world crumble!
    And your illusion disappear.

    Yes, you still hope that all the information you filter into our websites will confuse light workers enough to bring them in fear and run around in circles… you still try to fight against truth… but they’re getting it. Even the most stubborn ones. And again it’s not a being smart issue, it’s a Love issue. Love has no enemies, Love has no craving for more, Love Is All, and once any-One gets there there’s simply no way back. No matter how hard you try… it’s a battle against yourself. And God itself said “Enough! Now”.

    I’ll tell you one more thing: Love Is All… Once you Re-Member this, there’s no more need to look for anything else, you don’t need to look after all your things, no need to fear to loose anything, no need to control anything or anyone and you can finally BE all you Truly wish from the deep of your Heart!!
    Isn’t that so much more than what you have now?
    True Freedom!
    No threats, no lack, no limits!
    C’mon that’s far much more than what you got now!
    Stop being stupid and start BEING!

    The choice is yours… we won’t stop as We Are Love and Here Now to bring Love to All and EveryOne. Our Father and MotherGod said it’s enough with all this suffering when they answered the Planet’s call, and you were all included in this statement. As all suffering needs to be stopped Now!
    There’s no judgement for your actions in God’s Heart as nothing you did changes The Reality of Who You Are… the only harm that can happen is in the illusion, once you break free from it the dream is over and you’re Free to Be, again, Love and Eternal Joy.
    Isn’t that magnificent?

    Choose… Freedom and True Joy, or starving your heart into self-made suffering. Love’s hand is open and reaches out for you, you only need to breathe… and let your own illusion go.

    All Our Love, ANdReA and The Company of Heaven.

  6. Blossom Goodchild – Federation of Light
    July 14, 2012

    Blossom: Hello there. Me here. To continue on from last week if I may? We mentioned about different channellers and how messages differ and possibilities as to why. Would you care to go in depth on the subject if you FEEL it appropriate?

    Federation of Light: First and foremost we welcome you to this time we share together.

    Blossom: Oh yes of course … manners Blossom … Welcome to you also!

    FOL: The subject in which you desire to discuss … like many … has many aspects to its nature. For indeed, we would say that each and every one of you are a channel to yourself. Yet if we are then to speak of frequencies and vibrations and radio waves … we are venturing into a much more complex matter. Yet as asked … we shall do our best.
    When a soul is ‘chosen’ to relay messages for those who are not of this planet … and here we mean … ‘chosen’ to be in the public eye … for indeed are there not many who communicate with us … yet remain silent? … It is assumed that the majority of those choices will carry out the request … for it has been agreed to do so long before it may ever cross the mind of the messenger. Should all agree at the awakening time then much is put into play. For as with you dearest Blossom, it was not that you simply felt it would be appropriate to do so and ‘ Hey Presto.’

    Blossom: Indeed. White Cloud told me my 17-year illness neatly adapted and rewired my body and energy field in preparation for energies to speak through me . I am assuming it is a different set up with White Cloud though? Which we may not need to speak of necessarily today.

    FOL: Indeed. The process of an energy ‘speaking through’ another is not entirely different … yet there is obviously more involved regarding the blending of physicality of each involved.

    Blossom: So then … if we may continue … can I ask again about one’s individual knowledge affecting a message? For example … You seem to KNOW something I may have read during the week , and be able to discuss it with me when I communicate as we are doing. This is why many say that one’s beliefs may influence the direction in which the ‘channelling’ comes through … Is this a possibility?

    FOL: Let us now get down to the crux of the matter. There are many that ‘bring messages through’. There are many who ‘think’ they are bringing messages through. Yet , with the deepest respect … the desire to do so for many is simply that … the desire … and therefore when they ‘try’ … their desire is what is speaking forth as opposed to a Higher dimensional Being or energy.

    Blossom: So … the big question of course …. How does one tell/know the difference? You’re going to say by the resonance one feels aren’t you?

    FOL: You read our minds! One must consider this to add to the equation … each one of you is resonating on a frequency that they have ‘become’. This changes as one’s heart lifts in knowledge and understanding. Therefore … one’s Truth can change as one ‘moves to the next floor of the building’.  What one knew on level 3 … may be greatly elaborated upon on level 4 … so that much that was once forefront on level 3 … is merely background music on level 4.
    Therefore … those that read channellings from various souls will resonate with a channelling from level 3 … if THEY are on level 3 etc.

    Blossom: So, let’s say the building has 150 levels – who is the messenger for level 3 channelling?

    FOL: Without doubt … their ego!

    Blossom: What about those on level 31?

    FOL: They will be in communication with Lighter Beings than themselves , who were once of … and have experienced the Earthly vibration in physicality. We would say … that these souls who communicate ‘back to Earth’ would be of a ‘seasoned’ vibration … Not of a soul that still had many a mile to walk on their journey.

    Blossom: Ok … so assuming that this configuration applies throughout the building?

    FOL: No … because we would suggest that around level 66 one would no longer be in human physical form because their Light would not be able to remain in such a density .

    Blossom: Ok … so … Mmm … this is getting complex.

    FOL: You asked.

    Blossom: True … I’ll persevere as best I can …

    FOL: We knew of this …. Let us for many’s sake, revert to keeping it as basic as we can.

    Blossom: Ok … let me ask then … there are many ‘renowned’ channellers now, whose work is spread far and wide on the internet. Many ‘claiming’ (with all due respect … and me included here) … that they are bringing through messages from a ‘particular group or individual’. Now … some have been around a long time … some a short period … yet as I say … they have become ‘known’. How is it … that the messages can differ so greatly? Even messages that are supposedly being delivered from the same group? And if not from the same group … from those channellers of notoriety … many saying completely different things about one thing or another. What’s that all about? How is one supposed to know which one to follow? You say … by discernment … yet what if your heart is saying ‘this one and this one and this one’ … it can leave one getting ones suitcase out to pack for the funny farm!!

    FOL: Imagine in your world …. or even for simplicity … in one country …. a central pivotal city . All villages and towns country wide had a pathway that led to this pivotal centre. Yet not one of the folk that lived outside of this centre had ever been to visit it … in the physical flesh.
    Each one of these towns/villages had their own way of doing things. They had done so since ‘time began’ … and to each village/town … this was ‘how things were done’. There was no other way.
    Each place had heard that this central pivotal place was about to undergo great change that would have a ripple effect on everyone and everything in that country. So it seemed the right thing to do to assist in any way that anyone could. Therefore, they offered via telepathic means … that which ‘they knew’ to be the best possible proposal of assistance and sent through that which they had heard and knew to be Truth … regarding this great change that was to take place.

    Blossom: I see where you are going here … yet that pivotal town is left with a ‘melting pot’ of ideas, possibilities, Truths, untruths, myths, prophesies and so on and so on … yet not knowing that any one of them for sure is THEE ONE.

    FOL: Then consider this … as we continue our story … The elders of that pivotal centre held council because of the confusion that all this outside information was causing. They decided to look at ALL the different sources of information and look for a common denominator …

    Blossom: I’m ahead of you ……………………….. LOVE!

    FOL: This is our continued message … and the thread that runs through all messages of Truth.
    The Elders found reason in this ONE TRUTH. It stripped away all confusion and they decreed to all who resided in that area to disregard all else other than that which brought out the best in oneself.
    The more you chose to ignore the confusion and rely upon the LOVE WITHIN YOURSELF … THE MORE THE ANSWERS YOU ARE SEEKING WILL REVEAL THEMSELVES TO YOU.
    In a sense … no one is right … no one is wrong … each ‘delivery of the TRUTH’ is right in the hearts of those who bring it forth. Yet note in earnest … we say ‘delivery of the TRUTH’. By this we mean that many different ‘sources’ are connected to Loving Truth from ‘a particular village’ … and here we add … that the receiver perhaps ‘originates’ from the village from which they receive …( another possibility )
    Yet we ask you to acknowledge also the KNOWN fact that there are some messages out there that ARE NOT and NEVER WILL BE descended from Higher realms . There are messages sent out whose purpose is to deliberately confuse and dupe. They are encoded in order to make one FEEL in certain moments that their hearts are being Divinely touched … and yet they are encoded also with fear and darkness that leads ones thoughts directly to the place in which the message was intended. DOOM and GLOOM!
    These are easily detectable … for if one is feeling Love in one moment of the connection when reading and then the heart begins to race at a pace that is uncomfortable …then this dearest souls … is when the ‘delete’ button should be instantly pressed. It is not a matter of ‘throwing out the baby with the bath water’ … there is no baby ….. just dirty water in the guise of a baby!

    Blossom: Now … you see … this is interesting. You must know then that my neighbour threw out some dirty soapy water on her soil the other day and that very saying came to me … and I checked out its meaning in full as it did so … So … back to the beginning … am I not influencing as the receiver … the message you are sending through?

    FOL: We would say not. We would suggest that we are so in tune with that which your thoughts have digested that we use such instances to our benefit.
    Blossom: Oh cool. that answers too , why in readings White Cloud may show me something I saw in a shop or caught my attention recently and use it as a metaphor for someone. It used to confuse me … then I just let it be … now I know why/how. Cheers! It feels like we’re done today …. Mmm … interesting … you have given us yet again something to ponder over. Until next time … Nanu Nanu!

    FOL: We are always at your service.

    Blossom: Oh … in that case … I’ll have a cup of tea and a slice of cake please!! In Love and thanks!

  7. Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/14/12 ‘Timothy Geithner Arrested’

    You are hearing this; Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, has been taken into custody, has been tried by our High Courts, and has been convicted and has been sentenced for his crimes against the people of the United States who he was sworn to serve, but instead chose to victimize, steal from and manipulate, and push to the brink of financial destitution. This individual, after careful contemplation of his crimes against you, the people, has been sentenced to a maximum life of 63 years, of which time he is to spend in a mortal physical vessel where he will be reeducated and rehabilitated before he is once again permitted to walk freely amongst the people of a free society.

    This is his punishment; this is the retribution for his crimes. There is no other penalty imposed upon this individual, and there will not be any further punishment imposed upon this soul, as he will receive just what it is he needs to further develop, grow and mature as a being on a journey through physicality, and soon the spiritual realms of this multidimensional universe. Do you see dear ones, what we mean when we say that there will be those of the cabal arrested and there will be those of the cabal sentenced for their crimes against you? No member of the cabal will walk free without first receiving rehabilitation services in the form of programs offered to them by we of the higher dimensions.

    Not all, if even many, of the arrestees of the cabal and their minions will be tried and, if convicted, sentenced within courts of law of the different jurisdictions of your world. A large number of those being taken into custody will stand before a High Court manned by ascended beings whose task it is is to review the life record of the accused and determine a suitable means for their successful rehabilitation. Punishment is not the order of the day, though this word can be used loosely, it can be used poetically, metaphorically, and it can be used by those of you who feel better feeling someone has been punished for their crimes against you. We say to you though, no one at all will be ‘punished’, in this sense of the word, for their crimes against you or any of their crimes. Instead, we wish to focus only on effective measures of rehabilitation, as rehabilitation for a soul is what will give them another chance and an opportunity to develop into a worthy member of a societal structure, either here on Earth or another planet in this solar system, galaxy or universe.

    There are many worlds who can and will benefit from the existence and the citizenship of many of these members of the cabal who have already been or will be arrested for crimes against humanity. These souls are not lost souls as no one is truly lost, as we are all finding our way someway, somehow, someday. In this light, is a soul really ever lost if a soul will always find their way home? A soul is never truly lost. A soul, no matter which dark or negative detour they may take for a while to experience certain aspects of themselves, of life and of existence, to wander and explore through lower depths of themselves, is still walking back towards the light and their Creator, even when they are walking downhill and in the opposite direction, for this multidimensional universe is a one-way street. This is the greatest secret that we will share with you today. There is only one way, and that way is back into the light, back into your Godliness, your holiness, your greatness, your life in eternal light.

    This man who you know as the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury is and has always been heading in the same direction as those of you who may today see him as the enemy, as an opposing force, as a criminal, as darkness. He is not though, anything different than you. You are all the same; you are all of the light. You are all a part of your and our Creator and so is he, and he will continue his journey now, though he will receive further assistance that will help him develop at a little faster pace than he has experienced through recent incarnations. This is where we, your ascended family of the Galactic Federation of Light, step in and use our levels of expertise, our wisdom and our systems and structures to assist a soul on their journey.

    Our job is not and has never been, to come to a world and take people into custody and throw them into dungeons or prison cells. This is ungodly and unholy treatment of another soul, and we do not participate in such cruelty to others and we never will. Timothy Geithner will be treated with love, with kindness, with caring, with patience. He, the soul that he is, will be blessed with the loving, nurturing wisdom and guidance of a higher dimensional being who has amassed superior wisdom and skills through his or her many experiences that yes, have also taken them through dark corridors just as their student may have wandered, just like Mr. Geithner.

    Do you understand now that we all take these detours through the darkness, through tests and trials of our spirit, our soul, for if we did not, how would we ever know that we are of the light if we did not defend ourselves from being submerged by the darkness? The dark is a task, a challenge, an ocean we must learn to cross by building a ship made of light. The dark is a sharpened sword that we must forge a shield of light to defend ourselves against. The dark is a foe when it needs to be a foe, and the dark is a friend when it needs to be a friend, but the dark is never truly your enemy. He is your friend because he does help you find your way back into the light, back to where it is you always are, as in the light is where you always belong, where you were born, where you may seemingly die, where you will reemerge and where you will eternally exist on your never ending journey back to source.

    We hope today’s message reaches many of you who may now see through the darkness and see the darkness in a little brighter way, a little brighter sense today. We are your family of light, existing within the darkness of this universe that contrasts the light and lets us see how it shines so bright. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

    As channeled through Greg Giles English – Spanish – Brazil – Bulgarian – Croatian – Dutch -German – Greek – Hebrew – Polish – Japanese Portugal – Romanian – Russian – Slovenian -Swedish – Traditional Chinese – Hungarian French Turkish

    • I have reposted my reply here as well.
      When I read this it made so much sense. We are of the light but all have dark parts which we have had to work through to re emerge on the other side. In the case of many criminals of the earth who are locked up in cells around the world , all they know is the darkness that has consumed them. If they are to find their spark will it be in the dark cell separated from the ones who are lighting. No. It is being a part of the grand plan that will fill them with hope and joy and alternately that of love. We have all been on an Earth School a place of learning, of developing, In order to progress we must now let go of Fear our biggest stumbling block and then only then will the negative emotions and energies be released into the cosmos neutralised where they can do no more harm to anything or anyone Lesson learnt.
      love and light to all my brothers and sisters both here and in the great universe we call home. suzanne

  8. well fellow riders… the flares are due in a couple of hours so I’m shutting it down for the night… If my gear survives, I’ll be back on in the morning.

    Y’All have a great night and I wish you all a Mosski Toe free slumber… See ya in the ethers.

  9. (in my best radio announcer voice…)
    And here’s one that goes out to the boys and girls in the Cabal… From the Final Cut album, it’s Pink Floyd….

  10. Just to change the subject… LOL
    Just had a wonderful little thunderstorm roll by. I so love the smell of the air after one of these.
    And had a bit of a nap where I dreamed Gunner’s encounter with the gestapo, to some degree. It was in an apartment and there was only one Cop, and a very rude one at that… I mean, pouring orange juice on the floor just to annoy… Roo was there too, and he wasn’t impressed either. I had to watch him closely to keep him from eating the intruder. That would have upset his tummy rather badly I suspect. I came out of the experience before I really got upset at the ridiculous antics. Then I had a sniff outside and came here to report it to you.

    • ~the Cracks in the Media Dam have Sprung “Leaks”!…I sense a Behind-the-Scene Arrangements have been Made as to Bring Info to Public…After all these Years,since the Famous Roswell Incident, Change is In the Air~

      • Must be once every other week, it’s funny how it’s fox news! All the other networks must be like “hey why didn’t we think of that!” haha good going guys! 😎

  11. Hello everyone! I love reading everyone’s posts and comments, just still shy about posting for some reason. So I’m just sending light and love out to all of you, and extra love to Gunner. I understand what you’re going through with the bust. Been there many times, and got all charges (except 2 pidly misdameanors) dropped by fighting the charges head on. Persistance is key, as the system just wants your money. If you refuse to plead guilty and drag it out, eventually it will cost more time and money than it’s worth for them to pursue a conviction. I’ve had a lot of charges thrown out simply because the Judge is tired of continuing the case over and over.

    • ~Hi Kap!…Beleive or not,sometimes I find myself a bit shy to post too…so I post little videos to get into the Groove of things… 🙂 …Please Feel Free to post as Ya wish…This Latest Wave of Solar Energy is Gonna Be something to Behold~

      • I say I’m shy to post “for some reason”, but I know what it is. I’m not being honest with myself or anyone else by ignoring it or avoiding it.
        I am shy in general because of a lifelong fear of rejection. I also don’t handle criticism very well so I tend to keep my opinions to myself. I know I am not alone in this and I think the only way to move past it is to put it out there and make myself interact socially, because I know none of you are going to reject or criticize me. There’s more love here than I’ve ever seen anywhere.

        • ~Yup!…As Ya have may noticed,there is a Rainbow Collective of Souls here…some on-line at different time-zones…Creating & Sharing…Welcome… 🙂 ~

        • Welcome kap196 I also was extremely shy and felt what I had to say was of no sense to others but In time I realised my thoughts and feelings were mine I owned them and slowly let others in. It took time to release fear but once I did the weight on my shoulders began to ease and has now gone. Here I feel at home among many family. You have taken the first step a huge hug and an abundance of love and light coming your way. suzanne

        • Welcome Kap’n, (LOL, sorry, couldn’t resist)… No worries here. Just don’t be surprised if someone posts your dream before you do… LOL I have a feeling it’s coming where we are so connected that stuff happens… We are pretty isolated from the trolls here on the train. I don’t think they like the incense.

        • Thanks all.
          I went to my sister’s birthday party tonight, and realized how disconnected I am from the people I used to hang around. Duality was in full effect, with the women talking about “women” things inside, the guys all outside talking about “men” things, which was mostly violence, sports, and money, or a combination of those things. I just floated around smiling when people made eye contact and avoiding being dragged into conversations I have strong opinions on. At one point a guy made the statement “fear is respect” regarding his kids…..all six of the grown men around me agreed with him.
          I am no longer comfortable where I used to be, and I’m happy about it.
          I am grateful to have found all of you.

          • I’ve been meaning to change my screen name to my actual name for a bit. Kap is fine, but Jason is my name

  12. Yeah, and the coolest thing about the whole event is that as First Aid, I get to go EVERYWHERE… No area is closed to me, cept maybe the stage unless there is a hangnail or blister… LOL…

  13. Hey there folks… Likely not going to be on much for the next little while. We are gearing up for the Mission Folk Music Festival ( ) where I am one of the First Aid attendants. It’s the 25th anniversary of the event so I expect it to be REALLY busy. Last year we had thousands of folks out to enjoy the experience and this year I expect that to at least triple. It may be a busy time for us. The weather seems to be partly cloudy so less chance of heat related emergencies, which is welcome.
    Anyone that wants to come to the show, feel free to come by the First Aid tent and say Hi. I know that most of you are much too far away to get here, but that’s ok. I’ll be keeping up on my meditations and stuff, though I may be a bit distracted with my service. I will be looking out for our Galactic friends and family too, should they wish to come and listen to the awesome music. The energy there is wonderful, and I expect with all the internal changes that most folks are gong through that this year will be even better.
    No internet connections there at the park, so I’ll be offline from Thursday night to sometime Monday afternoon.

    • ~Amazing Line Up of Performers that are on Schedule,John…Even good Ole Saint Buffy (hehe)…Looks to be Quite Festive~

  14. Wow Baba, now that you mention it, I guess I do LOL
    I guess I was always one for the dramatics.
    I am sure others here do also but i am more of an open book. I like to share stories of good things and also the bad things in my life. Especially with the people here, I feel so comfortable and loved and not judged at all and I really appreciate that.

    • ~Yup!…All is Well…All these little Events are leading up to the Main Event,for just about all of Us…Ur Monday Episode was very DOGHOUSE WHAT!… 😆 ~

  15. ~Hi Vee!…It’s always nice to see Ya appear here… 🙂 …

    …Gunner, Ya sure do have an ever Eventful Life!…Have a Peacful week-end~

  16. Hi Vee and how is everything going for you? I love your positive attitude. Your light shines bright.

  17. Hello everybody, it’s Friday at last! Gunner I am so sorry you are having trouble. It was very strange how you got busted.
    Lisa, I like your view about Friday the 13th. I see it as another day filled with unlimited possibilities.
    Laura, have a great weekend!

    Man, my time of the month (no I dont mean my period) is really screwed up today. I was talking with Ashley and thought it was 7/20. I told her I got to send her boyfriend Chris a birthday wish as his birthday is 7/21 and he is a trucker doing long distance loads. She jolted me out of it saying next week is his birthday. OK, Lets fast forward 2 hours. I am at my desk and said to a co worker, man I got to go and approve my invoices as this is the end of the month. He giives me a strange look and saids it is only the middle of the month. OMG what is happening, am I time traveling or something.

  19. Leslee, I read your blog and happy to see things going well for you.
    Yes, I have been in the fire most of my life. It seems there is always something bad hanging over me but I can get through it. This time it bothered me because the past year I felt so glad not having to deal with courts and lawyers and judges. I thought it was over and it was a freak kind of thing how I got busted.
    I guess all the negative experiences has made me stronger to deal with this so in time it too will pass. Just a drain on my money.
    Wow, kind of quiet in here today, is it the friday the 13 th type of thing. I dont believe in bad luck so it does not affect me at all. I do believe that people who do believe in bad luck wii make come their way though.
    I like Lisa’s attitude on above comment “my lucky day” NIIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gunner that suks man, usually if these things keep cropping up, my understanding is that we need to find another path, rather than the same path we walked before. Unfortunately there is often only one path, and darned if I know where to find it. For you this path might lead to Venezuela, haha

      But maybe sometimes it’s just that we are the light in the darkness, clearly there is lots of darkness to be illuminated… 😀 Out of order comes chaos. I appreciate your attitude, know that we are always with you.

  20. Good morning everyone and a happy TGIF to you all. Man this week went fast but that may be because I only worked 2 days, NIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Laura, friday the 13 th is my lucky day. Have a great weekend.
    Wow, ever since my Arch Angel Raphael experience, I have been contacting him everyday. The wild thing about it is everytime I reach out in my mind, I immediately feel his presence physically and I mean a strong presence. It seeme Raphael and Michael are two Arch Angels that I can have help me in my journey and both of them I feel big time. Even this mornig I said Raphael, I hope i am not bothering you too much but the feeling I got was one of no problem at all and call on me any time you want and as many times as you want.
    It really blows my mind how the spiritual heirarchy can be and help millions of people at the same time. I could never figure out how. I mean, I know time does not exist ther e but still cant understand how they help us all at the same time. Makes my head spin.
    Well, went to court and just what I expected, two weeks postponementso I got to get a lawyer. The judge loves to threaten you saying, do you know the maximun penalty i could give you is two thousand fine and 6 months in jail.
    They make you feel like some sort of criminal. i know one of the judges smokes pot and does cocaine. My brother used to hang out with her in some bar.
    most of the cops in Bayonne also smoke and a lot of them do coke also.
    Well, no use in getting frustrated as that only makes it worse for me. Just gotta go with the flow.

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