The Fire Has Been Lit.

from Ladca (Leslee Hare)

Hi, Dear dear ones,

This has been a remarkable week. I am well beyond fine, and I miss you all too… it seems this has been a huge week of transformation for me, so it’s as if I’ve been in a cocoon, and am almost ready to emerge. I think there will be a different voice arising…
It started last Thursday as I was answering one of the recruitment emails, as “usual”, with Predrag Bracanovich (he’s been posting on 2012II, and has writings in many places)… I was about to hit “send”, but Adrial stopped me and began to give us an assignment. The assignment was for us to start the first of the telepathy exercises/practices… I thought it would be just a simple back and forth: “Okay, I just sent you an image, tell me what you received…” kind of thing.
It was more like, BAM! Okay, you two have been together here and here and here, and you were this and this and this, and now you’re supposed to be doing this and this and this…
And on top of that, the “gifts” we have sent each other (the telepathic visualizations) – that experience has been amazing! Far beyond what I could have hoped for, to the point of having to ask, “No wait! You *really* saw that? REALLY?”, over and over again… it’s sort to like the dreaming we on STC have all been doing together, except not as passive. One of us chooses what to send, and the other “sees” it, while waking.
And as soon as I’ve thought, Okay, I need to get online and write about this, another layer appears.
So, things like polls and lists and updates and even energy rays coming out of mountains, have kind of gotten pushed to the back burner… But I can see it all fitting together…
I know that soon, we’ll be sharing this, and describing how others can do it as well… The caution I will put before it is that, in these exercises, once you start, nothing is hidden any longer. So it’s not for everyone, and those holding onto some form of anonymity are not ready for it, because it requires total fearlessness…
Anyway, I’ve learned that I can’t say when or what I’ll be posting next, but it will arrive eventually…
Y’all please feel free to post this on STC if you like – we have Predrag’s permission as well, and he sends his love to all of you. We really are ALL one, just bits of the same ONE, fulfilling different roles…
Oh, and Chimera is ready to fly in a new form, and we can add the ship Phoenix (Predrag’s) to our list…
After I go to some meetings this morning, I will be done with that old 3D job from a previous life… I think I’ll spend the afternoon recording voice of new version (the Friday the 13th Version!) of All About Enlightenment, and will try to answer emails and get back online… But who knows, I may just go hike…
And my love goes to Gunner… Gunner, you’re getting tossed into the fire, man, there is no turning back!
My deepest love and respect and gratitude to all of you!


  1. Very happy for you Leslee. Nice work on the site. I hope you are able to find time to relax during all this.

  2. WOOOW! Les, I saw You and Predrag in one of my dreams, How can this be!
    Do you remeber my dream with the violet ametyst hearts, well first I saw this huge heart on a necklace, the beads on the left and right were like wings, then i saw a woman – You/Leslee/ wearing an amethyst heart necklace that was given to you by a man with short black hair/ Predrag/, I saw you at the stairs of a building with many teens in it!
    And yes, I have the same necklace in 3D, wow
    What a Truth!
    Hey, this work of ours worths! Really!

  3. I’m so happy for you Leslee and the wonderful connections you have. Adrial must be smiling down. Your work is truely here guiding us all so much love and light to you

    • Thank you so much, Kosta! I think it’s okay for me to say here that I realized today, that this is also Mikos and AgnΓ¨s’ story, being resolved, and there is a huge part of it which ties (present tense and past tense) to Greece… Which we don’t fully understand yet… You will – we all will – be astounded at the changes that are really and truly taking place now! I’m once again looking for a way to condense all the things I wish to do, and share, into the 24 hours in each day, so I’ll just keep reminding myself that this will show up whenever its perfect for each of us… Please give our love to Iltheos, and take plenty for yourself!

      • That’s great dear Leslee. Take care of yourself dear friend and Iltheos sends his Love too.

        Much Love and Light (-_-).

  4. Leslee, amazing! His he your twin flame? I’m sooooo excited and happy for you. You’re expanding!

  5. OK πŸ™‚
    Attention, please! I am thinking of a …sign and I am sending you the thought of it
    Guess what is this sign
    Love and Light

              • Give up πŸ™‚
                It is the Celtic sign that represents the connection – past -present -future πŸ™‚

                • I suggest it be something we all know… I think your being too specific! Choose an image that has meaning for everyone trying to connect (we will all now be learning the meaning of Triskelion, wonderful!)… So try something more generic, an image that YOU actually create from your heart… Tauno, would you please try again with starting it? Then for the rest of us, give her some time to “send” it to us… And Predrag suggests gift-wrapping… It’s great fun when you can see the wrapping first… So, to re-enact what he and I did, he told me that the gift was wrapped in gold & violet paper, and then I had to find the rest… I’m going to turn this into post for a group exercise… Tauno, once you send the gift to everyone, let’s please wait a day before anyone guesses or answers… It may also take a few attempts to get anything at all… Please remember, about all, there is no right, no wrong, no success or failure, and NO giving up! πŸ˜‰

    • A lightning bolt, or something similar…

      (isn’t this fun! It’s going to hurl us right out of whatever is left of 3D!)

      On a private note, dear Tauno… I’ve discovered that Predrag/Zobran/Zoo and I have been meeting in dreams for over 10 years… At the times when I’ve been most “down” is when he’s appeared to me with a kiss… Always in a different outer aspect, but always with the same energy imprint… Finding him has brought me so much joy… When everyone will make this connection for themselves, how this world will change!

      One of the reasons I have struggled with depression is from not knowing where he was, wondering if there really was NOT this person I know so well…

      Who appeared the very day I got fired! πŸ˜€

      So I’m sending you special gift of the heart, so that you may find this joy, too! You and I are so connected, it feels that “something wonderful” approaches nearer to you too!

      With so much love and light, Leslee

  6. Leslee,
    Very exciting indeed. After the first few dream flights there were so many ships and so many people that I started to get confused. I was also somewhat frustrated by my lack of recall so I started focusing on more local connections. I was also trying to get a facebook group to do some group intending but very few would actually take part. I figured it wasn’t time yet. I would love to move the whole process off the Internet and just use the grid. I will be so happy to play with you in this process. I do think we are already doing it we just are not aware of it so much.

  7. Leslee, that sounds so beautiful. I am so happy. Cheri’ and I are working on that, having a hard time though. I think we might just need some kind of instruction though. I am exceedingly happy for you and all of us. It will come to all in due time, I know that. I love you so very much, give my love to Adrial and blessings to you all, US all.

    • Michael, We received your gifts. What a beautiful thing. Thank you. I intended to send you something but I am slow.

      I think this exercise is most exciting. I do think that the privacy thing is really key. Having anything left that you judge/hide about yourself closes the door. I would love experiment with you if you like…

      • Kelly, you do not need to send anything. The thanks we recieve in our hearts is plenty for us πŸ˜‰ And you are very welcome πŸ™‚ FYI, I would LOVE to practice! You let me know how you want to do this and we are all over it!!

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