Konstantinos: Archangel Raphael & Archangel Chamuel-’A Message To Our Family’


Beloved Children of the Beloved Creator

We are the Energies of those who you call as Archangel Raphael and Archangel Chamuel. We and many infinite ‘others’, consist part of your Family, your Inner World, your Being. You attribute to us pictures as symbolic depictions of ourselves, you call us with the Three Dimensional versions of our Energy Names, you invoke us when you feel that you need help.

The life of someone in our position, we ensure you, is ‘overworked’, but this is not in any way similar to your ‘overworked’ and in many cases stressful daily life. We represent fully our assignments themselves and we feel Blessed for that.

 Me, Raphael, among other things, I am known to you for the Ηealing Emerald Energy which I send to you when you invoke it, in order for yourselves to be detoxified from the lower frequency energies. My work is collective and individual simultaneously. And also, it is multi-level.

By communicating with your Inner World, you communicate with all of us. Each of your connections with your Self,  in whichever of your moments this happens, has a ramification  to the Universe (our Inner Universe) of which, you are responsible. Your personalized version is a small-scale experience of the Creator’s , when He/She/It continually and infinitely wisely, takes care of His/Her/Its dream… His/Her/Its Creation.

All the Truths that some of you have realized so far, unfold constantly in your daily life, through their small-scale versions. Your Life Itself is the proof of the existence of the Spirit. But some souls still wish, for now, to remain blind. That is respected and the healing in this case, would cause them useless for them results, since they are not ready. You can address their Angels to continue giving them Love and Courage.

 Me, Chamuel, I am known to you by many names and among other things, my work is to find things that you have lost. This is not necessarily literal. When you ask me to guide you to find what you look for, even if it is a wallet or the next and appropriate path of your life, I observe your Will. Considering the power of your Will, the power of my efficiency depends on it.

That is because, I may do everything in my power for you to realize my intervention which you asked in the first place, but if after the expression of your request you project a wall of doubts and desperation, then you simply block your vision field from viewing the ‘miracle’. Will is a very powerful force. Everything that you are looking for are already yours. You just have to pull them to you with your stable Will and the ‘appropriate’ thoughts, of course.

By emerging our Energies, we tell you that the  healing you ask for, starts and is given from YOU, yourselves. We are just the triangulates of that which you ask, when you ask it from us. Create with Powerful Will, Strong Heart and  Stable Mind. Your New World is arising through this Trinity which exists to each one of you.

See the reflections of your diamond Essence and realize your brightness, your beauty, your Divinity. Live and experience consciously your own Self and the Life Itself will be revealed to you with its true face and purpose.

We are the Archangels Raphael and Chamuel and we remind you that we Love our Family as ourselves…as YOU.

As received by Konstantinos.


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We speak to Gaia Hue-manity today from a more personal individualized perspective, rather than a Gaia generalization.

We see occurring shortly, a period of rapid appreciation (increase in valuation), by humanity general, of incoming Higher Dimensional Light Energies. This will result in rapid transformation of all social, cultural, and inner personal “standardized and accepted as reality” structures.

We do not offer a “time domain” for this.

Gaia recommends intimate attuning and responding to her Inner Voices, which will be sufficient to carry the planetary collective energies through this important transformation period.

Alignment of personal with planetary Higher Grids is essential.

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