Openhearted Rebellion

Hi guys!


Was up on Aurora or at least made contact with her telepathically during the night.

Nadir was also present, and we had several conversations as I slept. I was later on guaranteed (and this is something I have verified!!) that Nadir’s human form, was also made aware of the conversations Nadir and I had during dreamflight. Once again, more clarifications and explanations for me, which I am so grateful for!

I had many intriguing dreams, which are probably only of interest to myself.

As I was beginning to awake, I was shown how I was able to operate my own scout ship!! I was so so thrilled.

I was wearing the grey diving suit type of uniform, I was inside my scout ship, ¾ immersed under the ocean while the top part of my scout was showing on the surface. The exterior of it is metallic light…

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