Skin Cancer Awakens.

Listening through the noise is key to understanding now.

No Love Lost in Translation.


Painful aching Hips and a sore lower back  that did not seem to be getting better meant i needed a trip to the doctor. Since my trip by ambulance on the 27 April along with an over night stay, was i hoped my last visit to hospital for a long time, No ! it appears life has decided i need to take control of  more aspects of my life and my health. X-rays to be taken when i get the appointment to see what is happening  there.

I made a list of things to ask about as the cost of medical care is high when you have an income that wont stretch very far at all. On the side of my face next to my eye is what i thought was a blind spot that would not go away even after it had bleed last week so i asked the doctor what…

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Thoughts Manifest

These days we meet many people via media sites that touch a part of our hearts,  our lives . We may not have connected in the physical but we have connected with a deeper understanding.  Some even at  soul level.  These are the ones of our past the friends that pop by for a reason, a season, a life time. All are valued all are loved.

No Love Lost in Translation.

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I have been reading a lot lately about thoughts that manifest within moments, days which once took months years.

Angel numbers repeating  which make one stop and take note of what is happening at that precise time and space. Time no longer stable,  it is racing as if it is running for some finishing line we cannot see. I am sure yesterday  was the last day of the school holidays yet here we are a week into the new school term what happened to the days in between.

Today i was out making sure i had everything photocopied ready to place into an envelope that holds an application for a job i applied for on Tuesday, as well as filling in forms and getting photocopy’s of  my daughter’s  proof of ID, address for the 2017 high school year.

It appears we live outside the zone for this school. I need to see if her father…

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Feeling alone, lost

This is from my perspective/ sense of things as i try to forge ahead while staying aware of all that is happening around me.

No Love Lost in Translation.


When you feel alone and lost, i wish you would reach out and take the hand that is offered to help steady you, i am always here. This is a voice that i know and have known my whole waking life and some.

These days the inner most part of me pushes and stretches for release, the boundary walls have to be pulled down to allow the new to bloom, only then will peace be restored fully.

I could go on through this life repeating the patterns taught by my earthly mother in the hopes my daughter will find her way to make sense of this whole mother daughter feminine link, a link i have no idea how to fix. I know it is broken because something feels off, always has done whenever i had any real interaction with the feminine when i entered this system. My sense of who…

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Et connection part 2.

The next instalment of my journey.

No Love Lost in Translation.


Thanks to Lisa I borrowed this picture.

As I prepare to Meditate the smell of flowers is already  floating around me. I go through the meditation once more and again lying on the grass feeling the vibration of the Earth  moving beneath me only this time heart to heart, hearthbeat to heart beat. As I feel the energy within I begin to float and I am once more in the bubble but this time I notice the colours swirling around me of Red and Golden yellow. This time as I reach the stars I do not have to utter the word home as in the distance I see golden beams of light approaching and like a magnet they begin to slowly pull me in. When the bubble stops and I once again jump down I feel the warmth of fine sand beneath my feet. As I look around I see that I…

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Keshe’s free energy files released.

Download ALL Keshe’s Free Energy Files released today here…
There are 17 files and when unzipped is 9,282 items and 16.2 Gigabytes of information in the files released today.

We are on the move as I had known deep down.

Why do you worry. 
You are sending you fear to me and you must let go of this. Those around me do it and I cannot allow these energys to affect me can you see this. I have been busy enjoying the day as No one knows what will happen as the day progresses or what tomorrow holds. I asked my husband to do a simple thing and he said why! we dont know what we are doing yet. He does not grasp this one fact! We are moving end of story weather he likes it or knows where we are going is immaterial. It just is.
I look outside and the sky is the brightest blue the sun is glowing in all its beauty and the butterflys are and bees are doing what they do best just being. No matter what is happening you have to take time and just be in the moment and see the beauty around. Within a situation there are and always have been two ways to go. First is fear, anger, depression, why me, what did I do wrong. Then there is the second. Excitment, adventure, joy, laughter, the element of surprise. Yes at times it could feel like you are about to step of a cliff into the raging waters below but imagine the feeling of successfully diving deep into the waters and as you break the surface again, your heart beating fast, with a huge smile on your face because you did it. The laughter you hear you realise is coming from you, wild free full of joy like you have never experienced before. That is where I am and I ride the waves happy singing my heart out because that is why I am here. To experience life as an awakened being. Waiting for the rest of those around me to get it is energy I am no longer willing to give because this is my path no one elses and my path is paved with such divine beauty that even words cannot do it justice. So I say to you all just take a minute to see where your path is leading and if our paths should join what a party we shall have.


Why do you Blame.

No Love Lost in Translation.

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Many only light in very predictable patterns.Disasters and Earthquake  Let us say. God lets this happen! Jesus lets this happen! Then the same question used through out time is WHY! God why do you let this happen? but no one questions Humanity. Humanity need to answer this question. People need to take responsibility  for life on Earth.

You blame God because it is an easy out, you do not have to look within yourself and see the truth of a given situation that may have been the beginning of the domino effect that is happening within this world right now. Many years have gone by and humanity has forged along with inventions to make life easier or so they think. The only ones who really benefit from these new technologies are the Military systems around the world should this not be your first question WHY! Many have no work and…

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Heart and Mind.

No Love Lost in Translation.

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Today I was asked to link  my Heart and Mind as I write to see what comes through and this is what flowed from my Heart to my  Mind out onto the page.

Are you ready, this might appear strange at first to hear the words I speak as it has been many many years since we have linked together as One. Do you  remember being told that the heart is the first mind, in essence this is true as It is the place of the soul.  Heart holds all  memory of your many threads together within the soul as memory in far greater volume than your brain can at this time comprehend.

In the beginning  we spent a lot of time in contemplation as we watched the universe  unfold in the way only Prime creator could envision.  Her beauty was breath taking.  Oh how we loved, there was no…

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Every Drop of Rain.

No Love Lost in Translation.

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Every drop of rain that lands into a puddle creates ripples which flow outward until the ripple create an ocean of water, this ocean of water creates waves  that ebb and flow with the tides.  Love and light are like these first droplets of rain that are now flowing across the Lands ,Oceans, rivers, and streams  cleansing all that they  touch.  Much on Earth has felt these cleansing energies. Great cities have fallen, lands have trembled and released negative build ups that have accumulated over many centuries leaving many of humanity struggling to find a reason for what has become the tipping point of our civilisation, on not one or two but on many levels.  The structures of our society have been rocked to the very core leaving a ripple of fear in those who have more to loose than most.

We are being left with a new  starting point…

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