Feeling alone, lost

This is from my perspective/ sense of things as i try to forge ahead while staying aware of all that is happening around me.

No Love Lost in Translation.


When you feel alone and lost, i wish you would reach out and take the hand that is offered to help steady you, i am always here. This is a voice that i know and have known my whole waking life and some.

These days the inner most part of me pushes and stretches for release, the boundary walls have to be pulled down to allow the new to bloom, only then will peace be restored fully.

I could go on through this life repeating the patterns taught by my earthly mother in the hopes my daughter will find her way to make sense of this whole mother daughter feminine link, a link i have no idea how to fix. I know it is broken because something feels off, always has done whenever i had any real interaction with the feminine when i entered this system. My sense of who…

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5 comments on “Feeling alone, lost

  1. Thank you for sharing ❤ I needed to read this. I've never really had a great relationship with my mother growing up. But lately, we've been understanding each other better…and its nothing but love. Sending you my love too!

    • Thank you Mary, it was not until my mother passed that i realized how little i knew about her, the maternal side lost to me as she was an only child. The year after her death a baby girl came into my life to bring a sense of balance within a male dominated family. Many mothers and daughters are beginning to find their connections their power their love. As my daughter approaches her teens i am overwhelmed at times as the voice i have allowed her changes, she still questions and sees and i pray she always will. Sending love to you also ❤

  2. Thank you Brianna knowing others have had this same feeling helps us all as we move forward to heal that which has been altered within us.

    • You are so right. It feels essential to lighten this load, or rather… leave this luggage behind now.
      Understand it, acknowledge, and move on. Forward 🙂 Thank you again !

      P.S. for those wondering about my "silence", it's again the now becoming commonplace event… I cannot access this week's Valiant post since last Tuesday.
      I can, however, read most of your comments 🙂

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