1. Thank you Brianna knowing others have had this same feeling helps us all as we move forward to heal that which has been altered within us.

    • You are so right. It feels essential to lighten this load, or rather… leave this luggage behind now.
      Understand it, acknowledge, and move on. Forward 🙂 Thank you again !

      P.S. for those wondering about my "silence", it's again the now becoming commonplace event… I cannot access this week's Valiant post since last Tuesday.
      I can, however, read most of your comments 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing ❤ I needed to read this. I've never really had a great relationship with my mother growing up. But lately, we've been understanding each other better…and its nothing but love. Sending you my love too!

    • Thank you Mary, it was not until my mother passed that i realized how little i knew about her, the maternal side lost to me as she was an only child. The year after her death a baby girl came into my life to bring a sense of balance within a male dominated family. Many mothers and daughters are beginning to find their connections their power their love. As my daughter approaches her teens i am overwhelmed at times as the voice i have allowed her changes, she still questions and sees and i pray she always will. Sending love to you also ❤

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