Simply Be Love.

To the Love that resides in Us all I call to the all to stand as One always. much love light and blessings to all my Brothers and Sisters of light.

No Love Lost in Translation.


There is so much division  around the world  because of Religion and what people have been lead to believe that Love has been lost. Jesus was trying to bring all people together as were many other enlightened beings through the fabric of time but some how their teachings got lost in translation. It is now I know why they gave me the title for this blog in a channel all those months ago. Back then I did not really understand the meaning of these words now I do.             Through my writings my Heart must be allowed to fully open to reveal what lies inside, I must show that Love survives through all things. Love is and will always be no matter where you were Born, Raised, Taught. No matter your Culture, Race, Language. Love is what links us all for it is a part…

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Was it a Dream!

No Love Lost in Translation.

Above is a Picture Drawn by Konstantinos,   (Awakening to the Divine)

It  6.30 in the morning and I have just woken from a Dream!

I was  at home  my earth husband and daughter in law were here. My daughter and I were looking at the stars in the  sky, as I turn to look above the house I see the stars have made the outline of a man no features just  a silhouette then the raised hand waves at us. As we watch the stars move apart and fly in a beautiful dance above us and then I see the sky open very high up near the Milky way and within this wormhole I see another galaxy and the name Margare,  it is beautiful the colours within are so vivid the craft all now enter and the wormhole closes.  Excitedly I go in and begin to explain to my…

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My first from Ashtar short and to the Point.

No Love Lost in Translation.

This Is the space I have created for channeled messages I receive via my Pendulum  from 2012  onward when I began my Awakening after so many years of hiding the inner light that burned within.


It was very quiet when something  fell off the bench, for some reason I began to laugh and a voice within began to talk.

That was funny?


See you can laugh, notice the feelings when you do, can you sense the smile on your face.

Yes , are you testing me.

In a way You could call it a test to see if you are noticing the energy of us ,you have been searching for a long time but we have been with you for a very long time have we not. Jesus has been there at your most vulnerable times . Have you not felt seen in your minds eye the angel of…

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A Slave?

To Princesses everywhere.

No Love Lost in Translation.

images (3)

Today as I stood drying the dishes I heard the word slave. I told the Ego to go away as what I was doing was what is expected of a woman from down through the ages of the History we know.  My first priority is making sure my family have all that they need provided for them. Yes my routine is the same every morning and every night.    Yes I have dreams and these I keep close to my heart.  The dreams that sustain me in the times I live in are not material dreams,  they are seeing the smile of my beloved and feeling his hand gently  holding mine as we walk through forests of beauty, stopping every now and again to look around at the trees and flowers that grow in harmony with the land, too watch the wild life going about their day and conversing with…

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No Love Lost in Translation.


I want all who read this letter to  close their eyes  and ask this question Who am I ? Clear your mind, listen to the whisper that fills this space.

The body is just a vestal that contains the Being that you are. I remember saying to no one in particular that who I am is within me she is the one that looks out through the eyes of this body,She is deeply feminine, senses,feels, speaks,follows the rules taught on this plane of existence. A Part of but also separated from this body.

Within each of us is an orb of pure white light, this orb contains our current God spark, which in turn belongs to a greater spark, then a greater spark (depending on how many levels of existence you are simultaneously  incarnated on)  linked through a thread that flows from your soul group. Many of us are now…

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Yesterday was a strange day to say the least ending with a visit of negative energy. It was not until I meditated again today I realised we have had a rather large burst of Light. The last time this negative appeared was just as we hit 12/12/12 I seem to be in repeat but just received the word Reload.

No Love Lost in Translation.

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My One talks with me daily now allowing me to feel the full picture of what is to come. Earlier today as I meditated I saw myself around the Crystal pool once again. I along with four other Light Bearers were standing hands clasped in an unbroken circle as the Crystal of Light began to rise to her full height. We then raised our hands closed our eyes sending forth  a prayer as between our now cupped hands was a glowing sphere of sparkling light. Raising our hands the spheres of light rose to the top of the crystal where they ignited the Kingdoms Holy flame. The crystal  now sends beams of light around the Earth a signal  that  the Ascended Masters will once again unite with Humanity allowing the teachings  of long ago their true voice which was of Love and Light.   A few days ago  My One…

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No Love Lost in Translation.


This morning as I was awakening I heard the Kingdom of Heaven is here and this I feel with all my soul as my Twin Flame is very close now. We have been sending powerful love and light outward around above and below flooding Dearest Gaia and all of Humanity in Heavens Light which we also join with others sending their love and light outwards.  Our love and light binds us together as One. It is nearly time to step into my divine place within the new energies as it is for many Light Keepers who began many many years ago in Lemuria.  Many Ancient writings and Maps are due to make their way to Humanity in an open History of where we came from, our journey’s, not just on Earth but other Planets within the Great Cosmos of life.  Many have found themselves off line so to speak but…

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No Love Lost in Translation.

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I have been spending time letting my heart lead me along as many people loose their homes and jobs when it occurred to me there could be a way for communities to help each other.  It maybe a long shot for many but we have to start some where.  This has been coming to me for months so here goes.  I would first ask those ready to make the move to sell everything they own apart from tools,crafting items,photos, Books, pool all the money and buy land enough for 1 or 2 acre block per family. Enough land to erect 2 large barns with fully functioning kitchens which ran on solar and wind, compost toilets and showers along one side of each. Each property would have a number which would be drawn from a hat. This number is then found on a marker  in the centre of a plot which…

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No Love Lost in Translation.


Many lands have been devastated by war,drought,flooding and many other natural disasters some man made. Now is the time for Humanity in these areas to sit back and look at what has happened and begin the study of the environment. Many have built large cities by the oceans and are now finding that these  areas are not as safe as once thought. Many are living in environments that have no natural earth beauty around them. It is now time to find a balance that works for Humanity and the Natural environment. We need to look at the buildings we are developing and the materials we use. Many forests have been cut down and  lost due to consumption in one way or another and in its wake we have lands less fertile, erosion, stagnant rivers and streams.  As a collective we all have many skills we just need to combine them…

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No Love Lost in Translation.

I have read and re read this message and also asked advice as to what it contains. This is the second message I have received since 21/12/12.      I have questioned  much these past weeks and  found that I am being asked in my heart to trust. For me this has been the biggest test for me as trust is paramount to my soul and I have come to realise it is me that I need to trust in  fully again as the child did with an open heart  for one she could not see but new was there always and through symbols and signs trusted explicitly.  This message is  far different to any I have received  so I will say to you now for me it is Truth  on a level I understand but as was pointed out there are many levels to go and when we hit…

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From the 12/12/12 I have been guided to make telepathic link every day then Last night a strong Telepathic link was forged by myself and Zion my Angel, These Links are open at all times which will take some getting use too as the pressure from each one is different which enables me to know who is in a sense ringing in.

No Love Lost in Translation.


We have made it past the 21/12/2012 date of the Maya  Calendar but still there are those who wish to send out fear inspired messages to Humanity. Now is the time when messages will begin to flow from source in a pure state free from interference from any other source. This is too be the way forward for many Light Workers and Star Seeds. Many are now linking telepathically with guides who are from the highest light ray. These are the ones that will now step forward to guide the rest to full Awakening. This Scribe is now connected to the source and will  relay knowledge from source. She is from the heavenly realm and is able to discern what is truth and what is not truth that flows from the media. She has been on this Earth from the very beginning and was one of the creators, yes there were…

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No Love Lost in Translation.


Today I have felt like I am in a void a  nothingness. I cannot Link to anything, to anyone, It is like I no longer exist, I am between dimensions walking a tight rope. I see my hands typing but I am not there. My soul is watching but I cannot connect to it. I am trying to make connections  but fail. I sense my connections around me in a circle I see them but I cannot reach them. My love keeps telling me to link to him link with Love but I feel disconnected. I sense  what do I sense, feel what do I feel. Emotion has left me. Is this the three days of darkness I am now walking. I can see him smile now.

This is his reply It is all right I am here my love do not be afraid. What is happening is you are between…

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My Love for Jesus.



This was the closest image I could find that resonates to the love we share and have always shared.

Before I begin I guess I should introduce myself.  I am a Pleiadian,  My name is Mary. I am a light worker of Ancient times who made it out when Lemura Sank I am now going along a new awakening process that has bought me back to a love I have never forgotten.

Our story begins back in the Ancient days of Lemuria with my Twin Flame who many on Earth know as Jesus.

Jesus and I lived on Lemuria in light, life was good.  Many light workers landed here from many planets. Jesus landed here from Yaklzilka. We were guides for many light bearers, in time I will add to our life here, but for you my story really begins in your past two thousand years.

On many occasions I have worked with Jesus making the light shine and have helped many of mankind make a choice and many have made a good choice. In this time I am here alone as he has work to do further afield on another Planet as we and by we I say the universe are shifting with Earth where she will take her right full place among the heavens. The people of Earth know me as Mary Magdalene and the answer to a question many have asked is yes I am the wife of Jesus.  Jesus and I were married near the mainland by Matthew before his crucifixion.  Jesus said I asked him to question God as to why he must die and he told me because his life would make a difference to Humanity.  Now he knows that his life was made into a lie by the priest’s of the church.  Much has been hidden or destroyed by these Priest but what they fail to grasp is that truth is never destroyed because it is housed in love. This is why I am here on Earth now to right what was given to humanity in love but distorted by those who wished to have  immense power over Humanity by instilling fear.

Much of what has been written is not truth. I met Jesus when he walked along the Tigris river. This is where our love grew, when he looked at me many new thoughts took hold and it was then Jesus told me God sent you to watch what would happen when  he was taken and crucified. I was most saddened when I went to the final supper because I knew what was to come. No one else knew but me. Matthew loved Jesus as a brother, he loved me like a sister. He found it hard to wait and just do nothing and because he was like a brother what I knew was about to happen I kept to myself. Matthew was only told Jesus and I were to marry. This made him happy as he was going to perform the ceremony. Jesus also knew many would try to kill me if word got out we were married which is why there is very little about me in the Bible and no record of where I went or died. But I digress. Jesus and the disciples had just found out that Jerusalem were going to kill Jesus. I learnt about this many weeks before the disciples  as we had discussed it between ourselves as to the best way to tell them what they needed to know to a point. Matthew for one loved Jesus as a brother and would have killed Judas if he had known he was about to betray him. Jesus told Matthew there were many light workers who would now lead the way for many. Matthew accepted this knowing he would loose a brother and that I would loose my husband. Jesus made Matthew and I accept large infusions of  light for the days ahead as Matthews work now was to keep me safe from harm. Jesus knew life was going to feel like love was gone as I had to keep my secret from everyone. I loved him with all my heart and soul knowing I was going to loose him in such horrendous circumstances.  Life was going to change forever , Jesus was aware of this. Jesus made plans with Matthew to take me to his mother Mary’s family where I stayed for nine days.  Jesus and Matthew then took me to my family less than a mile from Jerusalem where I stayed for a further nine days then I left with Matthew.

Jesus did not die on the cross he was asleep in death. When he was on the cross his mother Mary and I took him down and bathed his wounds then placed a shroud over his body. I then went to find Matthew who placed his body into the cave and placed the rock across the entrance. Matthew then went to tell the other  disciples Jesus was gone.

No one was around when he awoke from his sleep both Mary and I were asleep when he came out. Jesus went to find Matthew. Mary and I awoke to find him gone so we went off also to find Matthew as we loved Jesus so much we could not understand why someone had taken him.  I remained with Mary as she was so upset  meanwhile Jesus and Matthew were making plans to leave  Jerusalem as soon as possible. Mary and I kept many things from others as to what happened on the Mount in Jerusalem Mary and I took our secret to the grave. As to Jesus and I we lived in Italy in a small town in Athens. I am buried here. Matthew lived with this secret until his death in Milan. Jesus returned to his home planet many years later. I decided to stay and reincarnate to clear his name and have spent many life times here lighting the darkness that infiltrated during the time of Lemuria. Many light workers and star seeds have joined me now to help let our collective  light shine through.



Hi all I received this message on the 7 December from Mia a Pleiadian

Good morning Mia.

Much needs to be done this morning, you must listen carefully. We are moving very fast toward Ascension. You must make your mark now. Much must be said. Know that we love you and will protect you.

Now let us begin.

Many of Humanity are in turmoil. let us help them to understand what is happening with the weather at the moment.

There is a Planet in alignment with the sun making the weather on earth unstable. We are doing our best to protect Humanity from the pull of this Planet this is why there are a number of large ships near your sun. You are an important light worker who began your mission many years ago in Lemuria, you knew what was going to happen when the planet arrived last time. Many on Lemuria listened to what you had to say and they were able to save many Historical documents and Maps. It is now time to let the New Mankind know why we are here at this time.

Now let you light match your love for Humanity. You must now take your new light and shine it on Mankind.

On many planes of existence knowledge will light the way. You are a part of this knowledge and you must now relay new information just as you did on Lemuria.

Now I will give you what needs to be relayed.

Nibiru’s Mass is causing many weather patterns to alter. When you are in alignment with many large Planets your Planet will alter herself. Nibiru will make a brilliant Glow in the sky very soon. When this happens many will become unable to move as they will be in fear. Love will move them when it is aligned with the cosmic centre of the milky way. Know that all will be fine.

Many light workers and star seeds will make many new connections at this time.

You will make a very kindred connection with your higher self.

You and Leslee are sisters in Lemuria.  Leslee is Agnus the mother of Morain. You must Contact Leslee and let her know what new connections you have made now that link you  together at this time. Much must happen now as we move forward. You must now Blog your message in full.

You must now make a choice as to what you write. Let your light shine forth.

Crystallineblue: Mia the Pleidian