2 comments on “Was it a Dream!

  1. What an interesting dream!

    Something that led me down this current spiritual path of mine was the Tayos caves. The description is very similar.


    The passageways were constructed with some kind of mechanical process, walls and ceilings with 90 degree angles. It was such a big deal there was a military expedition there, including neil armstrong. What would he have seen that would require his expertise in Equador?

    This same construction is also talked about by others in relation to area 51. My thinking is that it is built over a much older complex. By, oh, 15000 years? 🙂

  2. I know where I was seemed to be full of many things I have never seen before but for some reason was linked to me in some way. Also a sense of many very old cultures. Thank you for the link Troy.

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