The journey continues, a quick update: Hitsusi :

I am Arachanaï

Our journey continuous as we try to deepen our connection and explore a different space make up.We still have connection with Hitsusi during meditations. You can read them in the Crystal Connection section. This conversation about Hitsusi deepens with Leslee.

Hi, Lisa, I found these sketches, and realize that as I’ve been saying “Adca Mupea”, I was envisioning “Merhea Cahdeh”… I knew that they are related, but didn’t realize they look much alike… I’d be curious to know what Hitsusi says about this connection!

Umbro sketch in STC:

link to Merhea Cahdeh (Adca Mupea has a similar aspect):

Merhea cahdeh

Then I responded on this email, ofcourse some of the email is private so I only took what is relevant for this post:

Hi Leslee,

I thought is really amazing when I saw your sketches of Merhea Cahdeh as the have to seem the same vibrations. I haven’t been talking to…

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