Hi all I received this message on the 7 December from Mia a Pleiadian

Good morning Mia.

Much needs to be done this morning, you must listen carefully. We are moving very fast toward Ascension. You must make your mark now. Much must be said. Know that we love you and will protect you.

Now let us begin.

Many of Humanity are in turmoil. let us help them to understand what is happening with the weather at the moment.

There is a Planet in alignment with the sun making the weather on earth unstable. We are doing our best to protect Humanity from the pull of this Planet this is why there are a number of large ships near your sun. You are an important light worker who began your mission many years ago in Lemuria, you knew what was going to happen when the planet arrived last time. Many on Lemuria listened to what you had to say and they were able to save many Historical documents and Maps. It is now time to let the New Mankind know why we are here at this time.

Now let you light match your love for Humanity. You must now take your new light and shine it on Mankind.

On many planes of existence knowledge will light the way. You are a part of this knowledge and you must now relay new information just as you did on Lemuria.

Now I will give you what needs to be relayed.

Nibiru’s Mass is causing many weather patterns to alter. When you are in alignment with many large Planets your Planet will alter herself. Nibiru will make a brilliant Glow in the sky very soon. When this happens many will become unable to move as they will be in fear. Love will move them when it is aligned with the cosmic centre of the milky way. Know that all will be fine.

Many light workers and star seeds will make many new connections at this time.

You will make a very kindred connection with your higher self.

You and Leslee are sisters in Lemuria.  Leslee is Agnus the mother of Morain. You must Contact Leslee and let her know what new connections you have made now that link you  together at this time. Much must happen now as we move forward. You must now Blog your message in full.

You must now make a choice as to what you write. Let your light shine forth.

Crystallineblue: Mia the Pleidian

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    • Yes and my life has changed with the messages I have begun to receive. Many will know who I am for their light also now burns in truth. 12/12/ will see many more light workers and star seeds come on line and begin to make connections. We are nearly there. Much love and light dear one.

  2. So beautiful, Suzanne! The tone of this message is very consistent with ones I have been receiving too, lately. Thank you so much (and to Mia, as well), and I look forward to more! 😀

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