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Dream-world-wallpaper-pixhomeHi ladies and gents!

It came up today that it might help some of us if I discuss how I can remember some of my past lives? Then I would also like to share another one or two topics which came up for me today.

I will try to briefly describe what is taking place for me. The trick for all these methods, I think, is to be present when images, sounds, smells, voices resurface from our subconscious mind. This can come easily to you, or it can be a life long self discovery journey. Usually spiritual work on oneself DOES help a lot.

It is important to understand that past life memories are just like any other memories… once a thread appears, try to be present to what comes up within, what triggers you. Trying a few times may be necessary also. It is also possible to retrieve more…

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Blue Dragon Journal


The Divine Mother: Welcome to a New World

via Eliza Ayres

As I look upon your world, I see that all of you are beginning to wake up to the fact that you are indeed a part of each other; that none of you has ever been separate from yourselves or from Source. For some of you this is startling information for you have forgotten from thence you have come. You are an emanation, a soul extension of your own soul, who is, in its turn, an extension or step down from its monad or soul family and so on until Source is reached. Yet you exist within Source; in truth you have never been anywhere else. You have merely forgotten and allowed yourself to be deluded into believing that you are separate from your parents, from Mother / Father God, from the rest of the universes, from All That…

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Konstantinos: Message from Commander Zunko of the 3D Mars interior

Martian Commander Zunko

Many greetings.

I am Commander Zunko. I lead a starfleet  that originates from the interior of the 3D  planet that you call Mars. This fleet expands to our solar system and beyond and co operates with other fleets of the Galactic Forces and Confederations.

Recently, you learned further truths about the real nature of Mars. You are aware of the pyramids, the civilization that used to exist on the surface, the destruction, the cities that exist in the hollow part of the planet, the secret projects of your governments, the similarity between Earth’s and Mar’s atmosphere and some other things.

Many things begin or continue to be acknowledged to you and this is because, it is part of the shift process of the veil of doubts and incorrect perceptions. All proceeds well. Focus with a healthy confidence and calm to the last, of great energetic importance, days of December and prepare yourselves for the following period after the December 23rd.

Many of the things that you have in mind from different sources will happen but not necessarily as you initially had imagined. But whatever is suitable to happen, in order to assure ‘officially’, meaning with a more open for you way, your new age of transparency, will happen. Have faith in your Heart and the Creator.

Like the faith that many of my people had, in order to abandon Mars while he was perishing, but without losing any hope. Many of them reside from that period on Earth and live among you on the surface. After some time, a part of my people returned to Mars and decided to reside in the interior for reasons, like the help that we could offer to Earth, co operating with other civilizations of the Federation.

The American bases that exist on Mars are not able to hurt us, because we are protected. Very few cases of people have been met with some of us. We do not stand as an obstacle to your government’s works, because we thought and also were guided that the existence of their bases would contribute to the necessary for you disclosures, as it has already started to happen.We are not alone and same goes for you, too. Some locations of our cities are found under the remains of Mar’s pyramids and temples. These points hold a significant role to our guidance and also, protection from anything harmful.

Do not have expectations and do not fill your Spirit with anxiety during these important days of your year. Be in tune with the Divine Pulse and experience the feeling of knowledge that all these incidents for your switchover to the Light have already occurred. Visualize and feel and you will be witnesses of the situations that you expect. There is no destruction there, but only rebirth. The Phoenix is ready to arise again. You are the Phoenix.

You have the Love and Respect of me and my people from the interior of Mars of the 3D.

Goodbye for now.

Commander Zunko.

As received by Konstantinos.

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