Take in a deep draught now
Blow forth a large comfortable
Comforting space in the apparent
Emptiness, vibrant with hidden life

Take time now to contemplate
Wise up, rise up in droll majesty
And wry, is it not, this mysterious
Gift and yet burden of embodied life

Whatever we cannot find fresh time
And space for, beloved companions
To joyfully embrace with acceptance
And unforeseen love imprisons us

Rather than embellishing us
The vast and sumptuous richness
There are unenvisioned treasures
To be found there in the shadows

The White Sisterhood: New Town for a New Era


This is the White Sisterhood.

We speak to you today to address the question of the Resistance Movement. What transpired in New Town is a part of this. Let us first talk about the significance of the name of the town. This is a New Town, heralding a New Era.

Having a conversation about guns, or politics, or mental illness is important, but it does not address the underlying issue. You see, the Resistance Movement is made up of children who resist all that is wrong with your current society. That is what they are here for. This is their mission. This is not to say that this is an ARMED resistance movement. This is to say that they are here to resist in whatever way they can. This may involve such behaviors as “going boneless” to such violent actions as causing harm to themselves and others. Pharmaceutical treatments only mask the problem, they do not solve the problem. Only when the real problem is truly dealt with, does the resistance lay down their arms.

So what is the problem, and how can it be dealt with? This is your job. This is for you to discover. To be blunt, the problem is not with these children, but it is with those to whom they are connected. They are here, as a gift from God, to show you what still needs to be dealt with. Think of it as a puzzle – and the end result is to transmute the social ills (also known as “social norms”), that which no longer serves humanity.

Do not fear the violence that you may witness, but know that this can be a direct one to one correlation to the severity of the problem that needs to be dealt with. It is a cause and effect reaction to that which they find in their social environment. When that environment is “cleaned up,” these children modify their behavior to suit their environment.

Know that the Resistance Movement may also be other things, but this is a critical facet of this movement that humanity should be aware of at this time. Look within and know that this is where you will find the tools to solve all problems. And know that the children of the Resistance Movement are here at this time, fulfilling their role in the highest aspect of divine love. They are and will always be cared for, and they will never leave your side. They are your teachers and protectors. They are also your children, as you are their children. They love you as you love them. They are the angels you pray to and ask for assistance. And so, you have received this assistance. It is not a punishment. It is an opportunity.

We love you.

The White Sisterhood


SaLuSa ~ December 17, 2012

SaLuSa 17-December-2012

You are getting used to the idea that duality such as you experienced it, is now consigned to the past. So you can now get on with the task of cleansing out all old personal energies, that you know will have no place in the higher dimension. You should find it easier now that you have been lifted into the higher frequency, as you will instinctively know what requires your attention. The turning point has been reached and there is no going back, and your sight should be firmly set upon the future. With the Ascension of Earth you will have truly entered the Golden Age, and can go ahead with the re-organization and cleansing, and the establishment of a Galactic Civilization.

We know that many of you who did not necessarily feel greatly uplifted by 12.12., have since noticed changes within yourself. This will continue as your body responds to the energies still reaching your Earth. Ascension still continues as does your spiritual evolution, but it will be a while before the next crucial point. The coming exciting times are going to allow you choice as to where your future lies. Great opportunities will be presented to you quite unlike those in your past, when your first consideration was to earn an income to survive. No such problems will exist in the very near future, and you will have all of your time to follow your hearts desire. Service to others will be most satisfying and rewarding, as you will be aware that it is the main purpose in your life.

So as time progresses you will phase out some things that gave you pleasure in the old dimension that have begun to lose their appeal. Your desire will be for more pure and wholesome pursuits, and of an energy that lifts your vibrations even higher. Addictions and old habits will gradually be discarded, as you find more interesting and satisfying ways to spend your time. You will never be lost for something new to experience, and making new friendships wherever you go will provide you with a wonderful sense of fulfillment. Be assured however, that many special relationships you have had on Earth will carry on into the future, and a strong love link will never see you separated for long.

Love is the key to everything which is why you are encouraged to work towards Unconditional Love. It is the ultimate achievement that opens every door for you, and enables you to continue moving upwards through the different dimensions. It has been worthwhile trying to achieve some success whilst living in energies that have not been the most ideal to do it in. You have had too many distractions and confrontations with those who have fallen into the lower vibrations. Now the Age of Materialism is rapidly receding into the background before it completely disappears. The progress you have made up to now has been achieved in the most testing circumstances, and we marvel at your resilience and determination to be successful. It will take you a long way forward on your path to completion which is your real goal.

You do not necessarily need to know how you reached this high point that carries you into the New Age. All of you have experienced every conceivable situation or challenge at some stage in your many lives, and that inner voice has kept you focusing on your life plan. Now that the cycle of duality has all but finished, it has little or no influence upon you anymore. The most important thing in your lives now is to continue looking ahead, and step into your new Self. One that will gently take its place in the beautiful energies of the higher dimensions. Although you have had hundreds of lives, the experience you are about to have will be quite unique and one to treasure for a long time to come.

Meanwhile you bide your time as we of the Galactic Federation of Light ready ourselves to be involved in the many projects that will continue to bring the New Age into being. We will tell you that any day now you may learn of matters that will show how near things are about to take off. We are absolutely ready for action, and it is as you would expect bearing in mind the delays that have occurred already. We continue to monitor world situations and as we have done for some time now, have stopped any escalation of the Middle East situation that could otherwise have brought about another World War. Such happenings are already consigned to the past, and we cannot wait to bring about permanent world peace. It must come as the low vibrations of war and anything connected with it, cannot exist in the higher dimensions.

For those of you who celebrate Christmas it is a time of giving and remembering those who are not so well off, and we see that your love and generosity has far exceeded any other occasion. That is a sign of the degree to which you have all advanced on your spiritual paths, and has brought about a great increase in the amount of Love that has been grounded upon Earth. With the New Age upon you these energies will continue increasing, and there will be a wonderful feeling all around of great joy and happiness. It will not be a momentary experience as the high energies are to become what you will term as normal. This feeling of such bliss is the most difficult one to put into words, as it is all encompassing and so powerful. It is as though a great love has picked you up and entered every cell of your body. In some of your moments of immense emotional feelings of happiness and love you have so to say, hit the high spots. That is as near as most of you have got to feeling the level of love that we have referred to.

You will find that those beautiful feelings of harmony and peace will come to you more often as the days pass by. As you have cleansed your own body of unwanted attachments, so you have made a place for more of the higher energies. Do not forget that your body cells are changing even now, until they become completely crystalline. It allows for a greater level of consciousness befitting of a soul entering the higher dimensions. It is the commencement of your path to full consciousness and becoming a Galactic Being.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased you are at last in sight of the finishing line. You have waited long for these days after your great sojourn in the darkness. You are well established in the Light, and it will continue to grow exponentially. You are Love incarnate, and we are privileged to be part of it.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey