Konstantinos: My experiences on Dec 21st 2012 after Cobra’s meditation


Hello dear friends. My personal Ascension process still continues and contains very beautiful moments of Bliss, Awareness and Unity. At 13:11 Greece timezone, I implemented, after an organized and calm preparation, the meditation steps that have been given by Cobra here: http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2012/12/make-thisviral-day-of-contact-12-21.html .

I implemented the steps that are described below:

1. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes. Connect with our main activation group on the Giza plateau in Egypt and with many other groups worldwide so that we create One being in action.
2. There are many ships of positive ET civilizations surrounding the Earth, literally covering the sky in all locations and altitudes. Those ships are not visible to the naked eye because they are cloaked so the Cabal would not detect them. Choose a ship that is directly above your location and connect energetically with beings within that ship in whatever way works for you.
3. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light descending from the ship directly through your body to the center of the Earth. Now invite that ship to descend, hover directly above you and make contact with you in whatever way suitable. Ask the beings in that ship to assist humanity in the liberation process. Make an unconditional decision for Disclosure and First Contact and communicate this to them. If 144,000 of us do that, great things are possible!
4. You might get a strong energy response, but be prepared that any form of physical contact may happen as well. Stay in Oneness with beings from that ship for some time.
If you wish to take the contact with your chosen ship to a more advanced level, you can use CE-5 protocols developed by Dr. Steven Greer. To receive instructions, you can join a CE-5 group here:

21 dec 2012 meditation drawing 1  21 dec 2012 meditation drawing 2

Above are the depictions, that I made, of the pictures that I received during this process. Before I receive any kind of picture, I heard the words:

Your desires such as the official physical contact with our ambassadors, have been given from you all, so much energy of attraction that through the Universal Functions of the Cosmos they have no other choice than to be materialized on your physical level ‘.

Picture 1 depicts the general form, shape and characteristics of the ship with which I connected.

Picture 2 shows the ship’s first appearance on my 3rd eye and then, in picture 3 and 4, its shape shifting.

Then, in picture 5 the ship took a more specific look with purple windows and black-purple-grey cell. These colors instantly reversed as you can see in picture 6 and then, as it is seen in picture 7, it got a multicolored appearance. All its appearances were very radiant.

Then, I found myself in its interior and I looked up. Picture 8 shows the half of the upper part of the ship’s interior.

After that, some very white light radiant silhouettes came near to me and greeted me.

Then, I saw more clear pictures of beings, as you can see in pictures 10,11,12,14 and 15. In picture 13, I depict the eye and the hand of the being or the beings that I wished to ‘examine’ closer because I was feeling like I wanted to feel assured about the ‘reality’ of their existence at that specific time and case and of course, the ‘reality’ of the experience itself, though I had other similar experiences in meditations and in the dream state.

I had a similar and very real experience on my Dec 16th 2012 meditation which you can view here:http://awakeningtothedivine.wordpress.com/my-dream-experiences-on-the-astral-plane/. It is the last and most recent add of mine, so it won’t be difficult for you to find it.

Before I do this meditation, I was guided to listen to the specific uplifting parts of the soundtrack of the movie ‘Close encounters of the Third Kind ‘ and I can surely tell you that they touched my Heart, as they do every time. Yes, I cried but I enjoyed that moment of release and I had a deep connection. I was hearing the words ‘Beloveds, all are well. Do not lose hope. We will meet up ‘ .

The energies of this day do not go unnoticed by me and I’m sure by many others. They are a perfect opportunity for the ones who have consciously stated to themselves and to the Universe their choice to act and be a 5th dimensional being, a being of Love without limits and Wisdom as well. Let’s continue uplifting the vibrations of ourselves, the planet and the beings around us through these high energies. After all, we volunteered for this and as many others stated, this is not the end but the beginning of the manifestation of our return at Home.

Much Love everybody and I wish you all a wonderful Ascension process.



A new addition to the family. As you all may know, “Max” also happens to be the Crystal Skull representing the 12+1 of the Crystal Skull collective. And a further synch, after my Attunement with the collective I saw a black skull.

This little guy came to us for free because a family near us is a single mom with 2 young kids. She was overwhelmed. Ours are older now so Max is a nice addition, and he is extremely well behaved. 🙂

Happy Mayan New Year everyone! 😀