A new addition to the family. As you all may know, “Max” also happens to be the Crystal Skull representing the 12+1 of the Crystal Skull collective. And a further synch, after my Attunement with the collective I saw a black skull.

This little guy came to us for free because a family near us is a single mom with 2 young kids. She was overwhelmed. Ours are older now so Max is a nice addition, and he is extremely well behaved. 🙂

Happy Mayan New Year everyone! 😀

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  1. Happy New Era to All of You!
    Troy, it is so nice this lovely Creature 🙂
    ( ( SUN ) )
    I have to share some things that happened since last night

  2. Troy, Max is beautiful! I’m sure he will give much love to your family.

    I am happy, and excited that we are entering the the Golden Age!

    Love you all

  3. Max is a cutie! What a sweet face. He’s sure to bring lots of love to your family. Thanks for sharing. Taz

  4. Welcome Max, little sweety… I know you are going to be really happy with your new home.
    An update on my situation…. Rudy is no longer with me. He was stolen some time ago. I did have a feeling that his experience with me was going to be short, so I’m not really upset. I only hold the intent that where he is now is more suited to him and his purpose here.
    But on a happy note, Rudy’s son, Ruff has chosen to take up the duties of his dad and is turning out to be a great companion/friend. In the last few days I have noticed Ruff acting differently a little bit. He’s far more likely to take a moment and think about what I say to him… He also seems to stare into my head more lately. I haven’t made the “connection” to any degree I could say was profound, but it’s coming.

    Here’s a pic of the Ruff….


    Oh, I have seen him get distracted by something outside the window too… We will be playing or skritchng and he will suddenly stop and get really interested in something outside. When I look I don’t see anything, but have felt sort of a presence on occasion. He actually umped up and barked at it a few times. I hope the folks he was barking at know that although he is HUGE, he’s a gentle, if somewhat bulldoserish boy. I think bulldoser emulation is part of the Bernese genetic makeup. LMAO.

  5. Max appreciates all well wishings 🙂

    John so sorry to hear about your loss of Rudy, I know he brought you great happyness.. I feel maybe that wise soul is taking some of your Great Light and sharing it with someone who needs it… Whoever it is picked the wrong starseed to mess with 😉 Ruff is a nice looking dog.

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