Aurora dreamflights 2.0

Hey, I know this is not Dreamflights related in a direct way, but I believe it gives a good explanation for the reason why Dreamflights are now stopped 🙂 . Hope it helps 🙂



(please listen to the audio recording if you can for the complete message)

Update on Channeled Messages:

I am receiving more and more information from the Higher Realms, and at a faster and faster speed. I find that speaking and doing recordings allows me to say more than writing information down. People also feel a higher benefit from the voice frequency.

I will of course continue with written work as well, but will still do more audio recordings than before.

As a matter of fact I had agreed to do channeled work only until the 21st Dec. 2012 with SaLuSa and with other Ascended beings. I will still receive messages from above…

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I am Arachanaï

my higher self ArachanaiThis is the first time I am channeling, this is my first ever channeling of my higher self. I was a bit weary to post it but I got confirmation from a sweet lady that I trust 100%  that the message I received is genuine and not my ego speaking. Yesterday after I was reading Steve Beckow’s article: Bliss Rising I got this message written down.

Since I was reading the Ascension papers from Zingdad 4 years ago, I always felt the connection of my higher self on the 5th dimension and the knowing I already had ascended, I only had to work to change my perception of it. After the portal opening on 21st December I felt this connecting growing, getting more intense and feeling more closer than ever. Since last week my higher self came through stronger and stronger…and yesterday I felt so compelled to write the message…

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