I just wanted to wish everyone out there a very Happy Holiday! I Love you all so much, and hope that this holiday season is happy, prosperous and exciting for all! Let’s bring the new year in with Love and Compassion! Namaste’!
~Michael H.

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Konstantinos: Some news and a personal wish

Hello everybody and I hope you are all doing well. Me, well, I can certainly say that I feel much lighter, like I have left behind some baggage and I’m still working on it of course, but with a much lighter Heart.

I’ve also noticed that things that I used to do since childhood have started to come through me more often than ever, like the transmission of symbols as well as me talking a language that feels familiar…and I do all this, among other things, since a very young age.

I mention this thing with the language on my blog profile but never felt sure if it would be right for me to discuss this further. But these days, I received an inner like urge from my Higher Self to share this and I  also feel a little more encouraged about it, since I’ve noticed that many people around the glob talk and/or write these languages. I have come to understand once again, that everyone are able, among many other things, to channel and most people actually do this almost all the time unconsciously.

Well, the last days and today, I have received strong energetically images of beings that I have not encountered before and also, I decided to share some of the symbols that came through me.



img003 IM 5-2

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I wish everyone merry Christmas and a happy, joyful, with as more Light events as possible, New Year. A wish that I have is for everyone, including me, to start act through their inner Christ and through that Light to help others rediscover their Light too. To help to the creation of a gathering of even more candles and beacons of true Love. To be like living fountains who let their water of Forgiveness and Unity emanate everything without limits and distinctions. Let’s let the gift for ourselves and all the others to be this that words like ‘Love’ cannot even describe it completely, since it’s so vast, infinite and indescribably beautiful.


And let’s not limit ourselves doing this  only to celebration periods but as often as possible. It’s the best solution for a problem, the best healing for an illness, the most powerful force there is that nothing can’t defeat it..and it’s the reason why you and me and everything exist. I Love You.

Well, the whirlwind of events and time continues spinning for me, so I’m just now getting around to re-blogging this… I really look forward to a quiet day tomorrow, and finally getting a chance to read some of the many posts I’ve been missing over the past two weeks. I’ve missed you all, even though I’m very grateful to be so busy! Much love to you all, dear lights! 🙂

Up 2 The 5th


(From Leslee: I received this while journaling several days ago, with this message from Teo’Na. It’s been an incredibly busy week for me, and today is the first time I’ve had a chance to post this. I hope you’re all enjoying a wonderful solstice experience!) [Ghost Radar words appear in brackets]

18 December 2012

(As December 21 approaches, I wish to receive… It feels odd to have no questions, no expectations. Yet I know it is not “normal”: these energies, these impressions, are very vast, profuse, and magnificent. They are also very profound yet subtle. I know they are there… no need to question or prove or establish. And this is my new world. A world in which these [atom] things are openly observed, honored and acknowledged.

(I feel this will not be a Q&A session; I hear “We are beyond that. Guidance becomes integrated with being. Questions arise when…

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I am Arachanaï


This picture is taken on the 20th of December after a hail/rain storm in Summer. But after the storm we got blessed by this beautiful double rainbow.


I am starting with the Crystal Meditation I had on:


I connect and I see fire works and confetti and celebrations. I see earth expanding in light and burst into a bright ball, I see earth going higher dimension. I am on my ship managing the energy of earth and everyone on it… And I am managing the portals too. I can feel my light body growing, it is huge, I still can feel my light body , it is huge.

Note as I was doing this meditation. And later I was reading an article of Stephen Cook, December 21 and Ascension: Definitions, Visions and Meanings…I read it after my meditation, and I was amazed how much in sync it…

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