My experience as Seeding New realities – December 23 , 2012

My dear Friends
I know we were together in Spirit when seeding New Realities for All of Us as a Collective
Here is my Meditation . This is one of the most Powerful Meditations , I got insights of some past lives that explain certain situations in this current incarnation of mine.
I saw Giant Blue People of Light, they were watching and are here to witness our transition
I went through the channel/tunnel and raised my consciousness over my current physical self. I got a sense of my Multidimensional Self that is transcendent to time and space.
I saw Our Planet that was getting out of a Portal/Black Hole, the Planet was surrounded by Energy of Light , this energy was like a cloud or steam round the Planet and the Planet was Golden like from this Light
I got a feeling of moving very fast on a ray of Golden Light, I saw the World from above
The sense of Sphere intensified as the Meditation neared its end and the sound waves got more intense and pulsating at the center of my Brain/pineal gland/. I found myself in the center of a Huge Sphere of All Possibilities
I imagined my Future Self living in a wonderful World around me, on the New Earth all people were living in Peace and Happiness, we are using free energy and have vehicles for moving into different environments, in the air, in water, in the ocean, in Space and throughout the Universe/Universes
The buildings were crystalline and could change form depending on our needs
Everyone can create by the Power of thought, no corruption, no money, everything was available for everyone and all People were Highly evolved Ascended Beings, I saw Ascended Masters and Our Brothers and Sisters from the Stars and all co-operate for the highest good of all
After the 30-minutes sound meditation my Head felt like pulsating on equal intervals, my Brain was Pulsating
I sensed LIGHT