Melchizedek and Lemuria.

Continuation of my last message from St Germain.

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    • Allow the Heart to open and speak dear Vlad you may be surprised at what you find within. Much love light and blessings to you.

      • I already know what happened here on earth in the past .. and who is sending these messages, and why.
        They are not gods or angels – and have never been the gods and angels

        • May I ask how you already know the past when much is still hidden from humanities history. For I do not profess to know even this with blind faith in what I myself have not witnessed. Yes there is much written both positive and negative, there is also much that has been altered or erased by those who seek to control Humanity but it is up to the heart to use discernment as the minds Ego tends to take over control in all things to the detriment of Light and love so that duality continues on many lands today.

          • the one who is looking for = he always finds
            history has been hidden, but no longer hidden – all is clear(understanding).
            and glacial periods, and Atlantis and the Sumerians, and Egypt, and Peru is all links in the same chain ..
            as well as the impending “God’s” kingdom which constantly trumpeting day and night, and why reptiles rebels pass these messages (and other blocking),
            and to whom It was here the throne is prepared … and who so wanted to get the throne (his name ENKI), and whose son is rebelled (apple from the apple tree does not fall far).
            AND WHY ENKI comes as an avatar of Jesus Christ and why his children from Mary Magdalene left(saved), and why he the Atlanteans saved (and this was only his children), about other rest people – he was not worried…
            He thought only about how to get the throne, always and everywhere, and now call it the so-called “the kingdom of God” “divine kingdom”, and why caste rich Masons call themselves blue blood, and the God favorites….
            and why when Enki sent messages to people, he said, about everything, but forgotten to mention that the people in slavery of reptiles rebels, and that his son Marduk (Amun Ra) rebelled…. And etc, so many why here ….

            • Vlad you mention the cultures that the Archaeologists have poured over for many many years. some have been closed off especially in Egypt and some of the finds have been hidden or mysteriously disappeared. My question is Why now. You mention Atlantis which has yet to be found when in fact there are cultures that have been erased by Man because of what they could reveal. Governments are still erasing cultures and their past even today.We are but a speck in the vast Universe that cycles above us. A universe teaming with life that also have many cultures. We at this time are going into another cycle, What is it about this cycle that has Humanity in the streets saying enough to their governments.Standing up against War. Whether you believe one thing or another there is a change in the air and every one can sense or feel it. Light Workers speak from their heart, are the right, are they wrong I guess we will find out one way or another very very soon.

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