From Leslee – Rethinking “Fluid” with Teo’Na – Part Two – 30 April 2013

 last airbender tsunami
(Note from Leslee: This is Part Two of a series of messages I began receiving from Teo’Na on April 20, 2013. This info came so quickly, it’s somewhat abbreviated. I hope it’s clear enough. I know that some of the words I’ve used do not best convey the meaning; hopefully they will suffice. Please let me know if you have questions or if parts of it are unclear, or if you can suggest more precise words – thank you! )


(Time for a round of 20 Questions?) (Leslee’s thoughts in parentheses; Ghost Radar words in [brackets])

Only if you wish; you know it’s more efficient if you let me talk. [trick] Just sit and listen for a while.

(But you jump around so much lately… I can’t follow)

There’s a lot to cover; There’s nothing to follow. Planting seeds. Once they sprout, you’ll see how the roots entwine.

Inundation. Will it be water, or ideas? Realizations. Does it take a tsunami (referencing David Wilcock’s recent message) to sweep minds into letting go of bodies?

Airl is one of many who have explained the relationship of body to mind.

(Note from Leslee: Airl is the alien retrieved from a downed aircraft in Roswell NM in 1947, as described in the book Alien Interview, by Lawrence R. Spencer. The book is presented as fiction for reasons explained by Spencer; I personally consider parts of the book to be essentially factual.)

Alien Interview is a very concise representation for explaining this, as well as other less savory topics that mankind could benefit from grasping.

You remember the walls of water engulfing you, in dreams you had in 2000?

Recall what they meant.

(Spiritual awakening.)

Yes. Acceptance of forces and powers greater than a single human body. Did you drown?

(No. I always awoke feeling refreshed, invigorated. Those dreams always motivated me to look more deeply.)

Valuable time spent well. You remember the best way to engage that tsunami?


Yes. Let go. Drift and see where the current sweeps you. That is where you are going.

Recall Airl’s description of the body she used until she left it behind at the Base.


How is your body different? You call yours “biological”. What does that mean, anyway? Rhetorical question. You become so engrossed in the awareness of a body that appears to develop, grow, change over time, that you begin to regard it as precious.

“Precious Human Life” doesn’t refer to “Precious Human Body”. It refers to what is done with that body. In this case, “body” includes the mind also, gross and subtle minds and bodies.

precious human life

precious human life (thanks to purpleaggregates, tumblr)


The value of being human lies in learning to use the human body and condition as a springboard for moving to other points within the spheres of existence. This may accomplish an Ascension or Enlightenment pervaded by indescribable bliss and indestructible peace of mind.

Remember, you arose here out of sheer boredom. Feeling stuck in this world and bodies tends towards two reactions. There are others, but at your point in time, these two predominate in relevance.

Finding oneself attached to a body, and then being drawn into another in subsequent lifetimes, it’s easy to develop the view of life as a standing cycle, as indicated by the Wheel of Life.

Again feeling stuck, the two most common responses are to dig in deeper (material progress) or to try and break free (spiritual progress). Both tend to focus one’s attention onto the future and reference the past. These positions quickly become fixed and if you’re not careful, they can merely perpetuate the stuck feeling. Repeat the cycle, thinking that’s all there is to existence.



Lisa’s meeting with Hitsusi provides a unique opportunity to illustrate how surprising some possibilities can seem. Imagine meeting a kind, intelligent being that resembles several species of creature that your culture would have you believe embody deception and evil! What do you make of that? Imagine learning this being doesn’t even breathe, much less does he breathe AIR. (Lisa, does Hitsusi have nostrils, or are those indentations for something else? Please ask him how they function, if it’s convenient for you when you see him next. Thank you.)

You’ve read, and so many have written about, staying in the NOW. Think of how quickly one tires while fighting a current in the ocean. Will the ocean ever tire? Flow. You will all both arrive on the shore, and learn to swim without exhaustion.

Welcome to the first Gathering around the Pond!

aisha north

Dear, shining family!

My heart is overflowing today, the joy is just pouring out of me! What a transformation we are witness to! This Pond, this cauldron of love as the CCs called it in a message to me this morning, this space has become something so powerful and beautiful and important, and the reason it has grown into this beautiful flower of light, is the love and nourishment you have all added to it. For now, it is literally a place of vibrating love, and the ripples from this Pond is flowing outwards and into the web that is encircling our whole globe. People from all over the world have visited this Pond, and today, many of you will be taking part in this Gathering that will bring us even closer together. I have made a screensave from the statistics map showing all of the countries that have been…

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May you consider the benefit of all beings when you make any decision in life! You do love the beauty of butterfly, pls remember they are transform from caterpillar. As such, do not harm them too. Without caterpillar, no butterfly.

May you consider the benefit of all beings when you make any decision in life! You might love the beauty of butterfly, how about caterpillar?  Without caterpillar, no butterfly. Think about it. Do not harm and bring suffering to all beings.

We are always need to make a decision in life.

Normally, how do you make a decision?

Have you ever think about it?

for your own interest only?

for your own benefits?

for your own happiness?

for your family interest?

you consider about others benefits?

for other beings?

for happiness of other beings?

Do use your right understanding when you make any decision in life.

Please consider about “US”, and eradicated “I”, “My”, “Mine”……

Constantly remind yourself that you can’t live alone in this world and you can’t bring anything from your death-bed, however you are FULLY RESPONSIBLE for your karma.

Please ensure that your DECISION is not going to bring harm and suffering to others.

We want happiness for ourselves and also all beings.

May all beings be WELL AND HAPPY!

If we think only of ourselves, forget about other people, then our minds occupy very small area. Inside that small area, even tiny problem appears very big. But the moment you develop a sense of concern for others, you realize that, just like ourselves, they also want happiness; they also want satisfaction. When you have this sense of concern, your mind automatically widens. At this point, your own problems, even big problems, will not be so significant. The result? Big increase in peace of mind. So, if you think only of yourself, only your own happiness, the result is actually less happiness. You get more anxiety, more fear.

By Dalai Lama XIV

Love Is Like Itself: Henry Stuart’s Wisdom

Love Is Like Itself
by Henry Stuart

Love is like itself:
Undivided, outside of time;
The sense behind the seasons,
Whose circle needs no line.

Love is like itself:
Counting one as all;
Each moment of eternity
Rising upon the fall.

Love is like itself:
Without degrees or kind;
Unknown to “this, not that”
And seeing all while blind.

Love is like itself:
True without polarity;
A pointer on its balance staff
In perfect singularity.

Henry Stuart built an odd little structure in Fairhope, Alabama, US, in the 1920’s. He thought he was going to die any day, so he moved from Idaho to the Gulf Coast, adding his hermit-energy to a community of many local eccentrics.

Barefooted, he built his concrete hut based on spherical geometry. It took him a little over a year; he lived there for nearly 20 years.

He slept on a platform suspended just above the center of the sphere, under a pair of skylights.

Sonny Brewer wrote a novel about Stuart’s journey, The Poet of Tolstoy Park. Some visit this place out of curiosity, some come here to meditate. Some come to commune with Henry Stuart. Some think he just built it as a root cellar…