Love Is Like Itself: Henry Stuart’s Wisdom

Love Is Like Itself
by Henry Stuart

Love is like itself:
Undivided, outside of time;
The sense behind the seasons,
Whose circle needs no line.

Love is like itself:
Counting one as all;
Each moment of eternity
Rising upon the fall.

Love is like itself:
Without degrees or kind;
Unknown to “this, not that”
And seeing all while blind.

Love is like itself:
True without polarity;
A pointer on its balance staff
In perfect singularity.

Henry Stuart built an odd little structure in Fairhope, Alabama, US, in the 1920’s. He thought he was going to die any day, so he moved from Idaho to the Gulf Coast, adding his hermit-energy to a community of many local eccentrics.

Barefooted, he built his concrete hut based on spherical geometry. It took him a little over a year; he lived there for nearly 20 years.

He slept on a platform suspended just above the center of the sphere, under a pair of skylights.

Sonny Brewer wrote a novel about Stuart’s journey, The Poet of Tolstoy Park. Some visit this place out of curiosity, some come here to meditate. Some come to commune with Henry Stuart. Some think he just built it as a root cellar…






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