A New Site Just for Abiquor

fountain portal platform

fountain portal platform


Hi, Everyone,

We have created a new website specifically for sharing Abiquor!

This provides a focused place for folks who are intently interested in Abiquor and have requested a way to easily stay in touch about progress there.

I’m hoping that folks in Pagosa Springs and the Four Corners area will add their views and experiences, as these are many and varied!

Please check it out if you like: http://abiquor.wordpress.com/


Leslee Hare-Wondering About This Site?

[Note from Konstantinos: This is a ‘welcome’ kind of post with information and guidelines from my friend Leslee Hare and it’s about a new wonderful site that goes by the name ‘Abiquor Center of Light-one of many gathering places for inhabitants of the new earth‘. For more details you can read the post below and also, you can press on the link to wander to that beautiful site. Much Love to all.]


fountain portal platform

This site is where you can come to read and see a compilation of what we’re experiencing around “Abiquor” (Abi-Qor).

Hi, Everyone,

Welcome to the Blog Site for Abiquor! I’ll share more about the intent of the site below; if you’re familiar with blogging and authoring on a site, please feel free to scroll on down.

We’re just getting started, and a few questions have come up, so this post will hopefully explain a little better.

If you just want to read and perhaps comment:

  • You’re welcome to participate by simply reading and commenting, if you like! Thank you for joining us here – everyone’s energy is instrumental in bringing forth the wonderful energy nodes of this new world.
  • If you click the “Follow By Email” button, you will receive an email when a new Post is made. The “How To” page gives instructions on how to control how often you get emails.
  • Commenting is easier if you create a WordPress account. I will be posting instructions on doing this on the How To page soon. It’s free, and although setting up an ID also creates a blog site for yourself, you can completely ignore that and use the account to simply read and comment.
  • If you’re trying to find something that was posted some time ago, and you don’t see the Post, try the Search function on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Please browse the Pages also (the tabs at the top of the screen, or the drop down if you’re on a mobile device), as they may contain content that does not appear in Posts.

If you would like to contribute to the site:

  • I have sent invitations to folks whom I understand to feel connected with Abiquor. If you would like one and have not received one yet, please email me and I will send you one (oneriver69@gmail.com).
  • If you prefer to observe, and let others do the writing, that’s wonderful too! You are welcome to read and comment, regardless of whether you decide to accept the invitation.
  • If you are interested in contributing your own material to the site, please do accept the invitation and follow the instructions. This is easier if you have already set up a WordPress account.
  • In any case, in order to create your own content to the site (aside from commenting), WordPress will require that you set up an account.
  • Your invitation should list you as an “Editor”. Please don’t be intimidated about this! It does NOT mean you’re being asked to “work” or monitor things or anything like that. It’s simply that we want people to be able to create their own pages as well as posts. If you are an “Author”, you can only create posts. In order to create Pages, you need to be an “Editor”. “Editor” does not imply responsibility. :)
  • If your invitation lists you as a “Follower”, and you wish to make Posts and Pages, please ignore it and email me to ask for a new invitation (oneriver69@gmail.com). A Follower is not able to create content, only to read and comment.
  • “Posts” are articles that appear in a feed. As new posts are added, previous posts move further down the list, so the most recent posts always appear at the top of the screen. When a post is created, Followers of the Blog receive an email notification.
  • “Pages” are for permanent content. These are created by Editors, and only the Editor who creates each Page can modify it (although anyone can add a comment). I encourage members to create a page of their own, and add there things that have meaning for them, or that they want to be able to access easily.
  • If you decline the invitation for now and later decide you would like to post, please email me at oneriver69@gmail.com, and I will gladly send you a new invitation.

At this point I’m trying to make sure that everyone who wishes to is able to accept their invitation, because we’ve had some issues with them. All are free to contribute on whatever level you like, and it’s fine if you prefer to simply read the site and comment. It’s for you to enjoy. :)


Abiquor was first identified with that name, by Mark Kimmel, and he lives in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Mark has his own website Cosmic Paradigm, and is also a contributor here on this site.

Mark and Heidi came to Pagosa Springs a few years ago following guidance, to help manifest Abiquor, and understanding that Abiquor’s energy is somehow based here in the Pagosa Springs area.

I was also guided to connect with Mark and Abiquor in May 2012, and that led to my moving to Pagosa Springs that summer. There are a number of people in Pagosa who feel a very strong connection with Abiquor, or a Center/City of Light under whatever name. Some of these folks have been here for over 15 years, knowing this would manifest!

I’ve come to know and love many of these people; there are very wonderful and powerful beings in this area, human and otherwise! Now that I am moving to Florida, we decided to create this site so that we can all stay connected, and also so that they can find Abiquorinformation easily.

Many of the folks who are interested in this site simply want to be able to read what is written about Abiquor and Cities or Centers of Light in this area where they live. Some wish to share their views and experiences, so they are participating here with us more actively. Some of them are learning about blogging, and all questions are welcome!

If you feel a connection with Abiquor, and have experiences, insights (or whatever) that you feel relate to this, please feel free to share in whatever way works best for you!

With Gratitude, Love, and Light,


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