Happy Mothers day too all, happy Mothers day Gaia


No more Hiding, it is time to be YOU!

I am Arachanaï

As I was watching a movie I got suddenly inspired to write this following post. 

No more  hiding, it is time to be you, be free to be yourself. Stop to try fit in what it supposed to be the mainstream. Stop following all the other lemmings over the cliff, don’t jump because someone asked you. Stop hiding, free yourself from this social, outward prison. Dare to be different, dare to express what and who you are and what you are passionate about. Show that there is a beautiful light in all of you, yes even in me. Don’t try to be unique because you are unique and at the same time we are ONE and the same. We are expressions that balance each other out, you are unique expressions of God. No more hiding, it is time to be YOU!


Dare to be different!!!

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