Konstantinos-Description of an intense experience of mine and my rescuing from Archangel Michael


Today (May 19th 2013), I had a very intense and scary on a decree experience exactly in the phase between the dreaming and awakening state. This experience lasted about 4-5 minutes. I remember me opening my eyes while I was on the bed, having the feeling of  waking up when suddenly I see the figure of what seemed like a man. He was standing next to my bed and he was looking at me from above. The shadows inside the room made him look initially like a long-haired man with a beard, all in black color. But in a second his appearance changed when a little more light somehow surrounded his face. He looked like this:

The visitor
  His hair seemed glossy and shiny and they were brown-red like. His eyes were brown with orange and yellow in them, they seemed like fiery. He had a white, with a little more orange color in some areas, skin. You can see a part of his clothes in the portrait that I made when I felt more calm.
  I remember I got so surprised and scared..I wondered how he got in my room without anyone notice him..I also asked other questions like ‘Why are you here? What do you want? What are you going to do to me?‘ etc but all these, without talking. He heard my thoughts and said in Greek ( my mother tongue) ‘You can’t do anything to stop me. It’s your time’ . And when he said that, he opened his eyes more like he was ready to do something that would need much effort and he was ready to put his big hands around my neck.
  He wanted to strangle me. I remembered that I fell asleep last night without energizing my psychic protection shields..I was too tired and forgot that, as well as to invoke also some other Light energies as I usually do, before going to bed. So I regretted for my forgetfulness at that moment and I was feeling helpless. When this man put his hands around my neck I instantly invoked in my mind in a shouting like way ‘Michael! Michael! ‘ meaning the Archangel that has helped me (and many others that ask for his help) many times so far.
  Instantly, I felt an energy coming from my right, and the man got pushed so hard, like he had been hit from a very fast car, and he fell on the wall from my bed’s left side. And when the man touched the wall he dissolved in to a smoke. I felt and heard his crush on my room’s wall and right at that moment, I woke up for good this time. The time was 7:35 am. I realized that I was fully now in the Earth’s physical level in my current residence. But I was feeling so scared that I didn’t dare to stand up from my bed for like 20 minutes. Only my eyes were moving to all directions in a desperate way for me to confirm that there wasn’t anyone in the room (anymore).
  I saw with my third eye the energy that had saved me. It didn’t have a clear shape or form, it looked like a mist that had in it colors of cyan, a few segments of light blue and gold. I said in my mind, full of fear ‘Please Michael protect me from any kind of low vibrational energies and entities! Don’t leave me, my friend! ‘ I received ‘I am always with you and available to all that need my help. He cannot hurt you anymore. What you saw was an entity of the lower astral realms that considered benevolent to itself to ‘attack’ you, to feed itself from your energy of fear, while you were right in the middle of these two worlds (the ‘dream’ and the physical one). No need to worry anymore ’. A few minutes later, I felt a little better and decided to continue my sleep for a little longer.
  Through this post I wish to express once more my Love and Gratitude to Archangel Michael and to all the beings that serve the Light. Let’s don’t forget that we’re never alone and that we have the potential, through our daily lives, to reach that spiritual state of unconditional Love to ourselves, to everyone and everything and to the Source. And the energies of these deeds and thoughts that are of the Love and Light, will continue to be reflected even more to our current reality, changing it into the inner world and Heart, that beings like Archangel Michael carry. Much Love and many Blessings to all.
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Compilations of a Second sun?

I am Arachanaï

I am posting here different views and different video’s of two suns and sun dogs. You still can decide what to believe. Cause there is not much talk about this.

Two suns in the sky

Dramatic ‘Second Sun’ Capture from Antarctica-July 2012


Dec 13, 2012

China’s ‘two suns’ video unexplained by science

Earth ‘to get second sun’ as supernova turns night into day

Planet X Incoming: Two suns in the sky

The existence of Planet X has been known by the powers-that-be for more than a quarter of a century. Pictures taken in Sweden and Poland


This is not the first, nor will it be the last time, Planet X disrupts life on earth. Approx. every 3,600 years, Planet X (Nibiru) transits our solar system.
As I see this picture above, I  remembered that when on my way home I felt the urge to take a picture of the sun on 09-05-2013. I thought that the small sun like sun was first a reflection on my car window. But when you compare above picture with below, you see…

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Hello everyone. It’s been a while since posting last.

Leslee just got back to Pagosa and is here tonight for the first time in a long time. Nice to have her back here. Today (5/18) is also a dream flight, and my mother’s birthday, and I just waved to myself in a ship. I felt I should post this before sleeping, at the suggestion of mutual friends.

I was outside with my dog Zoe, and it’s a beautiful, clear night. I glanced at my phone, 10:10. Looking straight up into the stars I asked to see an asteroid, meteorite, shooting star, anything, and I was immediately amazed at seeing a shooting something. Feelings of warmth, gratitude, just an overwhelming happiness washed over me. I said thank you, looking up again, and noticed a very small, solitary light moving South to NNE almost directly above me. This light was too small or far away to be a plane, and at 7,100 ft it’s easy to spot a plane of any kind. With a huge smile I waved and said hello, and was blown away when the size and brightness of the little moving light grew tremendously for a couple moments.

I’m still in a sort of state of shock, and wide awake to say the least. I wrote this all down after I was able to move again and go inside. It then occurred to me I should ask Leslee who it was. I already knew it had to be related to Athabantian. I was told yes it was a scout ship from Athabantian, and I was on the ship “waving” back at myself from my yet to take place (from this 3D time PoV) dreamflight tonight. Apparently I am able to fall asleep at some point. Apparently I just experienced astral time travel as well. 🙂

I have no idea what else to say about this at the moment, it just seemed important to get the experience online tonight. Try it!

I love you all, and It’s nice to post againstars