When You Need Reassurance – A Message from the Angels – 18 May 2013, by Tazjima

Finally, a new message. Blessings to all! Elizabeth / Tazjima

Blue Dragon Journal


The Angels: When You Need Reassurance, We are There

via Eliza Ayres

We are the angelic legions of the Divine Mother. We welcome you back to your Self, beloved ones.

As you go through your daily activities, we walk by your side. We are a part of the greater You, existing in the realms of Light, as emanations of the Creator.

Now, during these times of much trouble and turmoil, both individually and at world level, we stand beside you. With a word from you and through the authority granted us by your Soul, we guide, protect and mentor.

Know always that we are a part of that inner voice that speaks to you, like a clear beam of light, penetrating through layers of doubt and fear, when you need reassurance that you are on the right path for you and for the Creator, for whom you act. All experience…

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Brian, the Dragon: Channeling Isn’t Fast Enough. It’s Time For YOU To Connect


Hi everyone,

This is the dragon.

The Brian can be quite prolific at channeling sometimes, then silent for a while, can’t he? He’s quite connected but still limited by time, fatigue, not connecting, and other factors.

Some of you like to soak up channeled information like sponges, regardless of the sources you are interested in. Everyone has their favorites, depending on what energies you bring, your interests, and what is appropriate. Yet, it never comes fast enough, does it? You can soak soak soak and just can’t fill the sponge. You are built that way, and for a reason. And channelings will never be enough.

That doesn’t mean people should stop channeling, nor will the Brian, because it serves a purpose. However, many of you who have been reading channelings for a while, it’s time to build your own connections if you haven’t yet to the collective of beings watching and guiding. It’s time. And we will say “they”, but we also mean “we”. We just don’t want to make this about us. This is about you.

They are there, when you decide to make that connection. We cannot say they are patiently but enthusiastically waiting for it because they are already aware of the time in your future you make that connection. They are already there as well. But for you, for your ability to bring in information faster. For you to feel connected, and more whole and less alone. You, there is no reason to wait.

Why would you? Well, we know the answer, but this is meant to provoke thought for you.

If you are a sponge, and you like to soak soak soak… Well, soak away. Waiting many many of your days or more between some channelings from various people, why? Make your own connection, just as the channelers have done. The volume of information will be much larger.

Then the information will flow fast. You will keep the sponge fuller.

It is very natural for you. It is part of your abilities. Everyone has this ability. You exercise it sometimes without knowing it. Now do it consciously.

Hold yourselves back no longer. If you are stuck, there’s many who have already talked about how to connect. Like they say sometimes on your world, just do it.

The final thing we wish to say is the greatest spirit to connect to is that which is inside of you, which is inside all of us.

With love. The dragon.

Source: http://lightworkers.org/channeling/182298/channeling-isnt-fast-enough-its-time-you-connect