Space Oddity – Chris Hadfield on ISS

I stumbled across this today… Space Oddity performed on the International Space Station…

Watching this, and seeing how many views it’s had in just a day, it occurs to me… This amazing fellow will be able to say whatever he wants about what he’s seen, when he gets back “home”… Excellent.


Waves and Particles – Countless Worlds

Up 2 The 5th

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A few months ago, The Crew asked me to create a 3D model in the SketchUp program. They thought it might help explain how dimensions, densities, frequencies, parallel universes, all that stuff works together.

I’ve procrastinated on sharing it because I really wanted to make a video of it (and hopefully I will… someday), and I’d been having technical issues. However, I awoke this morning at 3:30 with a strong sense that this needs to get online.

So here is a series of images. I’ll leave it to you to absorb (and please ask questions if you like), and I’ll just share a few thoughts.

  • Consider that the curvy wave-tubes represent “worlds” that operate at a particular frequency and amplitude, so to speak.

side 1

zoom red only

  • To consider some variables in how these worlds may manifest differently, let’s look at some characteristics:
    • amplitude (the height of the wave’s diagrammatic curvy tube)
    • frequency…

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Dream flight 11 May 2013: Buried alive

I am Arachanaï

Finally I had a dream again on the dream flight as proceeding weeks, either I forgot or couldn’t remember my dreams on my dream flight. But this dream is again, my kinda dream again, with much horror and action 😀 Dreamflight:


Source picture:

In the first dream, I was dreaming I was stepping in a wooden box that seemed to be part of a ferris wheel. The moment I stepped in , I felt that someone was throwing earth onto my face. When the dirt hit my face, I shifted back into my bed (still dreaming) and the earth kept piling onto my face and I couldn’t breath. I was screaming and I tried to wake up my husband but he kept on sleeping. Then the dream shifts, but I am still lying into the bed. An  invisible  force is pulling me around me waist and I am trying too counteract…

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Some very interesting posts (-_-)

Let Go of Any Old Beliefs and Expectation- SaLuSa channelled by Multidimensional Ocean – 13 May 2013

Multidimensional Ocean

DSCF1665Dear ones, I am pleased to see how much your light work is increasing, even in face great difficulties and challenges. Don’t let go of hope, of the light, for this is when you need it most, in order to carry you through the next period of joy and abundance.

There is much confusion on your planet at the moment. Politicians will always have their double motives and agendas, trying to please their electors and to please those in power of the corporate world. Their agendas and rules have nothing to do with the way you manage your own lives. Ultimately, your power will be restored and you will be able to create your own set of rules, and your own universal laws. Just make sure that you can cover your bills, and keep your children happy for now, the rest will fall into place one step at a time.

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