Thoughts Manifest

These days we meet many people via media sites that touch a part of our hearts,  our lives . We may not have connected in the physical but we have connected with a deeper understanding.  Some even at  soul level.  These are the ones of our past the friends that pop by for a reason, a season, a life time. All are valued all are loved.

No Love Lost in Translation.

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I have been reading a lot lately about thoughts that manifest within moments, days which once took months years.

Angel numbers repeating  which make one stop and take note of what is happening at that precise time and space. Time no longer stable,  it is racing as if it is running for some finishing line we cannot see. I am sure yesterday  was the last day of the school holidays yet here we are a week into the new school term what happened to the days in between.

Today i was out making sure i had everything photocopied ready to place into an envelope that holds an application for a job i applied for on Tuesday, as well as filling in forms and getting photocopy’s of  my daughter’s  proof of ID, address for the 2017 high school year.

It appears we live outside the zone for this school. I need to see if her father…

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