Every Drop of Rain.

No Love Lost in Translation.

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Every drop of rain that lands into a puddle creates ripples which flow outward until the ripple create an ocean of water, this ocean of water creates waves  that ebb and flow with the tides.  Love and light are like these first droplets of rain that are now flowing across the Lands ,Oceans, rivers, and streams  cleansing all that they  touch.  Much on Earth has felt these cleansing energies. Great cities have fallen, lands have trembled and released negative build ups that have accumulated over many centuries leaving many of humanity struggling to find a reason for what has become the tipping point of our civilisation, on not one or two but on many levels.  The structures of our society have been rocked to the very core leaving a ripple of fear in those who have more to loose than most.

We are being left with a new  starting point…

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