Do not let the Cabal attack us on 21 June

Dear Friends
This Friday and Saturday we / that are connected in common meditations/ feel is a Huge Portal. Summer Solstice is on Saturday 22nd, the worlds will connect !
Montague Keen warned us all for the attacks against the Internet on 21 June 2013
This is because the Cabal knows of the Portal too and will try their best to do harm
BUT what they do not know is that we have already established a Powerful energetic Grid of Light between us all
This energy connects us nevertheless
We do not need Internet to be connected because this is a matter of energy
We have a telepathic connection too
And that is why I will give you some advice for this date
1. Do not use Internet on 21 June 2013
2.Meditate instead, use whatever way of meditation that feels proper for you
3. Be in Nature
4. We will connect as usual at the same time but will share our experience on the next days and post them online
5.Be Your Higher Self
( ( SUN ) ) It is Time For All of Us to Shine
6. Just SHINE Your LIGHT to the World

10 comments on “Do not let the Cabal attack us on 21 June

  1. I have an idea- let`s tie them with Ivy 🙂 from our elven garden, just a quick vision and they will be unable to move
    and this is beneficial for them – to stop them to have a chance to remember what they are and where do they come from
    ( ( BEAR SPIRIT ) )

  2. How much I love these pictures that you posted for this topics. My dearest sister, your loving and elegant energy seem to have already turn their arms into some plants. I sense some kind of magical green alchemy here where there are elvens getting involved in for helping us getting through it. Much love to you and these loving elvens.

  3. I too find beauty in these pictures especially the one like a tree. May the moment they attempt this action, mighty light and love strike the very heart of each and every one of them and reveal the truth of what they have become to allow them to begin their journey back to the light.

  4. Thank You, my Friends 🙂
    In fact I have already had a vision of dark ones being tied by the Ivy in the elven forest

    The Ivy is wise and like all plants and trees and stones the Ivy has Spirit and Consciousness , the elemental realm has always been here for us, this is a service of Unconditional Love and They Are here Now all around , just look, observe, try to connect with them, You will notice how Powerful they Are 🙂 Like all of Us because We Are All One

    In the Light of My I Am Presence
    I call the Elemental Kingdom for help in our common mission of Light
    Grow Ivy
    Grow and Spread Far and Wide
    to the South and to the North
    to the West and to the East
    go to find and give the Cabal Your Powerful Hug
    Bring the Light and Peace on Earth
    Blaze Blaze Blaze
    The Violet Fire
    Transmuting all shadow into
    Light Light Light

    Love and Light

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