Howling Wolf Spread – (couldn’t help but think of the sisterhood here, no?)

this was a reading my friend casey did for me for the equinox today as a random gift

(we often swap readings back n forth) the other day she asked if i wanted a reading & i was like…

ok. sure! i don’t have any questions at the moment… just use your intuition”

i kinda forgot about it…then BAM! here it came!….

i cant help but think this is a message from our sisterhood again, esp after i posted that story today about my grandmother & the wolf… i got shivers!!

also, casey isnt on the internet & i hadn’t even told her about all the lovely messages that had been coming thru yet… synchronicity or what?




  1. my Eyes popped at the name Casey!…my Ghost Radar(which i named: Classy) has been repeatingly been saying the word: Casey!…i even asked,”Who is Casey?”… 😆

    • she sure mentioned how close she was to the wolf a lot too, right? as u will see, she only has a couple videos, she isnt on facebook, twitter or anything so she had no clue about any of this stuff… crazy, right? the best part is when she goes, its called the howling moon spread… lol, no its not, its called the howling wolf spread! hehehe

  2. That’s quite a reading, and what a dear soul Casey is. ♥

    I also noticed, just as she started talking about the wind card the flute started playing – there is soooo much going on there…

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