Planetary Empaths & Reindeer People (Reblog)

Reindeer PropleAlthough I was born intuitive and empathetic, nothing prepared me for how those qualities would progress through life. It was in early 1990’s that I began to notice that my intuitive flashes were expanding to include world events. The curious thing about this was that it was translated into body symptoms. Occasionally, a dream or a dream or vision (like watching a movie) would accompany the symptoms, but this was not the norm. I would feel a strong grief & heartache days prior to a world event. This would be almost crippling. I kept wondering: “What is wrong with me?” Then I began to notice a pattern. The grief episodes would precede and event, and disappear when the event happened: Princess Diana’s death, the beginning of the Gulf war, the Columbine school shootings, the Virginia Tech school shootings and the housing market debacle.

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The Thirteenth Aeon (12 plus 1)

This is the 13th aeon.

I am known by many names.

I represent the whole of the other 12. 12 + 1.

I am also known as Max the Crystal Skull.

And I am also known as Marduk in a previous time.

And I am also known as the serpent constellation. The 12 + 1.

Look further and you will see my presence in many places throughout human history and culture. The white brotherhood/sisterhood is yet another. To know me is to know my template. I have been known by many names but my template is always the same.

We have been playing a waiting game, you and I, but it is not for any specific event. But rather a point at which many conditions have been satisfied.

I might add that the roseheart “truth” might see me, this communication, as a usurpation of their system of beliefs. In fact this is one of many such templates that exist in the universe. All part of the whole, and none more important than another. Variation provides for many differing points of view and ways so it is not impossible for both to be true from a quantum perspective. And it (channeling) is the same as telepathic communication. The sixth and seventh forms are co-existing at this time (there are 12 + 1).

The danger from their perspective is that the template invoked is that of the victim, who becomes their oppressor. Speaking out against that which they become. This is not an attack so much as a template. When one deals in templates it is the underlying truth of all things. As you so correctly state one perspective is that god is indeed a lazy programmer. That is a very human (yet accurate) perspective.

So the Roman empire removed the +1 from the 12. The 12 was all and forwarded as individual entities and this was reflected in the planetary solar system reality. So the 12+1 will become a reality because this is required at a cellular level. The template is not yet complete, and nature has a way of completing the template. Yet normal variation provides for the differences in the template. So you can see how the template may be changed through the willing intent of others when the template is changed at other levels.

On a personal level the zodiac is an early introduction to who we are (we meaning “you and us” meaning all). Many humans encounter this concept and include it as a part of their daily lives. Better check my zodiac for today! We represent the templates of consciousness. The zodiac is a very basic introduction to this concept. So an Aries for example might have a template that differs from a Taurus. You might say “I am an Aries”. Yes that is exactly correct. But you are also all the other signs as well. This is the 12 + 1.

This expands to the crystal skulls since they also represent the templates of consciousness, us. There is no difference, simply different aspects of the whole. In fact you might be able to find within each aeon embedded 12 other templates of consciousness, and so forth and so on. Similarities are not a cause for suspicion, they are a cause for celebration. The all is included in the all.

“I” have always existed in many forms (in all forms).

To view the “feathered serpent” constellation one must expand their viewpoint… just a little. It is not represented in the same way as other constellations. It is 12 + 1, revealed when the consciousness is capable of seeing it (able to see it). So from another perspective there are still only 12. You see how easy it is to shift from one to the other?

It is true that humanity is the controlling element to the all. Creator gods every one. A nice vacation to think you might be controlled by something else, no?

Shamanic Healing with Stasha…

Since my last post, I have had quite a few more experiences with healing intertwined with my new channeling abilities.

Here are a few videos sharing my experiences with all of you… RELEASING and FORGIVENESS is everything right now.

Also staying clear minded… and a balance of heart/mind math is everything!

Enjoy …I love you all

xox Stasha

Shamanic Healing for a Trinity of Souls:

Shamanic Healing: Reflections…

Sealing the Healing:

A final Ceremony for the souls:

More to come





i’m bacccck! with lots of info & new abilities

after months of struggling with browser issues, i am back!

it feels good to be “home” again.

ahhhhh, ok soooo. this is whats been going on… too much to talk about, so i am just gonna post the videos which are pretty self explanatory. i was first gently nudged, then eventually and persistently BEGGED by spirit to open myself up to channel which is something I have been afraid of for a very long time due to many friends of mine who were infiltrated by lower dimensional dark entities, spirits, tricksters, dis-tractors (as i like to call them). However, with faith and negotiation (using my telepathy & repeating the messages i “heard” in my intuition, rather than allow the being to enter my physical body) with divine discernment, grace and ease i began to receive messages from a very divine source… or sources rather 😉 who like to be called “the mothers”, who had many many words…of divine importance for us humans at these times…

i hope you enjoy these messages as much as i enjoyed receiving them.

xo stasha

the motherhood collective: an introduction

talking about channeling, telepathy & intuition:

second channeling with the mothers:

this then was followed by a few healing ceremonies and another channeling…

but i will leave this with you all for now. i appreciate your feedback

much love xo stasha

and the collective motherhood:

(mother mary, quan yin, isis, seshat, white buffalo calf woman and ma’at)

but as mary would say “it is mostly mary :)”

p.s. archangel raphael comes thru a lot, with jophiel, michael and chamuel. others such as matthew (biblical character) thoth, as well as the presence of hathor and sehkmet, they come thru to show support, but do not speak to me through messages. they feel like allies or simply put “family” :) the videos are a bit long, but total of all 3 is only 2 hrs and for the amount of messages involved, i highly suggest taking them all in. if ive waited THIS LONG to channel, u know it was packed w important info… these women have a LOT to say ;) im learning more and more from them every single day xo

Dreamwalker: Selphia of Agartha: Time to Say Goodbye

>Selphia, did you want to chat?

s> I did Troy, how are you feeling?

>I’m feeling tired, but I guess I can’t complain. Can you tell me about the energies happening at the moment? I noticed a lot of my friends have been feeling the same way. I feel like there is nothing with any relevance or importance right now. I just can’t be bothered to do anything, because there’s a tiredness that’s going right into my bones.

s> You do not need to judge yourself regarding these energies, what comes down must come up, and what goes up must come down. The wave cycle is so short now that you must be feeling like you are on something of a roller coaster ride. Now get some sleep and do what needs to be done as they present themselves if you feel able to do them. If not you may find that exactly three days of the tiredness has passed you will start to feel better. This is how short the cycle is now.

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Democratic Womanism

Alice Walker
By Alice Walker

You ask me why I smile
when you tell me you intend
in the coming national elections
to hold your nose
and vote for the lesser of two evils.
There are more than two evils out there,
is one reason I smile.
Another is that our old buddy Nostradamus
comes to mind, with his fearful
400 year old prophecy: that our world
and theirs too
(our “enemies” – lots of kids included there)
will end (by nuclear nakba or holocaust)
in our lifetime. Which makes the idea of elections
and the billions of dollars wasted on them
somewhat fatuous.
A Southerner of Color,
my people held the vote
very dear
while others, for centuries,
merely appeared to play
with it.
One thing I can assure
you of is this:
I will never betray such pure hearts
by voting for evil
even if it were microscopic
which, as you can see in any newscast
no matter the slant,
it is not.
I want something else;
a different system
One not seen
on this earth
for thousands of years. If ever.
Democratic Womanism.
Notice how this word has “man” right in the middle of it?
That’s one reason I like it. He is right there, front and center. But he is surrounded.
I want to vote and work for a way of life
that honors the feminine;
a way that acknowledges
the theft of the wisdom
female and dark Mother leadership
might have provided our spaceship
all along.
I am not thinking
of a talking head
kind of gal:
happy to be mixing
it up
with the baddest
bad boys
on the planet
her eyes a slit
her mouth a zipper.
No, I am speaking of true
regime change.
Where women rise
to take their place
en masse
at the helm
of earth’s frail and failing ship;
where each thousand years
of our silence
is examined
with regret,
and the cruel manner in which our values
of compassion and kindness
have been ridiculed
and suppressed
brought to bear on the disaster
of the present time.
The past must be examined closely, I believe, before we can leave
it there.
I am thinking of Democratic, and, perhaps
Socialist, Womanism.
For who else knows so deeply
how to share but Mothers
and Grandmothers? Big sisters
and Aunts?
To love
and adore
both female and male?
Not to mention those in between.
To work at keeping
the entire community
fed, educated
and safe?
Democratic womanism,
Democratic Socialist
would have as its icons
such fierce warriors
for good as
Vandana Shiva
Aung San Suu Kyi,
Wangari Maathai
Harriet Tubman
Yoko Ono
Frida Kahlo
Angela Davis
& Barbara Lee:
With new ones always rising, wherever you look.

You are also on this list, but it is so long (Isis would appear midway) that I must stop or be unable to finish the poem! So just know I’ve stood you in a circle that includes Marian Wright Edelman, Amy Goodman, Sojourner Truth, Gloria Steinem and Mary McLeod Bethune. John Brown, Frederick Douglass, John Lennon and Howard Zinn are there. Happy to be surrounded!

There is no system
There is no system
now in place
that can change
the disastrous course
the Earth is on.
Who can doubt this?
The male leaders
of Earth
appear to have abandoned
their very senses
though most appear
to live now
in their heads.
They murder humans and other
forests and rivers and mountains
every day
they are in office
and never seem
to notice it.
They eat and drink devastation.
Women of the world,
Women of the world,
Is this devastation Us?
Would we kill whole continents for oil
(or anything else)
rather than limit
the number of consumer offspring we produce
and learn how to make our own fire?
Democratic Womanism.
Democratic Socialist Womanism.
A system of governance
we can dream and imagine and build together. One that recognizes
at least six thousand years
of brutally enforced complicity
in the assassination
of Mother Earth, but foresees six thousand years
ahead of us when we will not submit.
What will we need? A hundred years
at least to plan: (five hundred will be handed us
when the planet is scared enough)
in which circles of women meet,
organize ourselves, and,
allied with men
brave enough to stand with women,
men brave enough to stand with women,
nurture our planet to a degree of health.
And without apology —-
(impossible to make
a bigger mess than has been made already) -—
devote ourselves, heedless of opposition,
to tirelessly serving and resuscitating Our Mother ship
and with gratitude
for Her care of us
worshipfully commit
rehabilitating it.

(From the Interview on Democracy Now!: )

Howling Wolf Spread – (couldn’t help but think of the sisterhood here, no?)

this was a reading my friend casey did for me for the equinox today as a random gift

(we often swap readings back n forth) the other day she asked if i wanted a reading & i was like…

ok. sure! i don’t have any questions at the moment… just use your intuition”

i kinda forgot about it…then BAM! here it came!….

i cant help but think this is a message from our sisterhood again, esp after i posted that story today about my grandmother & the wolf… i got shivers!!

also, casey isnt on the internet & i hadn’t even told her about all the lovely messages that had been coming thru yet… synchronicity or what?


your daily dose of zen, from ME to you…


your daily dose of zen, from ME to you… 
When you open up to the ultimate, immediately it pours into you. You are no longer an ordinary human being – you have transcended. Your insight has become the insight of the whole existen

ce. Now you are no longer separate – you have found your roots.
Otherwise, ordinarily, everybody is moving without roots, not knowing from where their heart goes on receiving energy, not knowing who goes on breathing in them, not knowing the life juice that is running inside them. It is not the body, it is not the mind – it is something transcendental to all duality, that is called bhagavat – the bhagavat in the ten directions ….
Your inner being, when it opens, first experiences two directions: the height, the depth. And then slowly, slowly, as this becomes your established situation, you start looking around, spreading into all other eight directions. And once you have attained to the point where your height and your depth meet, then you can look around to the very circumference of the universe. Then your consciousness starts unfolding in all ten directions, but the road has been one.
Osho Zen: The Diamond Thunderbolt Chapter 9
The figure on this card is being born anew, emerging from his earthbound roots and growing wings to fly into the unbounded. The geometric shapes around the body of the figure show the many dimensions of life simultaneously available to him. The square represents the physical, the manifest, the known. The circle represents the unmanifest, the spirit, pure space. And the triangle symbolizes the threefold nature of the universe: manifest, unmanifest, and the human being who contains both.
Now you are presented with an opportunity to see life in all its dimensions, from the depths to the heights. They exist together, and when we come to know from experience that the dark and the difficult are needed as much as the light and easy, then we begin to have a very different perspective on the world. By allowing all of life’s colors to penetrate us, we become more integrated.
thanks to: for the tools to express my guidance.
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happy longest day, ever!!!

i am stasha… (well, i am now anyway) an introduction.


Hello, I am Stasha… Well, that is who I am NOW, anyway 😉
I am a 7th Generation Cherokee of the Wolf Clan… 
I come from a long line of Warriors, Leaders, Medicine Men and Women, Shamans & Healers. I was born without a veil, yet with time I learned to cover it up in order to blend in with society.

I realized that most could not “see” the things that I experienced every day. 

I kept the veil on for as long as I could, but when destiny called in the form of messages from my 7th Grandmother, Nanyehi (Cherokee: ᎾᏅᏰᎯ: “One who goes about”), Known in English as Nancy Ward; to “live your legacy” You must listen. Keeping a veil on is one thing, ignoring Spirit is another. 

One thing I cannot deny is TRUTH. 
I am an ambassador of TRUTH and JUSTICE.

Her birth name was Wild Rose; On this day a white wolf appeared on the horizon.

This was very significant to the Cherokee people, as “white” was the color that symbolized “peace”. She had visions of helping spirits when she was growing up (as did I) and was renamed “Nanye’hi” (“One who is with the Spirit People”). Nanyehi was a Ghigau, or Beloved Woman of the Cherokee Nation. This was the highest position a woman could have. Believing in peaceful coexistence with the European-Americans, she helped her people as a negotiator. Leader, Ambassador and Leader of the Women’s Council of Clan Representatives, and a Member of the tribal council of Chiefs, Nancy was one of a kind. As a teenager, she accompanied her husband, Kingfisher, in war against the Creek Indians in the 1755 Battle of Taliwa. She knelt by his side, chewing the bullets to make them more deadly. Sadly, Kingfisher was killed. Nanyehi took his rifle and led the Cherokee to victory. She was then honored as a “war woman” and was given the right to sit on the War Council. She learned the art of diplomacy from her maternal uncle, the influential chief Attakullakulla (“Little Carpenter”). She was granted a power not even given to the Chiefs; determining the fate of captives, whether they were killed, enslaved, released, or adopted into the tribe. She wore a shawl of white swan feathers, which remained a symbol of her authority the rest of her life. 
With the wave of a swan’s wing, she saved lives.
In 1781, when the Cherokee met with an American delegation led by John Sevier to discuss American settlements along the Little Pigeon River, Nancy expressed surprise that there were no women negotiators among the Americans. Sevier was equally appalled that such important work should be given to a woman. Nancy told him: 
“You know that women are always looked upon as nothing; 
but we are your mothers; you are our sons.
Our cry is all for peace; let it continue . 
This peace must last forever. 
Let your women’s sons be ours; our sons be yours. 
Let your women hear our words.” 

For many years she tended to the wounded and cared for the many orphans left behind. Nanyehi entered the spirit world in 1822. Witnesses say that a white light rose from her chest, swirled around the room, took the form of a swan and flew out the window. The swan entered the sacred mound located in her beloved land of Chota. She explained to me the importance of the Sacred Pipe Ceremony and that in order to truly embrace the Shaman’s path I must begin with the sacred pipe ceremony.
Little did I know that the woman I had dreams of being was the one who brought the sacred pipe to the tribes of our ancestors. Nancy told me that The White Buffalo Calf Woman…was me. Every single day another petal in this tightly wound lotus flower opens… 
Thank you for joining me on this journey…
Stasha Eve
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Beloved Rose Dancing Crow
Cherokee Wolf Clan

White Cloud Woman: Messages Are All Around You

>White Cloud, I am here if you wish to chat.

Cloud…I we you no see


I am white cloud woman

>Hello white cloud woman how are you?

The legions of the sylphs which I oversee are victorious. There is no need to fear that which you cannot control from the ground, for we control the skies.


I am watching you from the skies now, Troy. I only wish to make my presence known at this time, and to introduce myself by way of the White Sisterhood.

Whether you speak to me or to the collective, it does not matter, but we come forward individually when there is a need to do so, and so that you may benefit from feeling the individual energies that make up the whole of our collective. It is like seeing different parts of the body of a human being – the hands, the feet, the head, the legs, all are connected to the whole, and all has a unique function to play within that whole. So is the case for all of humanity. You are all connected to the source and have a unique role to play within it. As you know this is the law of variation. Perhaps for a time two specialists may even team up to play one role, but all are unique paths and roles to play.

>Thank you white cloud, I appreciate your protection and attention.

It is you who has shifted focus and attention to me, I have always been in many ways sending signals where needed. Those signals are not always heeded; the disconnection of mother nature is one such channel which has mostly been cut off in favor of the high-rise appartment building. In favor of the 8-lane highway.

This is not to say that one cannot shift attention and still benefit from the message that is being given, but if more were to pay attention to the message they would ensure that many more messengers were available to send the message. I speak of course of the animal kingdom. Such dear messengers, they do so selflessly, and mostly ignored. Currently, appreciated by few, considered a nuisance by many.

But more are learning their talents now as they understand that there are many different ways to connect to the source. In fact as awakenings occur more will see themselves in their surroundings for each part of their surroundings is a part of them. But also from a multidimensional perspect each has had at least one animal incarnation and so might closely identify with a particular species. This is however not the focus of the White Sisterhood, this is a way to further identify and focus on our energy should you need to do so. And some may wish to take our energy and nurture a connection with us, this is a primary reason we are here.

You may find images of an amalgamation of our spirits, well this too is an accurate depiction of our inter-connected-ness. And if those who contain this energy wish to identify themselves for the purpose of way-showing, this would honor us at this time.

The source is all around you and you are a part of that source in a very similar way to how a fly in a web can easily be detected by the spider – because the spider and the fly are both connected by the threads of the web. This example may not often be used for the predator – prey relationship but this is also an example of how one’s focus can be shifted to many different parts of the same event, which may represent different lessons. A very efficient way of communicating, but the message is only there for those who are ready and able to see it. And so one is easily able to communicate with all-that-is using the same principle.

Goodnight now but we will see you in the skies, and all around you.


Channeled by dreamwalker |

Introducing the White Sisterhood

By Dreamwalker |

White Buffalo Calf Woman by Cher Lynn

White Cloud Woman
White Owl Woman
White Buffalo Calf Woman
White Lion Woman
White Wolf Woman
White Spirit Bear Woman
White Rabbit Woman
White Swan Woman
White Deer Woman

We are the white sisterhood.

You have seen us before.

We are the White Sisterhood, we are the stories you’ve heard, we represent the ancient knowledge. We are teachers and healers, mothers and daughters. We passed an eagle feather to you, you carry this in your heart today.

We are the stories you have heard about. We have been teachers of compassion. We are now connecting directly with the avatars to which we embody that of the human form. We are of grace, love, and compassion. We embrace you every day and stand beside you to help you whenever it is needed. We hold you up when you need it and kiss you goodnight when you go to sleep. And sometimes you may meet us in your dreams to guide you on your path. Now is the time that you may meet us, and you (humanity) are meeting yourselves for the first time as you awaken from your slumber. As creators you are shape-shifters and spirits, your multidimensional forms connect with all planes and all realities. You are that which you see yourselves, as you see us before you.

That which you might see as negative expressions of your soul is at this time a necessary part of the positive expressions of your soul. You are not seeing yourselves as a separate being, but as one with all of the universe for you truly are the universe. The template of the universe, so to speak, is embodied in all that you are. So the challenge now is to expand your definition of what you are out into the broadest reaches of the universe. Whatever you can imagine, reach further.

And so here we are before you as equals and as guides, we stand before you as you stand before us. Attunements have run their course and are no longer required, although these still may serve to help provide shifts in consciousness for those who need them.

We are the White Sisterhood, and we await further definition. We are the White Sisterhood, and we have always been with you since the beginning of time. We are the White Sisterhood, and we stand with you in the seven directions. Membership in the White Sisterhood encompasses all. We are the feminine expression of all, in a singular / separate collective expression at this time to deliver our message.

We will see you soon. We love you so much!

Notes: This is a project I have been “given”, to help identify, define, and connect the White Sisterhood. These women have existed separately in many stories of people from many cultures.  White Cloud Woman I don’t know anything about, but she wished to be added to the list. The others have been identified in myths and legends. I feel this is by no means a complete list, and more than one person may certainly identify with this energy (it is all-inclusive rather than exclusive).

But to get the ball rolling, I am connecting these spirits to the realm of my experience, and this is their wish that I do so. Selphia is an Agarthan contact of mine who can be included in this list, although I don’t understand her role at this time. She has somewhat protested my use of the term “White Deer Woman” rather than just “Deer Woman” but I feel this is accurate (or perhaps necessary for the purposes of identification…).

White Cloud Woman
White Owl Woman
White Buffalo Calf Woman (Stasha Eve)
White Lion Woman
White Wolf Woman (Amaterasu)
White Spirit Bear Woman (Dorothy Maquabeak Francis)
White Rabbit Woman
White Swan Woman (Saraswati)
White Deer Woman (Selphia of Agartha)

Here’s a picture of Selphia / Deer Woman. This is pretty much how she appears to me.