Dreamwalker: Selphia of Agartha: Time to Say Goodbye

>Selphia, did you want to chat?

s> I did Troy, how are you feeling?

>I’m feeling tired, but I guess I can’t complain. Can you tell me about the energies happening at the moment? I noticed a lot of my friends have been feeling the same way. I feel like there is nothing with any relevance or importance right now. I just can’t be bothered to do anything, because there’s a tiredness that’s going right into my bones.

s> You do not need to judge yourself regarding these energies, what comes down must come up, and what goes up must come down. The wave cycle is so short now that you must be feeling like you are on something of a roller coaster ride. Now get some sleep and do what needs to be done as they present themselves if you feel able to do them. If not you may find that exactly three days of the tiredness has passed you will start to feel better. This is how short the cycle is now.

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  1. Hi Troy
    Thanx for sharing !!!!
    What you are feeling right now is you body is changing, Not like your thinking about girls and you are getting hair in funny places changing but from a carbon base to a crystalline base and when our bodies are going through something like that are when they are trying to heal it’s self we are vary tired and we could even feel like are on a roller coaster like you put it but it will all pass no worries with that at all

    P.L.U.R. to you and have a great day hope yours is drier then mine is right now


  2. Lovely post Troy and much needed as have had no energy last few days. Today every time I looked at the clock I was amazed how slow it was going and how much I had got done today. Had the feeling it was slowed so I could achieve all I wanted to today. Hope you feel better soon to. much love and light to shine on you today.

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