(Now this is just getting SILLY!!) Introduction to “The Sisterhood” – Channeled Message

Channeled Message
channeled by:http://www.youtube.com/user/intuitiveangels
the dots just keep on connecting…
what next??


  1. Yes exactly! We are all brothers and sisters, and this is exactly how I feel. And the second video reminds me of the Market I visited in my dreams… it was either 4D or 5D but I remember everyone was singing. It wasn’t because they HAD to sing, or they were being polite, but because they couldn’t help themselves. As I walked through the market I felt the same way, it was a tremendous joy of being able to sing along with my family. In the dream I was very familiar with the song but here I do not remember (LOL).

    Love to All My Relations! You see this is what All My Relations truly means. ♥ ⊕

    • When I see these videos I am uplifted because the music and the original idea come from Above as All Teachings of Light do 🙂
      Love and Light to You, my Brother Troy
      It is the time for all to gather as ONE
      ( ( SUN ) )

    • This is Rila Mountain in Bulgaria, it is high and has 7 lakes , a highly energetic place on Earth
      And here is some more information about the teaching, I have never been part of this movement but when I found this video on U-Tube I said – wow, at the beginning of the 20th century there came a Master and all I know from the channeled messages I find here, Truth always stands , how is it possible so many different channelers, sources of channeled messages, from all countries speak the same, many of the channelers do not even heard of Petar Dunov , some channelers do not know each other and other messages, but speak about the same – it is nothing but Truth

      • sometimes i can’t remember
        where im going
        sometimes i cant remember
        where ive been
        sometimes i cant remember
        who i am…

        the love that we had, lives inside of me
        the love that i have, lies within.
        and i still don’t know, who i am.
        still i’m so much more, than u think…
        than u think, than u think.
        an alien hybrid creation, so much more than u think…
        and who took this star child from the sky?
        cause i really miss being a butterfly, a butterfly.
        mystical, beautiful…butterfly.
        this is my butterfly…brain.
        sometimes i cant remember
        where im going
        sometimes i cant remember
        where ive been
        sometimes i cant remember
        who i am…

  2. They are balanced now, Troy, this is what we are doing with all our efforts especially when Atlantis crystal couples are being found, not all of them but I am sure of two out of six couples , Lisa knows, I know and I hope you remember
    Look at this video – it may leave you with a good sense of equality 😉
    This is the White Brotherhood, of course 🙂
    Love and Light

      • The Master 🙂 On each continent the seeds of Light were seeded and Now we are connecting in this Grid of Light to help Mother Earth to move into 5 dimension , the Truth is what guides all of us here
        Love and Light, dear sister of Light Stasha

        • yes, this is what has been calling me to ireland so desperately!! its funny i never knew the links between egypt and ireland… 😉

  3. Added to The White Sisterhood page.


    I’m not sure about what they say about men fearing the feminine, I think there is more to it than that. Masculine/ feminine has creative elements, perhaps there was necessity for a time to suppress the feminine/creative; there are also elements of conformity in both masculine/feminine energies which serve in opposition to creative forces. So the “pendulum” now swings the other way from a creative/individual standpoint versus collective/conformity. The exciting thing is that this is also swinging to collective/creative, and that may take on the form of feminine or masculine energy. ♥

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