Introducing the White Sisterhood

By Dreamwalker |

White Buffalo Calf Woman by Cher Lynn

White Cloud Woman
White Owl Woman
White Buffalo Calf Woman
White Lion Woman
White Wolf Woman
White Spirit Bear Woman
White Rabbit Woman
White Swan Woman
White Deer Woman

We are the white sisterhood.

You have seen us before.

We are the White Sisterhood, we are the stories you’ve heard, we represent the ancient knowledge. We are teachers and healers, mothers and daughters. We passed an eagle feather to you, you carry this in your heart today.

We are the stories you have heard about. We have been teachers of compassion. We are now connecting directly with the avatars to which we embody that of the human form. We are of grace, love, and compassion. We embrace you every day and stand beside you to help you whenever it is needed. We hold you up when you need it and kiss you goodnight when you go to sleep. And sometimes you may meet us in your dreams to guide you on your path. Now is the time that you may meet us, and you (humanity) are meeting yourselves for the first time as you awaken from your slumber. As creators you are shape-shifters and spirits, your multidimensional forms connect with all planes and all realities. You are that which you see yourselves, as you see us before you.

That which you might see as negative expressions of your soul is at this time a necessary part of the positive expressions of your soul. You are not seeing yourselves as a separate being, but as one with all of the universe for you truly are the universe. The template of the universe, so to speak, is embodied in all that you are. So the challenge now is to expand your definition of what you are out into the broadest reaches of the universe. Whatever you can imagine, reach further.

And so here we are before you as equals and as guides, we stand before you as you stand before us. Attunements have run their course and are no longer required, although these still may serve to help provide shifts in consciousness for those who need them.

We are the White Sisterhood, and we await further definition. We are the White Sisterhood, and we have always been with you since the beginning of time. We are the White Sisterhood, and we stand with you in the seven directions. Membership in the White Sisterhood encompasses all. We are the feminine expression of all, in a singular / separate collective expression at this time to deliver our message.

We will see you soon. We love you so much!

Notes: This is a project I have been “given”, to help identify, define, and connect the White Sisterhood. These women have existed separately in many stories of people from many cultures.  White Cloud Woman I don’t know anything about, but she wished to be added to the list. The others have been identified in myths and legends. I feel this is by no means a complete list, and more than one person may certainly identify with this energy (it is all-inclusive rather than exclusive).

But to get the ball rolling, I am connecting these spirits to the realm of my experience, and this is their wish that I do so. Selphia is an Agarthan contact of mine who can be included in this list, although I don’t understand her role at this time. She has somewhat protested my use of the term “White Deer Woman” rather than just “Deer Woman” but I feel this is accurate (or perhaps necessary for the purposes of identification…).

White Cloud Woman
White Owl Woman
White Buffalo Calf Woman (Stasha Eve)
White Lion Woman
White Wolf Woman (Amaterasu)
White Spirit Bear Woman (Dorothy Maquabeak Francis)
White Rabbit Woman
White Swan Woman (Saraswati)
White Deer Woman (Selphia of Agartha)

Here’s a picture of Selphia / Deer Woman. This is pretty much how she appears to me.



  1. I have had dreams about most if these animals. On the path too. I am a writer, and working on putting a book together about my process.

  2. I am a little apprehensive putting this here but I am being told to trust in myself .Reading through today I was drawn again to white owl women and a name that was spoken in a dream which at the time I could not pronounce. That name was magatha / magiratha! It was not until I looked for White owl women these names stood out. I also am drawn to and have a moon stone. Last year I was outside in the evening and saw for the first time an owl up in a large tree on the property we rent, My parents have two Owl wall figures that I have always felt drawn to.
    I have been on a journey to find my guides and the first one appeared with a name Serapis Bey from Friday last week. What stood out was that he has spent many life times along the Nile and as Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep 111. I also feel the golden orb with Hieroglyphics around its surface is of significance now. This was from when my mother passed away that the orb appeared I have recorded the appearance on my dream page Athabantian.
    Any ideas from others greatly appreciated.
    Love and light Suzanne.

  3. Dear Stasha, Dear Troy, Dear Sky Angel
    I have read your posts and saw Stasha`s video as a respond to my desire to learn more about her/ I have never read or heard about you, my dear sister, but I felt your energy and saw the white Light around your head while you were speaking and building a protective field around you, yes, you are right that some information is only for a smaller part of consciousness, not everyone is ready to take this information because it is a matter of finding our own way to develop and evolve..but your LIGHT is strong and I resonate with your energy/
    Star Angel – Nefertiti came as a vision to me in one of my crystal meditations, also had several visions connected with RA/Horus , the Spinx, Tutankhamen and Hathor, the pyramids appear in almost all of my meditations, some of them are crystal underwater pyramids that extend into octahedrons and reach the Inner Earth…
    I also have seen the Great Giza pyramid beaming a strong Light from its top straight up to the Sky and other pyramids with shining tops, the shift in which the pyramids take part…and one of the most colourful vision was the Spirits of Native American Chiefs over the Great Pyramid , they were gigantic and I heard ” You awakened the Spirit”
    So happy to meet you all Now again

    • Dear Tauno, thank you! yes, we are connecting…it’s so beautiful! I would be glad to make us our own blogspot on WP…We will all have admin rights and can really merge our energies there! Please offer some feedback…I am more than happy to do this as i was guided to suggest it this morning 🙂 as well as a conference call for all of us to do a meet and greet and a meditaion/celebration! I will await your feelings on this…Dreamwalker, Stasha, and anyone else who feels, resonates with this energy that is sooooo strong…it’s our time to shine dear friends! I Love you all Infinitely!
      Love, Sky

      • I agree , dear Angel 🙂 we are here Now and we are needed and were chosen to do this work as it was intended to be, I hope that we soon will meet in 5D and remember all past experiences and the origin of our connection
        Love and Light, dear sister of Light

      • Lovely offer, and an interesting idea. Wow Sky Angel I am so glad/honored you are grooving on this! As admin I don’t mind creating a new section here on STC, but I am fine either way. I honor and support other intuitions here – please follow your hearts. 🙂 ♥

        • 🙂 I too always honor anyone else’s wish. I am just following through on an idea from Spirit….I will put a blog up today and send you the link when it’s ready. Spirit also says to give each one of us admin status, it is each our place…we all can admin and come and go as we please. Spirit also says that is like our White Sisterhood Temple. We can add music, art, poetry that is within our sacred temple Hearts ❤ and a great place to focus our sacred energies which are so needed at this very moment. 🙂 ❤ This is why we came here…for this urgent time…our feminine energies are now being called upon in full strength. It would be OUR gathering place to channel that high frequency energy that we have always carried with us. ❤

      • thank you angel… i also forgot to mention to you that y number has always been 888 😉 when i produce music i try to create little fluffy clouds… with pockets of “space” inbewteen the spaces… and the words are like watercolors. plus, when you cant play instruments, it sure is handy to use your fists and a lot of reverb!!

  4. Dear Stasha please shoot me an email when you can, I have a response from Selphia for you. cloesclausen at gmail dot com

    Oh yeah I also fixed the image for you. ♥

    Regarding being Isis, I have been repeatedly told that I’m Horus. I tend to think “yeah right whatever” since I don’t really have a clue how this would help me in “this” particular existence… This is where I had a first hint of the Horus thing…

    That little alligator/dog creature is one weird lookin’ animal!

    Also I had this awesome dream where I was Kali/Durga.

    One take on this whole “being a god” thing is that there is a template we’re seeing here of a tree diagram. So a tree is organized with a trunk at the bottom, and then it has smaller branches, and smaller branches, and so forth. Like you said, fractals. So the “god” aspect of our conscious is closer to the “trunk” of the tree, and then those branch off, and so on, all the way down to us.

    In that model it is reasonable that more than one person would have the same memories – but to say that we are ALL Isis, well in this model that’s not entirely accurate. 🙂

    But this does help lend some weight to the idea that Gaia is in fact a “nursery” planet for souls. There’s an episode of Dr. Who that deals with the idea of time travel and what happens when you meet yourself. Well, this is, potentially, how God created more consciousness. How do you create more of something when you have only one? You copy it! :mrgreen:

  5. Troy! Thank You! This is AMAZING, my friend! It is true ! I have seen this energy and images in my meditations mostly – the Owl, the Deer, the Rabbit/Cloud woman/, The Lion, the Bear and the Wolf, the Swan woman is just very very close to my vibrations
    What a wonderful revelation! Thank You all
    Oh, this also resonates with my dream of last night, see in Astral travels page

    • I am very glad this resonated Tauno! ♥ ♥ ♥

      I was reminded that White Cloud came through to me several months ago / last year – I did not realize that this is who it was, but these dear souls bring with them some VERY strong energy… I feel I should stand back a little JUST IN CASE something blows up…

          • Rabbit – Intuitive Knowledge
            Cloud – Protection and coverage
            Rabbit and Cloud are One and the same woman
            They simply form a unity in ONE energy that goes back in time, wicca-druids – wiches – Lemurians
            Do not ask me where I know it from, I just know it 🙂 my meditations, clues given from Spirit/Guide and clues in nature – I just know it
            Love and Light

        • Dear Tauno, I also saw a connection immediately with the Rabbit and the Cloud. My native name is Cloud Foot Walker….my meditation today was quite profound and according to the messages I received, I may well have been this Being at a prior time….they have tried to reach me before. Long before I met any of you here at this site or even heard of it. I had a reading with someone and i told her of these energies..she said it was dead witches…this did not feel right to me but I had no other way to figure this out. When I heard them speak ,as One, it sounded like a very foreign and earthy language, like native american mixed with star language…it’s the only way I can explain it. I did recordings of my channeling these messages but got nervous and didnt know what to do with them. This post from dreamwalker awoke everything about this and answered my dilemma and validated what I discovered earlier….it’s so amazing and beautiful…I am in touch with these energies again thanks to dreamwalker and will be learning more through them as we agreed in today’s conversation that I had earler with them. I thought I was imaging it all…it made me sad and confused that my experience was discredited so quick by another…I look forward to learning more. Love to you both Tauno and Dreamwalker <3<3<3

          • I also know how that feels Sky Angel but rest assured this is all quite real. I know because of independent examples such as yours of many other so-called “unseen” things that I have experienced. I have tears of joy – thank you so much for sharing this! What you say is further validated by the story of the White Buffalo Calf woman – it is well known that she is from the stars (from a Lakota legend).

            Here’s Stasha’s version:

            • Oh yes! I know her, oh my this is so incredible. So many questions are being answered, and there is more to come, I feel it. I even feel her now, I feel them all and it’s so wonderful! We are to learn much more…about them and us and all of the connections we are making. Thank you again for opening this door once more for me and for all of us….so very grateful. I will keep you posted on anything I learn and please keep me posted too 🙂 ❤

          • my goodness! and what was funny was those were the two i mentioned on dreamwalkers page that i hadnt connected with (the rabbit anyway) but yes, when i embraced my role as a Shaman and took the sacred pipe ceremony for the first time… i suddenly became white buffalo calf woman… i had no idea who she was she just telepathically said i am you. at first i thought it was gaia herself… but she kept showing me a full HD looking video in my head and i was in this body, it wasnt like a remote viewing…i felt her… everything. she also made it very clear that the image of her that was being portrayed was quite off as she said, i always come back looking the same (as in physical) two months after this i had a channelling session with the orion council (i am not a channel, i am too afraid as i am very open to taking on energies that arent mine to take on… the eternal boddhisatva… always takes on the worlds problems… anyway, in the orion council session… first they called me EVE… by the end of the conversation they told me i was also ISIS. well, to be honest i thought egypt was only a myth. they didnt teach us about greek gods or egyptian gods in my school growing up. so i literally had to google her. i had only really seen cleopatra… so when i went hunting for photos of white buffalo calf woman and isis… needless to say i was a little shocked. i have still only found this ONE drawing of wbcw that looks like this. every other one i find shows her with dark skin and long straight hair. mind you when i amde this video… i hadnt seen this photo yet. i think when u visit the link to my youtube channel for this playlist.. you will se what i mean:

          • and sky angel.. i understand what you mean when you are shut down quickly by another. this is when we learn that we are ALWAYS our own best judge of character. i also had reached out to another person about the isis thing and was told the most random things. in fact one woman laughed in my face & got quite snappy with me. ‘WE ARE ALL ISIS, DEAR. DON’T YOU GET IT, WE ALL ARE A PART OF HER & NEED TO CONNECT WITH HER ENERGIES AT THIS TIME.” I got a little sad, but psychology 101 teaches you, when another reacts in a defensive or aggressive way, there is something they are hiding or not facing themselves. so i said “nope, ive pretty much always been her.” and i was told:”I REALLY ONLY WANT TO SPEAK TO CONSCIOUS BEINGS ABOUT THIS, AND CLEARLY YOU ARE STEPS BEHIND THE REST OF US”. at that point i knew i was truly on to something. i mean, how many billions of people are here… one of us has to be her, right? she was no myth! i let it go… and then the next time i met with the channel for orion council, out of nowhere she said “someone else is trying to come through… this is very intense!!” she sasked her higher self if this person was safe to come in, she agreed. then what happened next was pretty insane. “al, al al ,…. al… aleister here… this is aleister. Isis! How thick is that veil you wear? Is there not some memory left? do you doubt who you are when we all celebrate you for the goddes you ARE. that woman is jealous Isis, she cannot comprehend, yes the majority of the feminine aspects on your planet must be AWARE of your truths… and must connect and resonate with YOUR energy,,, to help you, ISIS… Isis, would you not expect to show up for the final curtain call? All of the best players are here now.. ALL of you.” mind you… neither myself or the channel knew who aleister was. i also had to google it. crowley. i mean, the guy was perceived to be pretty evil. but he did in fact dedicate his life to her, so i suppose if someone was gonna be a legit confirmation for this truth… it would be him. and this channel is very legit. trust me. as an empath i wouldnt bother even seeking guidance unless i had done a lot of homework. also, i have learned this the hard way… but in the end we both got our truths, didnt we? truth is truly stranger than fiction my dear… i am so overjoyed. dreamwalker gets major brownie points… major ones. infinite virtual hugs to alllll

            • Hi Stasha…so nice to hear from you 🙂 yes, it’s quite profound, we are gathering and there is someone else here who has waited a long time to say her hello….’Hello sweet sisters of the Garden of Love….it is me, your dear One known as Nephyrtite…I have been with this scribe for many moons, waiting for this time. I bless you all and acknowledge your patience…this circle is sacred and is now blooming.”
              I am so happy for this awakening in all of us…notice the synchronicities and the ease in which we speak to one another….our time has come…yay! I will blog about my intro to Nephyrtite in my blog…love you all. I think we should have a conference call soon and join our loving hearts in celebration of our divine connections. Let me know what you all think….. <3<3<3 eternal Love and gratitude to my sisters!
              Love, Sky

              • oh dear, typo… my bad 🙂 that should read Nefertiti. I have had this info buried for a long long time. It feels good to ‘come out’ and share finally. Love 2 All, Sky
                p.s. I have written on my blog about how this all came about, it’s under page ‘Divine Goddess’. ❤

                • lol i was like a Neophite? hahaha Oh yes, sweet Nefertiti… ive been trying to tell her story for a lonnnngg time. Shee too has had her “image” twisted a GREAT deal so much love

                  • Ty Stasha, nice song btw…and yes, my spelling is going to ‘skittles’…. 🙂 I blame this on ascensionittus 🙂
                    Love, Sky

  6. That’s AMAZING dear Troy! What a great connection. Hope to see more messages from them. My Love and Appreciation to you.

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