i am stasha… (well, i am now anyway) an introduction.


Hello, I am Stasha… Well, that is who I am NOW, anyway 😉
I am a 7th Generation Cherokee of the Wolf Clan… 
I come from a long line of Warriors, Leaders, Medicine Men and Women, Shamans & Healers. I was born without a veil, yet with time I learned to cover it up in order to blend in with society.

I realized that most could not “see” the things that I experienced every day. 

I kept the veil on for as long as I could, but when destiny called in the form of messages from my 7th Grandmother, Nanyehi (Cherokee: ᎾᏅᏰᎯ: “One who goes about”), Known in English as Nancy Ward; to “live your legacy” You must listen. Keeping a veil on is one thing, ignoring Spirit is another. 

One thing I cannot deny is TRUTH. 
I am an ambassador of TRUTH and JUSTICE.

Her birth name was Wild Rose; On this day a white wolf appeared on the horizon.

This was very significant to the Cherokee people, as “white” was the color that symbolized “peace”. She had visions of helping spirits when she was growing up (as did I) and was renamed “Nanye’hi” (“One who is with the Spirit People”). Nanyehi was a Ghigau, or Beloved Woman of the Cherokee Nation. This was the highest position a woman could have. Believing in peaceful coexistence with the European-Americans, she helped her people as a negotiator. Leader, Ambassador and Leader of the Women’s Council of Clan Representatives, and a Member of the tribal council of Chiefs, Nancy was one of a kind. As a teenager, she accompanied her husband, Kingfisher, in war against the Creek Indians in the 1755 Battle of Taliwa. She knelt by his side, chewing the bullets to make them more deadly. Sadly, Kingfisher was killed. Nanyehi took his rifle and led the Cherokee to victory. She was then honored as a “war woman” and was given the right to sit on the War Council. She learned the art of diplomacy from her maternal uncle, the influential chief Attakullakulla (“Little Carpenter”). She was granted a power not even given to the Chiefs; determining the fate of captives, whether they were killed, enslaved, released, or adopted into the tribe. She wore a shawl of white swan feathers, which remained a symbol of her authority the rest of her life. 
With the wave of a swan’s wing, she saved lives.
In 1781, when the Cherokee met with an American delegation led by John Sevier to discuss American settlements along the Little Pigeon River, Nancy expressed surprise that there were no women negotiators among the Americans. Sevier was equally appalled that such important work should be given to a woman. Nancy told him: 
“You know that women are always looked upon as nothing; 
but we are your mothers; you are our sons.
Our cry is all for peace; let it continue . 
This peace must last forever. 
Let your women’s sons be ours; our sons be yours. 
Let your women hear our words.” 

For many years she tended to the wounded and cared for the many orphans left behind. Nanyehi entered the spirit world in 1822. Witnesses say that a white light rose from her chest, swirled around the room, took the form of a swan and flew out the window. The swan entered the sacred mound located in her beloved land of Chota. She explained to me the importance of the Sacred Pipe Ceremony and that in order to truly embrace the Shaman’s path I must begin with the sacred pipe ceremony.
Little did I know that the woman I had dreams of being was the one who brought the sacred pipe to the tribes of our ancestors. Nancy told me that The White Buffalo Calf Woman…was me. Every single day another petal in this tightly wound lotus flower opens… 
Thank you for joining me on this journey…
Stasha Eve
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Beloved Rose Dancing Crow
Cherokee Wolf Clan



  1. Hi, Stasha, I am so glad I finally made it over here, and I’m honored to meet you! Thank you for joining us in this sphere… It seems we’ve already been meeting in others… 😉 With much love and light, Leslee

    • indeed!! my internet has been terrible im just replying back to all these comments! seems were running paralell lives again!

  2. Dear Stasha
    Thank You so much for sharing with all of us!The Law of Attraction works as it has always been, Now we understand it and know it because we woke up for the Truth
    Welcome here with us dear Sister of Light
    I like to say – Let`s show the world what Our Light can do ! 🙂
    Love You
    ( ( SUN ) )

  3. Thank you for that introduction dear Stasha. You are a significant help for this Transition. Thank you for being here (-_-).

    • thank you ever-so much. it is nice to have a “home” to feel safe & able to express my thoughts, revelations & memories. even nicer to know i am not alone 😉

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