Adrial, Oceanic Janitor

This is Adrial. We are here at this time to partake / guide the dreamflights of the Aurora Galactic Light Ship. Many souls have connected with us and we are able to conduct ourselves in stealth or not as needed. We appreciate your help at this time.

At some level we are working in support of the species on your planet that anchor the energies of Gaia. And they operate in support of us. These species are waterborne which offers some level of protection, and we have ongoing missions to help clear their habitats from the pollution that the controlling factions of your planet endeavor to distribute, much in the same way that the chemtrails are now effectively vanishing as fast as they are made.

We want you to know that you are not alone in your endeavors for many other beings work alongside you during your dream excursions in other dimensions, much like your other efforts of teamwork. Yet imagine several team members existing at the same place at different times and spaces, and what could be accomplished with a focused effort in one spot. You would be like a being with multiple limbs that could manifest the effort of true multitasking at multiple times in a single time/space continuum. This is you. And this is you. And this is you. And so on. One might wonder, wouldn’t those extra arms get in the way of each other? The answer is, a coordinated effort in multiple space/times is as simple as your intent to do so. The “you” that you are now is the coordinator of these forms, you know it not yet they exist. You may already have had glimpses of these experiences of your form in other places and dimensions.

Know that even as “you”, you are never alone, and many of us share the same path, and perform the same or similar tasks, simply for the honor of serving alongside you.

Dream big, for we can accomplish many things.

Namaste and goodnight.


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10 comments on “Adrial, Oceanic Janitor

  1. I remember a Dreamscape a few weeks ago…a Whale was there with me…Friendly

    To acknowledge this Significant DreamCode, I bought a nice Poster of 5 Dolphins and the poster is now Hanging above my Bed… πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, that must have been quite an experience! I once had the honor of an orca swimming right under the boat I was in, back in Victoria. I have to say they’re a lot larger when you’re right up close to them!

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  4. Wonderful, thank you, DreamWalker and Adrial!
    This is very consistent with messages that Mark and I have both been receiving over the past couple weeks (WHEN will I find time to post???), yet this adds another facet to it… So this is delightful!
    I hope everyone is well! I have a little goal to finally spend some time online this weekend… Much love to you all! πŸ˜€

    • Oh its so good to hear all is going well Leslee miss your posts but I know you are busy much love and light always Suzanne.

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