i’d die without you… past life memories

i’d die without you… past life memories

it started with a past life memory:

then a dream:

and a track:

best song of the 90′s… maybe EVER. pm dawn wrote it, i give them full credit for the original.
however, THIS track was produced by stasha (dats me):http://soundcloud.com/iamstasha
then my video was born a compliation of all “feels” involved

footage is live cloud footage from my kitchen window. i did nothing to manipulate the images apart from the basic “posterize” effect. there’s messengers and messages in der.
what will happen next, lads?? stay tuned!
xo stasha/ seshat

blessings & beats! xo stasha

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  1. Hi, dear Stasha, very very interesting! Thank You for your Presence , I think You are here at the right time with all of us, I am still waiting to read what do you see in the photo of the violet Being in the sky and…as far as I understand, you are Isis? Then, the peaces of the puzzle fall into place/RA, Thoth, Isis, Asthar Sheran, Umbro/, our meditations would be interesting for you to read
    and I will be very happy you to join us at 8:30pm Bulgarian time zone
    Love and Light

    • tauno! i cant find your email! can you send it again? when i finally got my internet i suddenly was swarmed with like 2,700 emails (not exaggerating, when you run 3 businesses, a charity, have a social life, a spiritual life and a mom life, emails get crazy) yes i have been told by many many people i was isis. i actually had to google her as i didnt know who she was. so clearly its never been a case of someone whos studied egypt and had wishful thinking and synchronicities pop up. lol. but when i started reading her story my jaw hit the floor.

      • I met a Being in one of my meditations and Her name was ASHA/hey, is it possible She is one of Your facets?!/, from Inner Earth and I have a strong feeling of Isis, the twin flame of Ashtar Sheran Who connected me many times and actually invited me to become an active Light Worker
        I will send the e-mail again
        I feel we are about to find out an Answer
        Love and Light

    • hollly crap. i need a minute with this one. my bins are literally knocked down.. the wind just picked up… all the pieces… just wow.

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