post- fall equinox ritual: letting go & finding balance…

happy fall to ALL here at the train… i wanted to share this with you.

this is a video showing the results of my fall equinox ritual.

since i have come a long way spiritually over the past year,

i realized that as far as the material world was considered, i still had some things to let go of.

i realized this when a job i had been working on for over a month that was funding

the majority of my trip to ireland, fell through 5 days before I am set to depart…

(now only 3 days) it reminded me of the tower card in the traditional tarot… 

sometimes things have to fall apart in order to be re-built. 

as i was sorting through all of the things i had lying around, so that i could sell to help make up for the money i lost… i felt a call from spirit to give these things away instead, to people who had helped ME over this past year.

it is crucial to give thanks to those who have helped you and also to let go of things we hold on to… in order to allow the space for new love to flow in… i hope this touches & inspires some of you… enjoy! and please know that many of you have also touched me & will be getting a care package of your own soon 😉

xo stasha



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    • i know, a few people already said “but, don’t you need the money?? why not just give them one thing? etc etc,…” i simply said… i need nothing. ever. what i require to attain a plane ticket involves around $1,000. so the way i look at it, i need to give away even more… xo

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  2. It is true when you let go abundance flows in the most unexpected ways. For me it was getting rid of dept so I did not have to work in this system any more. Things are tight but I am happy to no longer be a slave to what I no is so not right. Just need to manifest the acre and cottage where I can grow and study,meditate and I will be one with the land and the universe 🙂 blessings to you Stasha along the path to your new journey.

    • thank you for that. that is part of why i didnt have extra money for my trip. i used my money to pay bills and not leave the country with debt… lol. go figure. well, the debt is still gone. i was able to work alllll day & manifest a couple hundred more dollars. but still got a ways to go. i have faith that all will happen in divine time as it always does. love to you

      • Well I would hazard to guess there may be a few folks anti-manifesting that particular dream, North America will be a much emptier place without you dear Stasha! 😉

        Alrighty now let’s visualize you getting on that plane to europe so you can do that beautiful music project of yours. That just has to happen! ♥ ♥ ♥

        • not to mention… i can breathhhe!! i made it sooo close yesterday… im not giving up. what i feel is that there is some i dunno… “we want her all for ourselves” kinda energy goin down within the spiritual community. not being self absorbed, just honest. ive been stabilizing a lotttt of earth quakes. let me tell you. im right on the powerplant & fault lines. i get it.. trust me. but if i have to breathe pollution one more day/// ughhhhhhh.

  3. Also Stasha I wanted to say thank you for the reminder of the importance of centering. The energy has been off the charts but that doesn’t mean I have to be pulled with it. Namaste

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