post- fall equinox ritual: letting go & finding balance…

happy fall to ALL here at the train… i wanted to share this with you.

this is a video showing the results of my fall equinox ritual.

since i have come a long way spiritually over the past year,

i realized that as far as the material world was considered, i still had some things to let go of.

i realized this when a job i had been working on for over a month that was funding

the majority of my trip to ireland, fell through 5 days before I am set to depart…

(now only 3 days) it reminded me of the tower card in the traditional tarot… 

sometimes things have to fall apart in order to be re-built. 

as i was sorting through all of the things i had lying around, so that i could sell to help make up for the money i lost… i felt a call from spirit to give these things away instead, to people who had helped ME over this past year.

it is crucial to give thanks to those who have helped you and also to let go of things we hold on to… in order to allow the space for new love to flow in… i hope this touches & inspires some of you… enjoy! and please know that many of you have also touched me & will be getting a care package of your own soon 😉

xo stasha