SaLuSa October 17th, 2012

Do you realize that this year in particular you have grown in levels of consciousness to the point where you have more than balanced the dark energies. You have achieved it by attracting the Light to yourselves and grounding it upon Earth. It has helped to end the domination of the dark Ones who can only hope to create fear, and delay their inevitable defeat. They are not finished but now we can fully contain them and protect our allies. Their ultimate removal is therefore going to be a mere formality. They can longer look to the Reptilians for advice, and are but a pale reflection of what they used to be. It means that the final weeks before Ascension will not be as catastrophic as some of the older predictions indicated. Indeed, with the presence of the Galactic Federation of Light who have the authority to prevent any major setback, you are going to have a fairly comfortable ride for the rest of your journey.

Meantime we call upon all Lightworkers not to relax their efforts to forge ahead with the changes within their own communities. There is much you can do at a local level to help restore your sovereignty, and we note that there are moves to become more independent. We encourage this approach as it will lay down the foundation for what is to follow, when any laws and legislation taking away your rights will be reviewed. The cunning of the dark Ones has gradually taken them away without you realizing what has been happening. As you must know by now, you have all but been on the verge of total enslavement, but that is no longer possible. It will not be long before you are freed from the controls that have taken away your freedom.

Progress is always slow on Earth but is nevertheless still heading in the right direction. You will not have to wait much longer before events occur that will signal that the end times are really underway. We know you would have wished for our presence on Earth a lot earlier, but in the long run you will have lost nothing. All that you have been promised awaits you, and matters have long moved beyond the stage where the dark Ones can prevent them. What you have achieved so far without us is remarkable, and your awakening is still growing faster. It will make our appearance much easier for people to accept, and we are still talking with your leaders about it. Clearly we would rather do it with them, but we have set our own deadline for it. If necessary we will do our own thing to ensure disclosure takes place without too much delay.

We have much admiration for those Lightworkers who have worked hard at their missions, often without knowing how long they would have to do it. For everyone the end of duality comes ever closer, and they will learn that their hard work has paid off. Their dedication will be rewarded when they learn how much difference they have achieved, and understand how many souls they have helped evolve. After Ascension life will become so much easier, and there will be no conflict or negativity to deal with. If you can imagine what it is like to be with souls of a like kind, you will have some measure of how wonderful it will be. By then you will also have met with your brothers and sisters from the Inner Earth who have long moved into the Light. There will truly be a time of great celebration and naturally we will also be a part of it.

You may be tiring and anxious to move out of duality, but you should intuitively know if your journey has been completed. The final days are going to be quite hectic for some of you, who still have karmic issues to finalize. Do what you know to be right as you cannot take anything of the old vibrations with you. It most likely applies to you in a very personal way, and if you are not sure about it try to find those quiet times when you can go within for the answers. You do in fact have all knowledge within, but normally do not remember to use it. Simply make sure that your ego does not get in the way and override your Higher Self, as it acts on behalf of your old self. In time you will of course have no problems with such issues, as you will have acquired a greater level of consciousness.

The power in the world still lies with you the people, which is why the Illuminati tried to take away your rights by false and foul means. It only takes sufficient of you to come together with a common purpose and strong intent, and you would be surprised to learn how much energy it carries. Thought is powerful, but it needs to be backed by belief if you are to have any chance of achieving your aims. Over a period of time you have contributed to different peace movements, and that has taken you so much nearer to gaining it. World peace must come and it will be declared before very long. Wars are like a pestilence and have achieved nothing but misery and debt amongst the nations involved. Think of the number of families torn apart by senseless war action and the loss of loved ones.

We can tell you that those serving their countries are becoming disenchanted by what they are experiencing. Also that as the consciousness levels rise so will the numbers of those who wish to leave the services. War is a brutal game and has become more devastating as technological advances are made in weaponry. Like everything else that has no place in the future, it cannot maintain its existence and must fall into disuse. You know, and we know that if the same energy had been put into achieving world peace, you would have had it many, many years ago. You could have been living in complete unity and enjoying a good standard of life, without poverty or need.

Of course the peace that we talk about is to be yours anyway, and will come much quicker than you might anticipate. We have been working with your authorities for a long time to bring it into being, and if possible we aim to bring it in before the year is out. It is something that we will be allowed to enforce, and have the capabilities to do so. Nothing can be hidden from us, and we will also know if we are being lied to when agreements are drawn up. We would consider that unlikely as by then the “right” people will be leading each nation. There is no time to play around with the future of you all, therefore we will only deal with those who are positive minded and have your best interests at heart.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank those who work diligently and honestly to bring back your freedom.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.


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  1. Hello EveryAll!…Here’s Calling out to SpaceMuffin and Wishing Her a Fab & Peaceful BirthDay, today…Maybe one day Ya may Show Up here on STC…WhereEver Ya are, I’m sure that Ya are a Being of Beauty & Wisdom…Much Regards πŸ™‚

  2. Here in ‘Tinsel Town’, there are times when we put serious creative Energy into envisioning key aspects of ‘the real’ story of the fading veils of duality… check out the latest offering from the creators of ‘the Matrix’… just another ‘escape’?… take a closer look πŸ˜‰


  3. Hi everybody,
    coming back from a goods week vacation. I updated my dreamflight and my crystal connections on my blog if anyone interested. I hope everyone is doing alright, I feel like I am trying to catch up with everything but I never get to it. To much to do in to little time (3D thinking πŸ˜€ )

    Love Lisa

  4. OK… a little too mellow in here today πŸ˜‰



  5. There Is No Longer Any Need For You To Continue The Cycles Of Reincarnation
    10/17/2012 by John Smallman

    The divine schedule for humanity’s awakening was established the instant your apparent separation from Reality occurred. Your Father could not let you delve into the mysteries of the unreality that you had invented, and presented as real to your collective mind, without ensuring that you could never get permanently lost there. The Light of His Love was securely installed in each individual who chose to go with the collective into the illusion, and the timescale for your return was laid down, but with an enormous degree of flexibility built in to allow for any diversions or distractions which you might choose to engage with as you journeyed along your homeward path.

    Over the eons of illusory time and place, you have all without exception endured much personal suffering and needless to say, you have also imposed much suffering on others. It was illusory, it was self-inflicted, and it never happened. But the power of your collective imagination is enormous, and you have succeeded in convincing yourselves that your history of deceit and betrayal of, and violence to one another is absolutely real.

    So real in fact, that to enable you to awaken from the illusion it is essential that you completely change the attitudes it formulated and encouraged, and release all beliefs that in any way conflict with your innate ability, desire, and intent to offer indiscriminate and unconditional love to all sentient beings. It is innate because, like all of God’s creation, you were created in Love with Love as the energy that empowers and motivates you in every moment of your eternal existence.

    To forgive yourselves for all the offenses and suffering that you seem to have caused to yourselves or to others is the first step that you need to take. Then you need to forgive all without exception whom you believe have in any way hurt or offended you. Many of you have been working on this for numerous Earth lifetimes, and are now also working as Light-bearers and way-showers because, having gone through much of what the majority of humanity needs to address individually, you are ideally suited and qualified to assist others in their awakening process β€” simply by demonstrating love, compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness in your daily living.

    With the intensifying field of divine Love surrounding the planet and enveloping each one of you, there is also an overabundance of assistance available and constantly offered to you from those in the spiritual realms to ensure that you succeed in releasing all those inflexible beliefs that have served you so dismally. If it is your intent to awaken β€” and it is the intent of each one of you to do so, even if that intent is presently hidden below your level of conscious awareness β€” then you will succeed, because it is divinely ordained. Only a few, who still feel that they are not ready or willing to step out of the illusion, will remain asleep. However, when they are ready to take that step they, like you, will be afforded every opportunity to awaken, and will then do so. No one will fail to awaken, no one will be lost, because Reality allows no loss.

    Knowing, as you indubitably do, that you are divine beings having an illusory experience, then it is also impossible for you not to know that your existence is eternal. Death is just an illusory concept that you have invented to describe the situation that occurs when you make the decision to lay down your physical vehicle and re-enter the spiritual realms. Until very, very recently this normally then involved a self-assessment of the life you had just lived in the illusion, in the presence of your loving and compassionate guides, to enable you to choose and plan a further Earth life that would provide you with the lessons that you chose to have presented to you.

    Always, within the illusion, you have had abundant opportunities to explore and examine the beliefs and opinions that are part of the life path that you had chosen, prior to your incarnation on the earth plane, to experience, and they constantly present you with the appropriate experiential lessons. But frequently you were unable to take full advantage of these learning opportunities because the energy of the illusion is so dense and so dark.

    Now, because of all the work you have done over the eons, and because of the intense and abundant help you are receiving from the divine energy field enveloping the Earth, and because your Father – Who has never ever required, demanded, or imposed suffering of any kind upon you – wants to see your suffering come to an end, there is no longer any need for any of you to continue those cycles of reincarnation that have been an obstinate, intractable, and painful part of the whole illusion. You will finally be completely free β€” free from the exile you chose to endure within the nightmare that the illusion became β€” when you awaken, as you most assuredly will.

    With so very much love, Saul.

  6. My Favorite Animal

    Our teacher asked what my favorite animal was, and I said, “Fried chicken.”

    She said that I wasn’t funny, but she couldn’t have been right, because everyone else laughed.

    My parents told me to always tell the truth. I did. Fried chicken is my favorite animal.

    I told my dad what happened, and he said my teacher was probably a member of PETA.

    He said they love animals very much.

    I do, too. Especially chicken, pork and beef. Anyway, my teacher sent me to the principal’s office.

    I told him what happened, and he laughed, too. Then he told me
    not to do it again.

    The next day in class my teacher asked me what my favorite live
    animal was.

    I told her it was chicken. She asked me why, so I told her it was
    because you could make them into fried chicken.

    She sent me back to the principal’s office. He laughed, and told me not to do it again.

    I don’t understand. My parents taught me to be honest, but my
    teacher doesn’t like it when I am.

    Today, my teacher asked me to tell her what famous person I
    admired most.

    I told her, “Colonel Sanders.”

    Guess where I am now…

  7. DW You would be in the principles office
    He Vee hope all is well.
    Before we know it the holiday season will be here.
    Well, I figured this would happen. a few weeks ago Salusa said disclosure would be before the end of the year and now this quote that they are working with our leaders.
    “Of course the peace that we talk about is to be yours anyway, and will come much quicker than you might anticipate. We have been working with your authorities for a long time to bring it into being, and if possible we aim to bring it in before the year is out. It is something that we will be allowed to enforce, and have the capabilities to do so.”
    So, I would say that by January the message will be our leaders would not cooperate and that theywill disclose themselve even though that was promised months ago.
    A lot of people are ready to jump ship at the gm site. Admiral dont post anymore and Laurinda keeps kissing his butt to come back. She is not smart enough to know, she is the reason he left and i dont blame him. i could not put up with her huge ego myself.
    Dont mean to get negative but she gets under my skin, very ego driven and arrogant but I know I should not stand in judgement. I will work on it.

    • Haha Gunner you’re too much! Honestly I don’t think that’s a punishable offense… although I suppose my version could be considered a threat to nail someone to a wall LOLOL

      Hey invite folks on GM over here, it’s always nice to have new minds in the mix. GM is profit-driven too, I noticed that tends to play into the mod’s decision-making process a little. I’m sorry Laurinda gets under your skin. As Kelly recently mentioned in another post, part of the consciousness evolution process is to where we see ourselves as an equal with everything in the universe, while still recognizing that we are all unique like snowflakes. That’s about as diplomatic as I can be about that… ♥

  8. I am banned at GM and that was due to laurinda, haha.
    I’ll get pover laurinda though, my best way is to just let people live and let live and whether their personalities bother me or not, I should not judge or condemn, very bad for my own souls vibrations.

    • I know Gunner sadly I am a member of the “banned” club too 😦 Well one can always create a new account but why bother. I wish they hadn’t deleted all my posts though…

      Many buddhist buildings include multiple levels in their designs, and the mandala represents the same thing, with different levels (or as they call them “heavens”). I tend to see these blogs and sites in a similar way relating to their vibrational frequency. You can kind of see this in play, for example comparing a site like abovetopsecret to GM or for example this site. Very different energy between the 3 sites. This isn’t to say that one is better than the other, I think they just serve different purposes.

      • You are all so incredibly kind to remember me. Platefuls of love and frenchfries and kit kat bars and food replicators. I love you all very much…………I’m only away to be alone for a while – I have not forgotten any of you – never could. We’re all together, so no worries………..xoxoxoxoxo

        • That is really strange spacemuffin, every time I’ve thought about you (which is frequently) the next thought is usually about hermits, and I am not talking about crabs haha. Well I am very glad to hear you are okay and you are simply enjoying “the void”, which I think we may all need from time to time… especially now! Love and blessings dear sister. Namaste

  9. Good morning everyone and a happy TGIF to all.
    Rainy here in jersey today but hey, its friday so let it rain because I got sunshine , on a rainyday.
    I agree DW, different but not better than the others.
    Spacemuffin, wow, so glad you got our comments to you and nice to hear from you.
    French fries, kit kats and replicators, got me cracking up this morning.
    Well, going out to do some early morning food shopping before I start my work day. My manager is out for 6 days, NIIIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My motto is, when the cat is out, the mice will play.

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